On A Makeup Frenzy

Every night since last week, I have been quietly whispering to myself this: “you don’t need to buy anything right now.” Some days it worked, other days it didn’t.

So there goes my pre-holiday saving plan–down the friggin’ drain once again.

COVERGIRL Clean Pressed Powder for Sensitive Skin

I lurked around beauty counters mostly as I was almost out of my every pressed powder. I walked up to the Cover Girl corner and ended buying their Clean Pressed Powder (Sensitive Skin) solely because of its hard green shell. I could easily spot this in my makeup kit, I thought to myself. I tested it, but forgot to check it out in natural light. So yeah, I ended up not using it because it was a shade darker than my skintone. Good thing it was only Php425. I gave it to my mom instead.

COVERGIRL Trueblend Minerals Pressed Powder

I returned the next day, determined to get a pressed powder from them. This time around though, I took my time picking the right shade for me. I ended up with this mineral pressed powder (Php545). It’s not as pretty as the green one, but it’ll do. Great for everyday, pangharabas use ๐Ÿ˜› Although I checked online and found out that it was intended to be used together with their TruBlend foundation. Hmm, maybe I should grab their TruBlend foundation too?

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer

I also asked my sister to get me the Surprise Stick Concealer (Php328) from Etude House. I first saw this item from her, tried it and loved it. I find stick concealer easier to put on since you can control the amount better than liquid variants. Such a bargain!

Fruits Brunch Lip Box

The Incheon-based best friend gave me this lip palette–Skinfood Fruit Bunch in Strawberry. The tin can packaging’s adorable and handy. I still haven’t put this lip box to the test though. ๐Ÿ™‚

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Beauty Blockbuster set

Almost every Christmas, my mom’s twin sister sends us cosmetics.ย I’m guessing she thinks that we loved the first few batches of Elizabeth Arden items she sent us before that’s why she sent us more! Here’s this year package, an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Beauty Blockbuster set. Since my mom is starting to lose interest in makeup, my sister and I get to pick what we want from the set. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ceramide Ultra lipstick in Petal

I grabbed the Petal lipstick. Let me just squeeze in that I find their lipsticks dryingn. It has good pigmentation, though I cannot vouch for an easy application. A lip balm under the lipstick sometimes does the trick. On some occasions, I have to glide on a thin layer on top to make sure it doesn’t chap.

Eyeshadow + Cheek color palette

I like this one, which contains 12 eyeshadows, namely sparkle, sun, pewter, frosty pink, lucky, smoke, ember, rosy peach, terra, light blue, graphite and wine. The two blushes are sunny pink and sandberry. Although it looks a wee bit grim, boring and tame, I find it very versatile. It offers a lot of combination too. I have to remind my aunt to get me a separate cheek color set because I love love love their cheek shades! By the way, don’t you like that it’s gold and looks just like an ordinary notebook? ๐Ÿ™‚

Shimmer Powders

I have a thing for shimmer powder, bronzers and highlighters. I don’t know why, but I just like how it adds a certain “glow” to your face. So naturally, I stole this shimmer powder, which comes in rose, gold, nude and bronze.

A girl can’t have too many makeup items, noh? ๐Ÿ˜€

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