Spotting Cool and Creative Jewelry Holders

That’s it! I’m getting a jewelry holder for Christmas. Come on, just look at that photo. That, dear readers, is what I see every morning when it’s time go pick which bangle to wear. I get a headache just trying to dig my way through all that junk. That’s just my bangles, okay. 😀 I have a separate organizer for my earrings, rings and necklaces, but they look like they’ve been run over by a Ferrari so I won’t be sharing them with you guys.

Now, don’t think that I don’t organize my precious accessories because I do! I do this about thrice a year–nah, I do this when the OC bug randomly hits me. It’s just that I put them in ceramic-like tubs (well, they’re round), not drawers or whatever. Why? ‘Cause I love the print on the lid:

Very Japanese 😀

But since my collection is growing by the week, I realized it’s time that I get myself a decent jewelry organizer. So I scoured the web for the jewelry holder(s), waiting for that special “gasp” that’ll let me know I’ve found the perfect holder for me. Fortunately, it was easy spotting great designs. Unfortunately, having them shipped to Manila is quite expensive.

Rustic jewelry stand (

This piece takes the rustic vibe to a whole new level, don’t you think? It’s whimsical, cool and definitely a statement piece. I can hang tons of stuff there, don’t you think? There’s a certain sense of chaos in the piece, but an ordered chaos if there is such a thing.

With this in the room, all I need is my own John Smith and I’m Pocahontas! 😀 There’s just one downside I’m seeing in this piece–I feel like it’s too fragile of a holder. Knowing how clumsy I am, I can easily trip and fall face first on that precious display. Haha!

A little tidbit: this design is a collaborative effort between artist Joe Caneen and sculptor Laury Dizengremel. Check out Laury’s website for a range of figurative, realistic, narrative or abstract sculptures that you can easily purchase via PayPal.

Wall-hung jewelry holder, sold at $65. Shipping? $35 more!

What is up with me and trees?! Anyway, I found this adorable wall-hung tree jewelry holder posted at Etsy. I like that this doesn’t take up too much space unlike Tree #1. I just need to screw them to the wall and voila, I have my own “Tree of Pretties”. Plus it’s made of 6mm-thick plywood so we’re guaranteed that this won’t break in half or something. 😀

Customizable wallflower frame by Shelley Schott <3

I really, really like this handcrafted jewelry holder that is just beaming with character. Sure it looks sort of “pre-teen” but what the heck, it’s so pretty! Even the nails are so adorable–individually hand-painted to absolute cuteness! Add the fact that it’s not tree-shaped, which is one of the dominating designs at the moment.

Since it’s personalized, buyers get to choose the frame color, but those who want two hues in the frame can get it for an additional fee too.  Throw in $7 more and they can apply various wood stains and finishes as well. Cool, huh? They also have a slightly different variant that has no mirror but boasts more storage space for our precious accessories. 🙂

Silver chair jewelry holder spotted at

Over at Claires, I found this chic and elegant silver chair jewelry holder. Although it doesn’t look like it can “hold” that many accessories, this would be a nice decorative piece on top of anybody’s dresser. I’m just not sure I’ll get a bang for my buck if I do get this ’cause I don’t really own that many earrings and it seems like this design is leaning more towards being an earring holder.

Chloe Swivel Jewelry Storage

This one, which I found over here, is fairly simple but truly space-saving! I like that it swivels, as it reminds me a little of a Lazy Susan–a miniature version, that is. The interior of the cubbies are lined with fabric so glass bangles or rings won’t get the tiniest bit scratched. Seeing as it only has a 6in diameter, I think four or five of this will be a good start. 🙂

I saw a couple of doll jewelry stands at the Landmark department store, but they had very limited options. As if it matters since I want something that would hold a LOT of accessories. 🙂  



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