Breakfast Surprise

The long, four-day weekend is here and I’m excited as fudge! It’s mainly because I get to sleep in on Sunday, a day after the boyfriend’s big birthday. And also because I get to sleep in on Monday, a day after my 23rd birthday.

Yes, our birthdays sit side by side on the calendar. Add that to the fact that our anniverary’s on the 10th of October. That, dear friends, is why I call October my gastos month. Eep! Thank goodness we’re one occasion down–two birthdays left. 😀

Yesterday, I decided to surprise the boyfriend with a little breakfast spread just ’cause I’m sweet like that. Haha!

Pancake House breakfast 🙂

No, I did not prepare them myself. Yes, I simply forced myself out of bed so I could be in Makati close to 2 hours earlier than usual.

I enlisted the help of Julls. I met up with her at McDonald’s where I had a bag of goodies from Pancake House. We got lucky that Babe got stuck in traffic because Julls was also jammed in the Buendia traffic.

Surprised? 😀

Panicky, Julls called up some of their officemates to ring her up as soon as Pao comes in. Good thing Julls arrived earlier than Pao so she was able to set up his desk for a simple breakfast surprise. I was actually planning on placing balloons (kidding!). 😀

Julls was nice enough to document the little surprise. B’s text was so funny because he said everybody went “Yiiiiii!!” when he arrived. I love surprises! No, I love surprising the people I love. I think he liked it naman. Happy birthday Baby! <3



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  • eeee ang sweet naman! wish i have somebody too that will do this to me hehehehe.