Going Thai at Benjarong

We’ve long been planning to book a hotel suite for one night ala The Hangover sans the all-boys exclusivity just to deviate from our usual gimmicks. Mel booked a one-bedroom suite for us, which was so sweet! The nighttime view from the bedroom window was amazing. I wonder though how heavy the smog is in the morning. Haha. 🙂

Hello, EDSA! 🙂

While waiting for Karen, we walked around the hotel to see their amenities. We dropped by the pool area, which had this really nice open hut reserved for, I guess, lounging around. They have a well-equipped gym too! The “Japanese garden”, as Mel calls it, is a cool smoking area.

The boys checking out the menu

For dinner, we dropped by Basix first. Not one of us were hungry enough to go buffet so went up the winding staircase and found ourselves in the serene and elegant Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant. Adding to the authentic Thai dining experience is a true-blue Thai girl playing traditional Thai music in a corner. I felt like I walked in The Spa. Haha.

Love the ceiling lights 🙂

Mel chose which dishes to order since he knew Benjarong pretty well. 😀 Karen and I were skipping dinner so we ordered two Bacardis. There were only two tables occupied when we went in. One was a group of four men and another an old, married couple (looked like they were celebrating an anniversary, aww).

Pandan juice 🙂

It was super funny because we were keeping our voices down (but failed) because of how tranquil the ambiance was. We didn’t want to distract the people peacefully dining. It was definitely not a place for such a noisy group like us.
We were served complimentary Pandan juice, which tasted like unsweetened gulaman or something.

My favorite dish of the night!

I sampled some of the dishes that were served. I especially liked this salad, which had fresh pomelo, chicken, etc. The flavor is like fireworks in your mouth. Seriously. I loved this.

A mountain of Pad Thai!

The Pad Thai was okay though I think it’s the lack of spiciness and kick to it that was bringing it down. Apparently, Mel thought we couldn’t handle the “spice” so he asked the chef to hold back on the spice. Too bad.

Tom Yum

The Tom Yum soup received mixed reviews for us. Ernest didn’t like it, while Karen did. As for me, it was okay. I think its taste will have to grow on me before I could really say that I appreciate the flavors.

Shrimp Cakes 🙂

My favorite was the Shrimp Cake, which was soft and juicy inside. Yellow Chicken Curry was also ordered, looking a lot like Kare-Kare when it was served.

Even though four men were with us that night, we weren’t able to finish a single dish. If the boyfriend had been there with me, we could’ve wiped those plates clean. 🙂

On another note, I think I should start using our DSLR for blog photos. Now, if only it’s not such a hassle to carry around. 😐



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  • cant afford not to read this Thai food entry. hehe im a fan of pad thai and thai salads.
    for me ha, benjarong serves the most decent pad thai here in manila. walang 2nd best. or maybe i still havent found it yet..

    • The pomelo salad was super good at Benjarong! 🙂 Do you like your Pad Thai spicy? Maybe we should have asked the kitchen to make ours spicy kasi it was served without any hint of it at all. 😀