A Homey Dinner at Twenty One Plates

Last Friday night (yes, the Katy Perry song should play here! :D), we (Ate Debbie, B and me) headed straight to BF homes and went restaurant-spotting. We didn’t know where to have dinner that night, basta we wanted a restaurant that wasn’t too expensive, but offered delicious food nonetheless. Also, we didn’t want to enter a restaurant and be greeted with a sea of people–we wanted to eat in peace. I blame the weather for our somber mood.

Cruising along Aguirre Avenue, we spotted a few restaurants that caught our attention, but we chose Twenty One Plates because there was only one car parked in front–could be because the food is bad that’s why there are no people there or could also be because everyone parked their cars far from the restaurant? Anyway, we decided to just check the menu first and see if we like it.

I went in first and didn’t know what to do when I walked up to the front door. There’s a doorbell beside the door, so I didn’t know if I had to ring it or what. Thankfully, someone opened the door. They must have heard me all confused and shit. 😀

They also have a wide selection of wines | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

I think the woman who was seated in the receiving area (looks so much like a living room, I swear!) was the chef, Tinette Villanueva Miciano. Although I could be oh-so-wrong. Drat, why didn’t I ask her name? She offered to show us their dining areas. Yes, areas. They have four dining areas. Three of them are non-smoking rooms–the lime green, chocolate and red room.

The first room, which I will call the purple room 😀

This is the first room we checked out. The walls were of a deep purple hue.

The lime green room!

This is the lime green room, which I think is the biggest of the three non-smoking rooms. I would suggest they change the chairs. It looks very cafeteria-ish, don’t you think?

The red room + the wall

The place looked so homey! Apparently, it was indeed a house converted into a restaurant. Intimate and ambient. Those would be the perfect words to describe the rooms, which you may book for private dinners.

The smoking area, which looks like it used to be a garage

We opted to dine in the smoking room, which looked really bare. They did mention that a party was scheduled the night after so I guess they were prepping up for that. We sat by the huge glass window, which affords diners the view of Aguirre Avenue. The waiter was pretty helpful in suggesting which dishes we should order, although we didn’t took that to heart because most of his suggestions were paired with rice. None of us wanted to eat rice that night.

Free drinks! | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

And because they have Wi-Fi, we were able to check-in on Foursquare. We got our drinks for free! Yay! 🙂

Spiced Kalabasa Soup (Php120)

This is a very curious soup. It has a distinct aroma that will remind you of exotic India, thanks to leeks, cumin and garlic thrown into the bowl. It was okay, though not too memorable.

Aaron’s Taco Pasta (Php320)

I was bracing myself for a very messy pasta bowl but it was surprisingly good. It’s a very heavy pasta dish though, with all those elements. They use angel hair pasta, which complements the very filling components of this dish.

A closer look at the Taco Pasta | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

We asked if the meals were good for sharing and they said three people could share one dish. When it arrived though, we thought it wouldn’t be enough for the three of us. Turns out, it was more than what we consume. Lesson learned: don’t be deceived by the plate. 😀

Spicy (Sweet Potato) Noodles with Prawns and Tofu (Php330)

This is my favorite dish of the night. It was very spicy (for me, that is) but it was soooo good! I had to settle with one serving of this dish because I was already sweating in heat.

Sesame seeds, tofu, mushroom, shrimps = YUMMY! | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

B, meanwhile, was eating happily, saying that it was “okay” in terms of how spicy it was. That man has a steel tongue, don’t you think? The sweet potato noodles, tofu, mushrooms and shrimps tasted really good together. 🙂

Fish Tempura with Balsamic Reduction (Php300)

I didn’t like the balsamic reduction. I thought it skewed the flavor of the fish. The fish tempura on its own was good. Although one small fish tempura was missing a fish. Honest mistake, perhaps. This came with rice (I didn’t know it came with a bowl of rice) that nobody touched at all. 🙂

We finished our “intimate” dinner with three unfinished plates on our table. Haha. We took home everything including the rice, but not the dinnerware of course.

Since we were the SOLE diners that night (or hour), everybody was extra nice to us. Service was really quick (should be!), the staff were attentive and even the owners were so pleasant and nice and warm (too many and’s there!). Food was good and I’m eager to try other items in their menu next time. 🙂

I wish for more Friday night dinners down south and closer to home, where I’m sure there are  restaurants just waiting for us to barge into. 😀

Twenty One Plates
205 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque


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  • Hm, I want to do that sometime, just choose a restaurant out of the blue. Kinda difficult to do without a car though hahaha so I’ll find some friends to drag first. 😛

    • I don’t have a car din. I agree that It’s hard to go on a resto-hopping mode when you don’t have a reliable transportation option. Especially when it’s raining, like last Friday. 🙂

  • Ganda dito ah.. Parang nasa bahay ka lng talaga. O_O

    Kaso ang layo. Parañaque! O________O

    • Lapit lang! QC area ka ba? 😀