Top Ten: A Guide to My Guilty Pleasures

“A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes.”

We’re all walking contradictions. We all hide a little something about ourselves–things we don’t people to know  for fear of being branded shallow, corny or *gasp* even tacky! I, for instance, madly shied away from reading stuff about Hollywood has-beens’ trashy lives. I refused to fill my iTunes with pointless, irrelevant songs that did nothing but give me heart palpitations for a while. But instead of digging a deep hole to bury these guilty pleasures, I thought to myself, why not own up? 8)

Alexandria Everett from Cycle 16

America’s Next Top Model.  My “older” alter-ego would probably cringe at the thought that I’m actually religiously following Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model. Yes, I have been with the show (aww) since the first cycle! I can’t believe they’re on Cycle 17 now, by the way. It’s not just ANTM that I’m very fond of but every reality TV piece that has something to do with fashion, styling and modeling. Project Runway, Style Her Famous, etc are shows that stop me from channel-surfing all the time. Because I love the show so much, I turn to past models for baby name inspirations. Yes, you heard that right! 😀

I'll lay off smoking in a few years. Promise. 🙂

Smoking. I’m pretty sure this is on everyone’s list of guilty pleasures. Those who smoke would know that it’s so good, but terribly bad for us as well. Such an odd little thing a cigarette stick is. It calms us down but eventually hands us a one-way ticket to death. Anyway, I know I CAN quit smoking if I had to because I have done it before. I stayed away from smoking for a solid six months or so. But I just couldn’t resist my longing for its stress-relieving attribute. It’ll always be a guilty pleasure of mine. 😀

I love/hate Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga. Yes! Lady Gaga is a *current* guilty pleasure of mine. I hate her but can’t help bobbing my head whenever I hear her songs. The trick here is that I simply don’t watch any of her music videos so I wouldn’t feel too bad for listening to someone who wears meat, condom and whatever unfathomable textile can be found on Earth.

Photo taken from

Animal Prints. I hated animal prints growing up (meaning high school) because I thought they look so cheap. I blame the Hollywood movies I saw growing up that almost always featured middle-aged bimbos and MILFs clad in animal print outfits they could be mistaken for a cheetah on the loose. But I love ’em now. I have shoes, tops, sunglasses, dresses, bags and accessories all inspired by my love for this print. The only thing that’s missing in my closet are animal print outwear and pants. 😀

Spelling B's name with green mangoes and shrimp paste 🙂

Green mangoes. If there’s one fruit I could eat for the rest of my life, it would be green mangoes with bagoong, fish sauce, soy sauce or good ‘ol salt. I don’t like little Indian mangoes, but the big ones. No matter how heavy the acidity is, I can eat four green mangoes (not the seed, of course) at the most. Of course, that’s not without having the goosebumps with every bite. Hmm, let’s see if I can beat that next time. Gaaaaah I want one right now!

Are you a Facebook stalker? 😀

Facebook-stalking. Who doesn’t go creeping all over Facebook? Admit it, most of the hours you spend on Facebook involve furiously clicking on somebody’s profile. Many derive pleasure from this when they see an old frenemy with a life spiraling down or when they find out their cheater of an ex-girlfriend is pregnant with two kids now or whatever. Though I know this is such a terrible habit because Facebook has already sent a lot of relationships down the drain, I still find myself checking another person’s profile just because I can find my way around Facebook. 😀

Drinking a cup of coffee in Java Jazz, Tagaytay 🙂

Coffee. I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee. If money and losing weight weren’t an issue, I’d get my morning cuppa joe from SB or CBTL every single day. But since times are hard and they’re usually packed with so much sugar, I have to make do with what manual coffee-making. But let’s admit it, it doesn’t taste as good as the ones that cost triple or quadruple. Now If I could just conquer my laziness and make good of use our coffeemaker at home and whip up a hazelnut latte or whatever caffeine concoction I can think of. Hmm. 😀

Photo from

Gossips. Girls are born with an uncanny gift for instincts. And that gift doesn’t only apply in fishing out the truth from your boyfriend’s late-night escapades, but also in the latest gossip–be it at work or among your group of friends. When we’ve run out of things to share about our own personal lives, we teeter toward other territories, unintentionally prying open other people’s private lives to the rest of the world. And that, dear girls, is how gossips spread like wildfire. One verbal mishap and *poof* suddenly your neighbor’s long-lost niece knows that your best guy friend is gay. 😀

Koren Zailckas' Smashed is a favorite read 🙂

Books about drugs, sex, alcohol. I don’t know what is up with me but I really just have this certain fascination toward literature that tells of people’s struggles with drugs, sex and alcohol. I guess it has something to do with my love for rock n’ roll, eh? Or maybe because I secretly want to know how it feels like to be a drugged out teenager with no sense of responsibility (sanity even)? 😛

Currently obsessed with Sims Social 😀

Video/Online Games. I love video games. I used to play a lot of RPG back in high school and college since I had extra time. But now that I’m working, I barely have the time so I just settle with Facebook games to feed the gaming junkie in me. The problem with Facebook games though is that it gets boring easily. I play a certain game for a couple of weeks–two month tops–and I’m off to a new game such as Sims Social. 😀 Such a time vortex, video games are. Can’t help but feel bad for all the hours I wasted leveling up. Then again, it was fun.



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  • i quit smoking cigarettes after 10 years. i’m running 5 years without it. but not weed. hahaha

    i’m guilty of facebook-stalking too. i stalk people who might have a blog i can comment for SEO. hahaha…

    i have a love-hate relationship with coffee. i love it because of its aroma and soothing effect; hate because i’d need a trip to the toilet.

    btw, tagged you in a 7 link meme. 🙂

    • I’ll quit smoking–soon! Hahaha! And yeah, coffee increases my restroom trips too. 😀

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