Two Cents In: Where Have All The Good Musicians Gone?

I think the OPM scene needs a pick-me-upper, don’t you think? Let’s be clear though that I I don’t think there’s a lack of Pinoy musicians. There are just not enough creativity-cum-innovation going around. Then there is the challenge of penetrating the mainstream too.

The problem with most singers-performers-musicians-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-them is that they sing to be popular. A lot of the “singers” we have on TV right now are just that–singers. Give them a song, throw them in a studio and they’ll sing. But put them in an empty room with an instrument and they’ll probably be strumming to (another) remake.

We probably all have friends who are extremely talented and passionate about their music. We also must know that they sound way better than the ones we’re listening to on music channels.

These days, if you want to land a record deal, you have to let the music executives mold your sound into what “fits”. I guess that’s why most bands prefer to remain underground, rarely to be seen. I’m not saying the mainstream bands we have to say suck, okay? Sugarfree, for example, is/was amazing at what they do. We should have more Sugarfree, Ebe Dancel, Pedicab, Up Dharma Down and Wolfgang. Why can’t we have another Color It Red? Or another Alamid perhaps?

We had a slew of great Pinoy acts back in the 90s. We still do, I think. Though they’re probably at some little-known bar in QC or LP, playing for a small group, selling EPs for a hundred bucks.





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  • Kudos to Filipino artists who make their own songs. Boo those highly paid OPM singers who keep on singing other peoples’ songs like those in ASAP or Party Pilipinas. I cringe to death whenever I see them on TV or hear them on the radio. Parang mga wala silang art and creativity sa katawan….hehehe

  • Yeah! They settle for what’s being asked from them kasi. Tsk. Keep on spinning! 🙂