Sizzlin’ On A Rainy Friday Night

Nothing beats a hot meal on a rainy Friday night, right? (Wow, that rhymed!) The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak branch in Harbor Square is a little cramped. No problem there though since I’m quite tiny myself. Haha!

Beef Pepper Rice

I had no idea what to order so Babe suggested I tried one of their popular dishes, which is the Beef Pepper Rice (Php200). They look like any other steak joints but no, not really. Dishes are served on a hot plate, requiring one to turn over the meat so they would cook evenly. I guess that’s their unique selling point. 🙂 By the way, I think mixing the rice with the sauce would be a good idea too. I didn’t do that with my plate so I ended up with toasted rice at the bottom. In terms of taste, I could barely taste any “pepper” and so I was busy sprinkling (lots of it!) pepper on my plate. On a good note, they don’t scrimp on your meat. 🙂

Diablo Hamburg

Here’s what Babe had. Diablo Hamburg (Php170), which just by its name, I can tell is not my kind of meal. Babe said it was not that spicy for him (he’s all for chili) but he’s sure I wouldn’t be able to finish it if it was my meal. They have a similar concept with Bubba Gump where one has to flip a little sign on your table so the waiters would know if you need something or not. 🙂





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