Whisked Away: Lee Boutique Hotel Tagaytay

Just last weekend, the boyfriend and I went to Tagaytay and treated ourselves to a much-needed break from the bedlam that is the corporate world, and self-banished ourselves to Lee Boutique Hotel.

Lee Boutique Hotel (photo by the boyfriend, Paolo Ramos)

Though I have been long-intrigued by this new overnight option in breezy Tagaytay, I never dared book a room because I thought the rates were pretty steep. Luckily, a 3,999-peso voucher valued at 7,999 from Groupon came up. 🙂

I love the lobby 🙂

The hotel’s not leveled with the highway, so we had to go down the stairs to get to the warm and homey lobby. Checking in was fairly easy but they require a 2,500-peso incidental deposit though, which is redeemable upon check-out. We were served iced tea while waiting for check-in to finish.

The hallway.

The receptionist walked with us to the second floor where our room was.  The hallway didn’t look promising. Babe quickly thought that our room would be small–similar to our room in Singapore. But I assured him that it would be much bigger and I was right! Our room, sadly, didn’t have a Queen- or King-sized bed. 🙁

Oh, there's the boyfriend! Haha

The room was spacious, with a couch, leg rest and a small table for two. I like the ambiance especially with the dark wood floor and tasteful furniture adorning the room. I found it funny though that the headboard was attached to the wall–not the bed. A space-saving effort, perhaps? 😀

We couldn't figure out how to turn off the ceiling fan. Haha.

The bed was super comfortable. The pillows were soft and plump, with no awkward smell. For hardcore pillow maniacs, you can grab the pillows on the couch though I can’t vouch for their cleanliness. We loved the room but absolutely hated the balcony because it offered nothing!

No view at all 🙁

See? Say hello to bamboo. This totally ruined the hotel for us. Nevermind that it was a little far from the establishments or that they don’t have an operational restaurant yet. But this? Ugh. Total bummer. You could spend a week there and forget you’re in Tagaytay because you can’t see anything from your “window/balcony”. The wall’s blocking the breeze so any semblance of “cool breeze” comes from the room aircon.

Since there weren’t any nearby restaurants in the area and didn’t have a car that day, we just opted for a Yellow Cab delivery service. You have to call from the front desk telephone though because the room telephone doesn’t support outgoing calls. The front desk officer took the delivery guy to our room.

By the way, we could hear the people outside our door. Haha. A-ha, they have poor soundproofing too. Items in the mini-bar are free. But they only had two cans of Coke, three small Nagaraya packs and two mineral water bottles. They should at least have a small fruit basket or something.

The bathroom

On a positive note, the bathroom was nice. They even have a retractable clothesline above the bathtub. A rubber mat is also on hand to guarantee a no-slip shower. 😀

What was missing was a hairdryer. An outlet was available in the bathroom but no hairdryer in sight. I checked all the drawers in our room but found no hairdryer. Boo. Anyway, they have a bath gel on hand so we were able to enjoy a warm soak in the tub. The tub drains quickly too. 🙂

Because there were kids that morning, I watched cartoons with them 😀

The next day, we went to the restaurant (not the one in the basement) for breakfast. We were promptly handed fruit juice (tastes like Kool-Aid) the second we arrived.

Two words: needs improvement

Served was a plate of tuna, menudo (?) and egg. It would be nice if they serve buffet-style since they will be charging (eventually) such sky-high rates.

Though we checked in two hours past the standard check-in time, the front desk still called 10 minutes before 12 noon to remind us to check-out by 12. We didn’t even bother to ask for an extension. We left the room at exactly 12 but was slightly annoyed to see tons of people checking out. Well, if you can’t handle that many guests checking out all at the same time, why call each room to subliminally tell us to get a move on–only to make us wait?

While we both adored the room, we won’t be returning to this hotel even if they retain their “opening rates”. Their rack rates are unimaginably steep. IF our balcony had a view, we might give in to a less than 5,000-peso price. But anything exceeding 5k is pushing it.


Coming from Sta. Rosa, the hotel’s to the right, straight towards the Tagaytay circle/rotona. But if you’re coming via Aguinaldo, turn left towards Picnic Grove. The three-storey hotel’s fairly easy to spot though the location can be a little inconvenient if you don’t have a car.

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  • Thanks for this brilliant review!

    I am just also curious why Lee Boutique got a high rank on Trip Advisor.

    And I agree that they have sky-high rates. I booked a hotel in Tagaytay for 3k+ and our room got a nice Full view of Taal Lake. Perfect for the Breakfast in Bed 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I’m just as puzzled. At least you know now that Lee is one hotel that should be avoided if you’re after the view of the Taal Lake. 😀

  • jay

    thanks for the review 🙂

  • oh no. hubby and i are booked for this weekend! rush booking via agoda so i didn’t have time to review or ask. 🙁 we’ll have to plan on staying out until it’s time to sleep then. thanks for the review! at least, we’re not going to expect so much from the hotel.

    • It has been more than a year since we visited this hotel so I can’t vouch if my review is still accurate. Hopefully, they’ve improved. Good luck and enjoy Tagaytay. 🙂