Tues-date at Fish & Co.

After waiting for a cab for an hour in Makati–under the torrential rain to make it worse–we had nothing else in mind but food that night. I already expressed my craving for meat–I was feeling very carnivorous that night. I was wheedling the boyfriend into eating at Racks and we really were about to enter the restaurant when a split-second decision led us to Fish & Co., a 360-degree turn from my calling for meat.

Fishes galore at Fish & Co.

I haven’t tried Fish & Co. before because I don’t really like fish. I like other seafod though such as crabs, mussels, scallops, squid and shrimp. I liked their booth seats a lot, by the way. So comfy. 🙂

New England Clam Chowder (Php145) | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

Since it was raining that night, it was just fitting to start the meal with a bowl of savory soup. Here’s my New England Clam Chowder (Php145), which was teeming with flavor! The boyfriend, meanwhile, had the soup of the day. We weren’t able to take a photo of his soup though because he thought I ordered the same soup. 😛

Seafood Curry (Php650)

I was surprised to see they had meat in their menu, but since we were at “Fish” & Co., it was but logical to opt for a seafood dish. Right? I ended up with the Seafood Curry (Php650), which was served a couple of minutes behind schedule. I picked this because I wanted something with a kick of spice to it.

While the first few mouthfuls were bursting with flavor, I eventually realized how grainy the texture was. Also, I wish they had de-shelled the mussels and shrimps before throwing it in the plate. I find it a little weird to have the shells swimming with the curry.  In terms of taste, it was good though.

A close-up photo of my plate | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

Anyway, the manager approached our table and asked about the Seafood Curry. Haha. I guess they thought I didn’t like it because  my plate was still full, looking barely untouched when they took away B’s plate.

Truthfully, I brought my curry home because my tummy was in so much pain. Eating that night suddenly became a chore so I just ate it at home. 😀

Bird’s eye view of the Black Pepper Mahi-Mahi (Php460)

This is the boyfriend’s plate (or pan) of Black Peppered Mahi-Mahi (PHp460). Judging from this picture, don’t you think it looks way too dry?

Anyway, being fish noobs, we had no idea what a mahi-mahi was. We didn’t bother the servers with our silly little question. I just made a mental note to do my research. A mahi-mahi, which is a Hawaiian term for “very strong”,  is more commonly known as dolphinfish. Don’t confuse it with dolphins though. 🙂

Closer to the Mahi-Mahi | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

B actually sprinkled more crushed black pepper thinking it wouldn’t be hot/spicy enough for him, but later admitted that he sprinkled way too much black pepper. 😀

Raspberry Sunrise (Php150)  | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

We just had to photograph this pretty drink. It’s a mix of oranges, raspberries and apples. Yum yum! 🙂

Though we left the restaurant faster than usual because I was suffering from monthly pains, I still left happy as a bee with the approachable staff and good food (and portions!). 🙂



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  • Everything looks delish and the serving looks generous

    • Yup, serving is generous though I cannot vouch if everything in their menu is indeed the same. 🙂

  • love their fish & chips. The fries are so good with the chili powder 🙂