The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes: Surprising, Touching, Terrifying

I have been deathly afraid of monkeys/apes/chimpanzees ever since I learned to sit upright. I was told I would always cry at the sight of this scary and furry ape stuff toy when I was kid. Adding to that fear was Congo, that darn movie that terrorized my childhood.

So what the hell made me want to watch this movie? Well, for one, I’m an adult now. Therefore, I shouldn’t be scared of CGI apes. Haha. But seriously, a lot raves–unexpected ones, at that–were going around. Curious, I just had to see it for myself.

While I could probably throw tons of adjectives to describe the movie, I’ll settle with three: surprising, touching and terrifying. Hands down, the genius that is Andy Serkis gives the best performance. Although he played the hardest role–an ape that of Caesar, he shone through. In the absence of any dialogue, albeit a few towards the end, he was spot-on when it came to his presence and his eyes.

The scene above is my favorite. Here, Caesar tries to protect Will’s (James Franco) dad from the neighbor after fooling around with the latter’s car. Caesar could have killed their neighbor if Charles (John Lithgow) hadn’t shouted at Caesar to stop.

I don’t want to discuss the movie in detail. I just want to document the awesomeness of this flick. More than an action film, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes is one that has a lot of heart. The movie underlined one of the simplest things in life that some people just can’t figure out–that more often than not, our creations are our own downfalls.



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