My Love Affair With DIY Mani+Pedi

A mani+pedi is perhaps every woman’s go-to activity when the demands of work, family, personal–basically life itself–gets way too crazy. I, for example, reserve this activity specifically for instances when a tub of vanilla ice cream won’t suffice.

Unlike most girls, I have a certain fear for nail spas because:

1) I don’t like having someone, who has already manhandled someone else’s feet, touch my tippy-toes.

2) I’ve been victimized by pseudo nail technicians. Yes, bloody nails and all!

And that is why I do my own nails as much as I can. Tedious, I know. Then again, you can’t put a premium on such an important body part.

A couple of weeks ago,¬†I trooped to Mall of Asia to get me some new hair color. But the salon was closed for the day so I was left wandering the busy mall by myself. Exhausted from all the walking, I gave in to my curiosity and stepped into this nail spa I didn’t really notice before. I don’t know if they’re new or their storefront is just badly decorated that’s why I’ve been missing them for years.

As soon as I was ushered inside, I immediately noticed how “dead” the nail spa is. I was asked to pick my nail polish before I went inside the work area. Unlike other nail spas, which are typically bright and cheery, theirs was dark and gloomy–sad even. They had wheeled “spotlights” as their ONLY source of light. Funny how they would provide clients with stacks of magazine, but they don’t have proper lighting.

While everyone else in that room was napping, I was watching the two technicians working on my nails like a hawk. Imagine my anxiety all throughout the process. If having someone else do my nails isn’t bad enough, there she was doing my nails in the dark! The horror!

It was so bad because I availed of their priciest package but trust me, there wasn’t anything special about that special package. I can’t and don’t want to reveal this establishment’s name. But if you really want to know, shoot me an e-mail.

Image: Stuart Miles /



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