The Horror That Is Dianna Agron’s Pink Hair

With my habit of Google-ing (again with using Google as a verb!) my favorite celebrities to help fast track office hours, I ended up seeing the horror that is Dianna Agron’s new hair. I like her very much, with her delicate face and soft voice. But this new look? Ugh, I’m seeing Courtney Love!

This is okay.. but that pink hair?

Her short hair was fine. The way she styled it was gorgeous too. Like this one picture above. And this:

Love her hair here!

Please dye your hair blonde again. Red, ginger or black would be fine, not pink. You’re too pretty for this drastic of a color.


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  • when you’re as pretty as dianna agron, you could highlighted your hair pink and still gets away with it.

    • She still looks pretty, of course. But I don’t think this “look” suits her.

  • Erin

    She dyed it that colour because of her role on Glee – Quinn did the whole “wild child” thing. And, personally, though I prefer the blonde, I still think the pink looked pretty good. It was interesting and different.

    • Yes it was for her Quinn role in Glee. But it wasn’t immediately known that it was for the character though so I was mildly shocked then. Hihi đŸ™‚