Oh Kelsey!

I know this is so 2010 but, what the heck, the full season of Australia’s Next Top Model was only aired this year in Manila. 🙂 I see Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley in her, eh?

like love Kelsey Martinovich. She should have won the title instead of Amanda Ware. I like Amanda too, but she doesn’t move as graceful as Kelsey. Plus, I like Kelsey’s eyes–they’re big China-like eyes. And even though she’s only 5’8″ (that’s short by model standards), she’s capable of runway too. Hello, Kate Moss?!

I think the Harper’s Bazaar people wanted Kelsey on their cover instead of Amanda. Who would choose Amanda over Kelsey with that image? Whether the speculations are true that the ANTM people extended the voting period to let more votes come in for Amanda, nobody really cares anymore since the two practically shared the similar prizes out of courtesy. When you announce Kelsey as the winner but take it back a few minutes later, you’d be crazy not to let the girl give what she rightfully deserves. Besides, she didn’t throw a bitch fit when the host told her that Amanda was the real winner, not her. 🙂

I do think Kelsey was the real winner in the eyes of the viewers and the clients too. Amanda, who won a gig with Bonds, was supposed to shoot the campaign by herself. But lo and behold, they bring Kelsey in as well. Maybe the Bonds people were just capitalizing on Kelsey’s popularity or they thought Amanda was not a very convincing model–at least, not enough to carry the campaign on her own.

With those piercing eyes, she’s definitely part of my favorite model list now. Plus, Kelsey’s one of my favorite names in the world–aside from Zoey. I want to name my kid Kelsey. 🙂




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  • LondonFog

    Amanda’s look was more versatile. The judges kept saying she was the ‘whole package’ since day one, and really pimped her out as a supermodel.

    I must say that while I like Amanda better than Kelsey, her Harpers Bazaar shoot (top 3) and magazine cover (top 2) far exceeded Amanda’s.

    In my opinion,  Jessica was the best.

    • I think Amanda’s edge over Kelsey is her height. Other than that, they’re pretty even.