FinAsiaGlobal VIP Platinum Card, A Scam?

I received a call this afternoon from a certain Angela Ledesma of FinAsiaGlobal. I have never heard of the company ever. She talked so fast, blabbing nonstop on the phone. I thought she was never gonna stop. She’s a good speaker, I can give her that. But there was already something fishy about the VIP Platinum Card they were offering. But for some reason, I let this Angela go on. In a nutshell, they basically act as a middleman between us consumers/travelers and tourism establishments/facilities.

The PLATINUM VIP CLUB works with an amazing cross-section of partners to give convenience to every travelers. As a member you get access to our reservation desk helplines, services and exclusive discounted rates to any of our afilliated hotels and resorts. When you’re a PLATINUM VIP CLUB member you have access to the club exclusive resources to make your busy life a little easier, whether you are on the road or at the metropolis.

As I was on the computer when I was speaking with her, she asked me to check their website. Lo and behold, their website is up but only a handful of links were working. Even the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn icons weren’t working. I noticed that Cebu Pacific and Enchanted Kingdom were featured in the homepage.

She told me that what they’re offering is a lifetime membership, only I have to pay a one-time regisration fee of Php3,995 (I forgot exactly, but it was almost Php4,000). She even told me that the amount can be paid in installment basis. Hmm. 

She started “verifying” my information, which I always find dubious. How could these people know my full name, my birthday, my landline number, mobile number and address? She even injected a little humor by saying that we shared the same birthday. Har.

Things got sneaky when she inquired about my credit card company, credit limit AND my available balance. I was like, why the hell do you want to know? She even asked me if I had my wallet with me then told me to take out my credit card. I knew she would ask about my card number but I interjected. I immediately asked how she was able to “select” me from the millions of CC holders all over the Philippines? She then said something about non-delinquent card holders, frequent travelers and whatnot.

She told me that she’ll have the card delivered to my office in two hours. Two hours. Boy do they move fast! Two minutes after our conversation ended, I quickly looked up the company and discovered that others have already been victimized by this company. Apparently, if that card reached my hands, they would ask me to swipe my credit card on a terminal they’ll be bringing over to “guarantee” my reservation.

Different experiences with FinAsiaGlobal:

This is from (Click on the image to go to the page)

People who availed the card also caught a snagged when they tried to use the VIP Platinum Card:

Another victim. 🙁 (Click on the image to go to the page)

They’re so good at what they do no? Kainis!

Screw you, FinAsiaGlobal! (click on the image to go to the page)

The same girl whom I talked with also got in touch with them. I quickly called the number she gave me. The second someone answered the phone, I knew they were just a bunch of scammers because the girl who picked up the phone said, “Hello?” instead of the usual “<company name>, Good morning!”. Seriously, who doesn’t mention a company’s name when you’re at the office?

Anyway, I asked for Angela Ledesma and flatly told her not to deliver the card anymore because their program was not for me. She told me that their messenger already left their office, but I told her to chase after him since I won’t accept their card no matter what. She was persistent but I was more persistent. Those two minutes spared me from what would be a severe headache that would last weeks–months even.

After the call, I went back to inspect their site. Here are my findings:

  1. Their page is ugly for a company offering such privileges.
  2. Most of the outgoing links are not working.
  3. The writing’s terrible. Seriously, you can’t expect to be taken seriously when you don’t know verb tenses.
  4. The download form opens a Microsoft Document. Err, who does that these days? Most of the time, it’s an online form or a PDF file.
  5. They didn’t put their address in the contact box. Obviously, they don’t want to be found.

I also called Cebu Pacific to verify if they are indeed connected with the company. As expected, they are not affiliated with Cebu Pacific. I told them about this company, which I suspect to be scamming people, enticing them with discounted Cebu Pacific flight fares and whatnot.

I’m not absolutely sure if they are indeed a good-for-nothing company out to trick people, so here, read for yourself what other victims had to say. You guys decide if this is a legitimate business or what.

My La Salle Alumni Card also offers discounts on various restaurants, hotels, resorts and stores. I’ll stick to that. At least I know my Alma Mater won’t screw me over! 

P.S. Screenshots of comments were taken from



Hi guys, I just want to share with you this bit about Finasia, posted on the Interaksyon website.

Lastly, Finance Global Marketing Services and Finasia Global Marketing Services, which are not registered with the SEC, allegedly use a credit card company to apply/avail of their services offering lower package cost for travel. Any customer who has agreed to the services may no longer retract and recover the money paid, the SEC said.


You can also refer to this notice published by SEC way back in 2013:



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  • Hehehehe! Nakaligtas ka sa tiyak na scam.

    Doon sa mga nanghaharang sa mga mall. Magbibigay ng freebies para lang makuha card mo. May duda ako doon.

    • Oo nga eh. I’m so lucky. Hehe. Scam din ‘yung iba dun, ‘yung mga nanghaharang sa malls. Nabiktima ‘yung cousin ko dun before.

      • lenalie

        sana may mgawa pa tau pra maibalik ung nawalang pera sa
        tin!!huhuhu,try q din col ung bank,,last week aq nabiktima!!ni diane chua!!at after nia tumawag sa akin ung bangko nman ang tumawag at nag tanung nga kung tumawag na ang finasia sa kin!!ang gling nla db!!kainis!!

  • Sabi na eh. Ang kukulit pa talagang susundan ka.

    • Tarayan at sungitan dapat ang mga ganun!

  • Creepy! Scam nga yan. Marami pang scam na ganung klase. Like ung iba nag o offer ng pre approved credit cards. Haha!

    PS: Pinost ko lng yung inemail ko sayo dito, para may comment naman me sa post. hahahha!

    • Ang lalakas ng loob ng mga taong ‘to no? Grrr

  • Pao

    Wow. THANK YOU for this post. I almost got scammed just now. Same thing happened to me. Except this Angela girl is now going with the name MONIQUE ESGUERRA. (I can say so for sure because I talked to her via the messenger’s phone and the name on the phone’s Angela, not Monique)

    • Wow! The nerve. So the messenger went to your office? Was he asking for your credit card?

      • Pao

        He never got to ask for my credit card cos after giving me the form to fill up, I read the terms and conditions and realized that their company is not affiliated with Mastercard and Visa… In the phone call, that Monique made it seem like I was getting a perk from my credit card company which is why I agreed to get it… So I told the messenger that I wasn’t interested anymore and I didn’t want to avail of it… He called that Monique/Angela girl and had me talk to her. I told her she was misleading me in her earlier call and that I am not interested in what she’s offering seeing that the “discounts” are mostly for hotels and resorts anyway… We then agreed that I’d cancel the application but she asked me to give the messenger P50 for cancellation fee and that’s when I got even more suspicious. When I hung up, I saw that her name on the messenger’s phone is Angela, not Monique…. I went back to my table to get P50 but I also thought of looking them up the net and that’s when I saw your site. Took me a few minutes to read and when I went back to our lobby to pay the messenger (actually I was thinking of other ways of handling that person, maybe call the police or something…), he was gone.

        I had my credit card blocked right after. Hope they don’t get to charge me in any way.

        • 12132

          hi! were they able to charge you? i hope they don’t charge you anything. And i know those people from FINASIA are reading these comments now.

          • Thankfully, no. I’m sure they will come up with new ways to scam us. We should all be cautious.

          • 12132

            true. we should all be cautious. the girl who talked to me was really rude. and they told me that the people who commented here were not their customers. I DOUBT! HAHAHAHAH.

  • That sounds so awful. But at least you took the time to go online and check if they’re legit. I hope this Angela/Monique gets the bad karma she deserves. I hope no one gets victimized anymore.

  • Diana Deguzman

    wahhhhh iwas a victim…. monique is angela… i know her voice… how can i get back my money…

    • curiouscorrine

      Aww, dang. 🙁 Do you still have her number? If yes, give her a call and tell her that you’re withdrawing your membership. It’ll be a long and tricky process but if you’re determined to get your money back, you have to. How much did you pay? I read stories about how some victims were able to get their money back–thanks to persistence.

      • joanne

        last thursday may tumawag sa kin,para daw yun sa mga persistent na cardholders….nag-trust ako kasi alam nila lahat ng info saka phone no. namin.napa-oo nila ko dun sa card at pumasok now sa cc ko yung 3995.magaling sila makipag-usap…huli na nung mabasa ko mga comments sa net..tumawag ako sa bangko ang sabi nila merchant lng pede mag-cancel nung babayaran,nung tumawag ako sa kanila di na daw un pede icancel

        • I heard that others tried to use legal means to get their money back.

    • Ironman

      Just got a call from them today.  I agree the lady sounded very convincing.  I was about to give it a go but fortunately my suspicious nature stepped in and told them to wait for 2 to 3 days after I did some checking and research.  She said that the card was already on the way for delivery to my office, which made me even more suspicious.  Naturally, I stood firm and told them am not getting the card until after the checking them out.  Voila!!! she dropped the call without even saying goodbye.  After a few minutes, I found this site.  Whewww!! 

      • Yup, we’re lucky that we got to think things through before deciding.

  • PlatinumVIPCard
    Someone called named Ashley, I quickly declined good thing you have posts like this

    • Good for you! 🙂

    • JOVY

      Mine to Ashley Alejandro

  • Rocky

    hay naku, ako khapon lng naloko ng mga yan bkit my mga ganyang tao nkukuha nilang ibili ng knilang kakainin n galing s pangloloko sumpain sna sila ng langit, lets pray n lng n dumting ang bad karma s kanila…ang sakit nga ng ulo ko d ko alam kung yun ang dahilan…

    • And they’re still at it. They should stop na. Hay.

  • eam

    hi guys, i myself was i guess or shud i say avictim of same scenario… yung agent n tumwag sakin ay si eric tee , at lahat ng comments dto ay halos gnun ngyri skin, but on the brighter side, kya sbi ko iges, ksi wala akong binigay na details of my cc number.. at wla pa ko nsswipe, ksi nsa trainning pla ako nun nag set ng date kun kailan maiddliver.

    • Lucky you! We should spread the word about this scam.

  • smiley-md

    Guys I also bought this platinumcard ng finasia!!! Sakit sa ulo. Pano kaya mababawi pera ko?

    • From what I know, once they charge your credit card, the cc company can’t discredit the money. The merchant has to do it.

  • russell owen

    hi guys, i just listen to their new scam tactics this august and there catch phrase is their going to handle ur visa and international discount at hotels etc plus their vip card is transferable. too good to be true so spread the news of this new perk gimmick that will caught ur attention to pay for it.
    advice is use the power of the net and research first before
    anything else and ask advice from your friends if they encounter such experiences… more power to us and the web! dont worry about those bad people karma is fast…heheheheh!

    • Yeah let it be a rule that when everything sounds too good to be true–question it immediately.:D

  • they may be legit. just starting up. but have lots of negative reviews so called back to decline

  • anne

    same with u na biktima din nila ako. Mariel Zacarias nman ung tumawag at nagbenta sa akin ng VIP card na un. pinapacancel ko na sa knya dahil 1 week pa lang sa akin ung card mag pa book ako ng flight sa Cebu pacific at napahiya ako nung sabihin na di nila honor tong Finasia VIP card at walang discount na mangyayari. sayang lang ung 4,k ko sa hirap ng buhay ngaun malaki ung 4,k na naloko nila sa akin.

    • I think everyone who has been victimized by this group should band together and file a group complaint.

  • gelai

    halaka panu yan, kkakuha ku lng kanina, totoong scam to???

    • I think they are. I called Cebu Pacific before and they said that they’re in no way affiliated with FinAsiaGlobal.

  • Abby

    Alam nila lahat ng details except the CC #.may tumawag din sakin kanina Eric Tee marami syang sinabi at hinihingi ang CC # ko pero hindi ko binigay pinipilit nya pero sabi ko wala ako sa house namin then after namin magusap tumawag ako sa bank ng CC Na gamit ko tinanong ko kung related ba sa knila o sila sa Finasia Global at sabi nila hindi daw sinabi ko na may tumawag sakin at alam lahat ng details about me Name,bday,add.,Credit limit,expiration date ng CC ko.sinabi ko na about sa Platinum Discount Card.suggest ng nakausap ko pwede ko daw ipablock ang CC ko or basta hindi ko naibigay ang CC # ko wala sila makukuha.Thanks God kung ganun…:) Grabe alam nila lahat pano nila nagagawa sa kapwa nila ang ganun?ang sasama namannnnnnnnnnn!

  • mae

    si eric tee dn ang nagcall skn. see my comment before. nandun link nys sa fb at proud p stya sa work nya ha. grbe bkt kya may mga tao n kyang manloko

  • Marie Arciaga

    OM damn. I got the card yesterday lang. I’ll try to ask regarding sa booklet, no need to call na pala. 🙁

  • kainis victim din ako ng finasia platinumvip, now ko lng kc narecve ang bill ko nkita ko ang statement of account ko sa finasia is 3995 pero ang alam ko 12months to pay un, nagtataka lng ako kung bkit alam nila ang details about me? pano po gagawin ko ang duedate ko is on oct.1 2012 pwde pba ireport un sa bank para dko n mbayaran ung 3995? tulong po ano dpat ko gawin hirap ng pera now….

  • sana po matulungan nyo ko!!!!

  • victim po ako, pano kung sa oct,1 2012 pa ung duedate ko pwede pb magawan ng paraan un para dko na mabayaran sayang ang 3995

    • Hello! As much as I want to help everyone who has been victimized by FinAsia, I can’t. 🙁 The most you can do is to bug the hell out of FinAsia and force (yes!) them to cancel your membership so you can get your money back. I’m not sure if credit companies can put the amount charged to you on hold as you settle the dispute though. Better call your credit card issuer and see if they have a policy regarding this. I think this happens in the US. Some companies give the money when the merchant won’t. The best course of action to take is to call FinAsia and your CC issuer.

    • arjo

      ginawa ko na yan…ang sabi ng bangko merchant lng ang pede mag-cancel ng transaction..tumawag ako sa finasia global na yan at di pumayag na ipa-cancel….so napilitan ako magbayad ng 3995..sana wala ng maloko tong mga taong to

  • chikay

    i just read this blog after availing of these vipplatinum card last sep 10 2012.. i immediately asked my cc to block my account.. but the thing is they cannot guarantee me that finasia will nt be charging amount on my account… coz its autodebit..i hope its not too late.. i was nt able to reach them on their numbers..

  • rommel

    wow buti nabasa ko to. padeliver na card sakin ngayon.

    • nenen

      buti kapa hindi natuloy

  • expose FINasia global scam


    Mga repapips! eto ang nangyari saakin. Tumawag saakin ang nagpakilalang louise bautista kahapon October 2, 2012. sabi personal travel consultant daw sya. tapos yun na nga mga convincing words na may 20 to 40% na discount. Tapos nung after ilang minutes lang dumating na agad messenger nila. grabe ang bilis talaga. tapos yung messenger may dalang pang swipe ng card.
    Tapos yun na nga ang sabi iswipe ko nalang daw. Buti nagdalawang isip ako. Sabi ko pwede bukas nalang kasi hindi ko dala ang card ko. Sabi tawagan ko nalang daw ang boss nya. so tumawag. tapos yun sabi magbigay daw ako ng 100pesos para sa deposit. Bigay naman ako agad. Nung mga 4pm na. naisip ko icheck ang website nila. nakita ko meron nga parang about sa Cebupacific. So parang okay lang.

    Nung gabi na. naisip ko isearch ang “FINASIAGLOBAL scam” sa google. Ayun lumabas nga ito. Naku di na ako nakatulog. Grabe pala ang epekto pagnaisip mo na nascam ka. Kahit 100pesos lang yun na nakuha saakin. Nung umaga na tinext ko ulit sila. eto pala number incase gusto nyo kunin. (09474398520) Sabi ko, mam dala ko na po ang credit card ko. Tapos tinawagan ko sa landline. 553-8514 or 3882. Tapos sabi ko. mam dala ko na po, tapos kunyari chinika ko about sa discount sa cebu pacific kasi magtatravel ako. Mga ilang oras lang dumating na ang messenger. Grabe ang bilis talaga. Pero sabi ko, sir kunin ko na po pala muna ang 100 kasi wala ako pera may babayaran akong ofismate. Sabi muna nya ibabawas nalang daw at kelangan muna pirmahan. pero sabi ko, kelangan ko sir tapos kunyari kinuha ko yung papel at ballpen nya na tipong magsusulat ako. hinihintay ko talaga na ibigay nya. Sa wakas binigay nya na din ang 100 pesos ko. hehe. pagkabigay nya, pumasok ako agad sa ofis. tapos tinawagan ko na ang isang tv station. Ipapahold ko sana yung messenger kaso sabi ng sa tv station di naman daw pwede gawin yun. ang sabi ay expose lang ang gagawin. Hindi daw makakasuhan kasi marketing strategy daw yun. basata parang ganun. so sabi ko cge, ivivideo ko nalang. ayun binalikan ko sabi ko sir di ko pala pwede iswipe kasi kulang ang credit limit ko. di aabot ng 3999. Pero sabi nya, cge tawagan ko boss ko ha. Tinawagan nya. tapos kinausap ko. pero hindi ko na pinapakinggan sinasabi nya. Hanggang sa sabi ko na tawagan ko nalang sila at kailangan ko na bumalik kasi may work pa. tapos yun. binabaan ko ng telepono, pero narinig ko sabi kausapin daw messenger pero binaba ko na kasi pagkinausap nya messenger alam ko na maghihingi na nama ng reservation fee. kaya dali dali ako pumasok. Hanggang sa tinext ako ulit sabi ibigay ko daw ulit reservation fee. pero di ko na binigay. manigas sila dun. kaya yun. buti nalang nabasa ko itong blog na ito.

    Malaking tulong ang mainform ang mga tao sa mga ganitong panloloko. Kahit 100pesos lang yun ganun na ang epekto pano pa kaya yung mga nakuhaan ng 4taw tapos never naman pala nila magagamit. Sobra di ba.

    **sa mga nascam nito.
    tawagan nyo ito 9284713 direct line ng imbestigador. kahit ireklamo nyo lang para pandagdag ng reklamo para ma EXPOSE ang mga ganitong marketing strategy.


    • Wow! Galing ng ginawa mo! Bilib ako sayo 🙂

      2012/10/3 Disqus

    • arjo

      yan din ang taong tumawag sa’kin,naloko ako ng louise bautista na yan,matapos nya makuha gusto nya di na sya mahagilap…ngayon tinatawagan na nman ako ng eric tee….di ko alam kung ano na nman kaylangan nila…di ko na xa inasikaso.mahirap ang buhay ngayon kaya dapat ma-inform ang mga tao sa ganitong strategy

  • For all the victims here (me included), please email me at along with your cases or experiences. Let’s build it up so we can submit to media,NBI (our neighbor), and some law firms. We need to expose companies like this and make sure it never happens again to anyone.

  • anne

    Nakakalungkot naman ngayon ko lang nabasa ang blog na toh, last week my sister received a call from an agent sa Finasia regarding the Platinum VIP offer nila, nalulungkot akong isipin na kaya niya tinanggap ang offer na to dahil iniisip niang magbebenefit ako dahil ako ang mahilig mag-travel, I was in Mindanao when she called me about this thing, apparently nung nag-consult xa sakin, nabayaran na nia. usually kasi bago xa mag-avail ng anything kinukunsulta muna nia sakin . . . . . . tama yung gut feeling ko na SCAM nga itong card na toh .. . . . . . imagine 4K nowadays ay malaki n ang matutulong sa isang pamilyadong tao tulad ng ate ko tapos pagsasamantalahan lang ng mga ganung klaseng mga tao, sa tagal na ni-post ng blog na to, why madami pa din naloloko??????? ?Marahil kulang talga sa Media Awareness . . . . . spread the word para sana wala na silang maloko na kahit sino pa. Please inform me if may way pa ba to get back the money :'(( really appreciated your help and info regarding this one. God Bless everyone . . . . . lesson na lang ulit ito sa atin na before availing of super duper low rates and discounts better ask Google first . . . . . :'((

  • anne

    Nakakalungkot naman ngayon ko lang nabasa ang blog na toh, last week my sister received a call from an agent sa Finasia regarding the Platinum VIP offer nila, nalulungkot akong isipin na kaya niya tinanggap ang offer na to dahil iniisip niang magbebenefit ako dahil ako ang mahilig mag-travel, I was in Mindanao when she called me about this thing, apparently nung nag-consult xa sakin, nabayaran na nia. usually kasi bago xa mag-avail ng anything kinukunsulta muna nia sakin . . . . . . tama yung gut feeling ko na SCAM nga itong card na toh .. . . . . . imagine 4K nowadays ay malaki n ang matutulong sa isang pamilyadong tao tulad ng ate ko tapos pagsasamantalahan lang ng mga ganung klaseng mga tao, sa tagal na ni-post ng blog na to, why madami pa din naloloko??????? ?Marahil kulang talga sa Media Awareness . . . . . spread the word para sana wala na silang maloko na kahit sino pa. Please inform me if may way pa ba to get back the money :'(( really appreciated your help and info regarding this one. God Bless everyone . . . . . lesson na lang ulit ito sa atin na before availing of super duper low rates and discounts better ask Google first . . . . . :'((

  • joanne del rosario

    Hi, I got a phone call from them din kahapon.. I was getting upset kasi parang wala akong makitang info about them, buti I saw your blog. I linked your post in my blog as well. Thanks!

  • Ram

    Ipapatay ko nalang sila lalo ung may ari gagastos lang ako ng 20k. Ihahanda ko na ung pera next week. pacenciahan nalang.

  • lotskie

    hello…sad to say biktima din ako ng FINASIA na yan (Sept.12, 2012) They said na 1 yr to pay ang P3995.oo kaya ako pumayag to join. But ng mareceive ko na ang aking statement of account OMG one time payment ang trabsaction nila. I always called Ms, Edralin Mendoza to complain but she said iaadjust dw nila. But it takes months na hindi pa nila ginagawan ng aksyon. Nagkainteres na ang Credit Card ko kasi di ko binabayaran ang P3995.oo ng FINASIA. Hirap pa naman ako sa budget kac ako ang gumagastos sa tatay ko (cancer) kaya d ko mabayaran ang full amount. Makarma sana sila, nagsuffer ako sa pagbabayad ng 3995.oo Paano kaya mapaparusahan ang may ari ng FINASIA?

  • nenen

    grabe cla…even me naloko nila ako..mga hayop isa b satin walang napacancel na amount sa credit card natin..??pina cancel ko kc sa kanila but sabi nang bank ko hindi na daw pwede…so far hindi ko nagamit ung card lalo n sa cebu pacific.

  • nenen

    the first tym i read all ur blogs naniwala agad ako that its a scam,,,so nagmamadali ako tumawag sa consultant n tumawag sakin…thank God she answers my phone calls..all my questions were answered by her..d naman pala scam..mga bloggers f meron din kaung vip card sa finasia ok lang un magagamit nyo..kailangan lang every transaction nyo u get in touch with them so they can book earlier and can avail the 10 to 40 percent discount..

  • nanzy

    Thanks A Lot… You save my Php3,995.00. Godbless Us All..:))

  • kat

    grabe i got scammed din. this girl called mariel something. wala na na debit na sa card ko. sobrang scam tlga. u think we should really do like an XXX something para mawarn na yung ibang tao.

  • Newbie

    Share ko lang. Also got a call from “eric tee”. Grabe, alam nya pati credit history ko! I honestly thought na legit ito, which is weird kasi madalas ako maka encounter nito and ngayon lang ako napa bilib. Sinabi pa na ang company name nila is “finance asia global”, which in retrospect is totally bizaare (finance tapos travel?). A quick check on the net yielded no results kasi nga wrong name yung binigay. Nung dumating na messenger, i finally got the name right and searched again while pretending to read the form he handed me. Ayun na, positive na scam. Sinabi ko sa messenger basahin ko muna yung laman ng package. Ayun, umalis agad yung messenger. Siguro nakaramdam din na bistado sya. Eric called again and ang daming sinasabi. Nababaan ko tuloy ng phone.

  • victim din po ako actually im currently paying it bale 6 months more pa bago ko matapos hinuhulugan ko kasi un for 1 year thru my metrobank credit card nakakainis wala choice kundi bayaran.

    • trek

      nag try ka na ba gamitin ang card?

  • San

    Pia serrano the name of the agent, upon saying i’ll think it over binagsakan na ako. Its a scam! Dont entertain them!

  • Justin

    Hi, Guys, I was victimized by this scam. I got a call from Ms. Louisee Bautista indicating all the supposed to be benefits of being a member of this VIP card. I tried searching through the internet, unfortunately, I heard Asia Global so I cannot verify if this is the same company. Within 2 hours of the call, the messenger arrives with the package, He got my card and mentioned my CC details (card number, expiry, and 3 digit code at the back) to a certain Lyla. I got scarred when i saw this, since they might use my credit card for any other purchases. Regardless, I still continued and had my card swiped via Manual charge slip (c/o East West Bank). Upon getting back to my PC, I tried to search Finasia Global and arrived at this very helpful blog. I immediately called the east west hotline and verified if there was any transaction on the credit card that I gave, upon hearing that there is still no posted amount on my credit card number. I immediately had my credit card blocked. I am not sure what would happen in the future.

  • mine

    try to call the reservation para malaman nyo na may sense ang pagiging member sa finasia. Mapapansin nyo na lahat ng nagrereklamo dahil sa credit card payment. pero once na magamit for any bookings and reservation sulit ang 4k nyo.

  • Carole Kaye Malenab

    Hi guys. I am a victim too of this so-called company. I reported them to DTI and we are scheduled for a mediation next week, April 18.

    • Zed

      Hi Ms. Carole, updates naman po regarding sa report nyo sa DTI? I’m also a member since January 2013 🙁

  • bje

    may tumawag po sakin ngaun lang,,, pag hndi q po ba tinanggap ung card di nila aq ichcharge sa credit card q?

    • Just don’t give your credit card to them if you want to be sure. Better safe than sorry 🙂

      • marvin

        tama.. at biktima din ako ng finasia na to.. i try my best to cancel evrything pero hopeless bcoz valid transaction daw at may sign ako which is my mistake talaga. itry to call this scam finasia para i cancel pero hindi na pwedi.. if im not mistaken mariel yung name ng tumawag sakin at this is happen nung march 25, 2013.. this forum is very helpful. sana awala silang ma biktima pa.

  • firm

    … kakakuha ko lang po nyan ngaun…. tapos nagcheck me sa net, then nakita ko to.. buti na lang nung tumawag me sa bangko, floating p ung transaction.. ayun, pina block ko na lang ung card ko para di pumasok ung transaction….

  • @AirJseph24 Muntik nanaman ako ma-scam. read this: yan yung tumawag sakin. buti na lang di ko nabigay credit card ko

  • Ed

    Scam po ba Ito? im already a member of this fgms, now, we would like to avail their services, to know kung scam nga eto. we are still waiting for the result, they will send quotations for our intent vacation package.

    • tin

      quotation in what place?

    • Everyone here will be grateful if you can share with us the result of this quotation. 🙂

    • Zed

      Hi Ed! Curious lang about FINASIA GLOBAL, How’s their services? Scam po ba or legit? NakapagTravel po ba kayo using their PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP CARD? I was also a member that’s why I’m asking po If Hindi sila Scam Lang. Thank you.

      • seth

        Zed same tyo n member. Try to coordinate with their reservation. Ako si maris ang palage ko kausap. Wag ka n call sa agent mo kasi final reservtion p rin bagsak mo. Ok tlga services nila.

  • hon

    i am also a member of the finasia, nde naman sila scam i tried so many times na magpa book sa boracay at kahit assistance sa airfare nakatulong din kc hassle free. at kahit nga piso fare nag karroon pa ako ng minimal discount. try nyo lang na makipag transact sa reservation mas maganda mas maaga para mas assist tayo.

  • Vicky

    Thanks for your comment actually kakatawag pa lang nya today a 1 hr ago and she call me again later, buti na lang nahingi ko ung website nla kc pinipilit na ako kanina thanks a lot kc may nakuha rin akong membership sa ibang co. pero useless talaga keso me discount pero ung kinain daw namin e d kasali ano ba unnnn.

  • noi

    buti na lang nde ko na avail ung paltinum vip card nila kanina, sabi dedeliver din daw nagun, muntik na aq, at buti hindi ko binigay card # ko. pagtapos ng call ni lyka de castro(name ng agent) nag search agad aq at nkita q agad mga post about FinAsia scam. thanks s post. dalidali q tinxt at sabi ko icancel na lng dahil hinde ko na need ng ganitong card. ayaw pa nga nya, at sabi nya tatawag daw xa ulit pero buti nde n nmn tumawag. tinawagan q din ung bank ng credit card ko at buti wla nmn floating payment at sbi nde daw cla affiliated sa FinAsia. Sobrang knabahan aq, sayang din un 4k kung sakali.

  • jun

    I read an article in Manila bulletin published May 31, 2013 warning the public against firms suspected of conducting investment scams. In that article, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) included Finance Global/Finasia. Here is an excerpt from the article, “Finance Global/ Finasia allegedly use a credit card company to apply/avail of their services offering lower package cost for any travel that may be desired. Once a customer agrees, he may no longer retract and recover the money paid.”

    I consider myself perceptive pertaining to scams, but now i know i have one weakness worth noting – damn that sweet voiced lady over the phone!!!! Well, lessons learned. So, I’m writing this to warn fellow honest earning individuals to stay away from this very coordinated scam.

  • Grace Balderas

    They called me awhile ago. From the start, i know it’s something to do with money. So, i hesitated with the offer. But, she continuously saying all the positive things about the VIP card. I ended it up by saying No! She finally said, “pakisabi na lang po sa credit card bank nyo na di nyo i-avail at mamya darating dyan yung card nyo.” Then, she suddenly hang up the phone without any answer from my questions about her last statement. So, right there and then…. SCAM sila! Damn!

  • Zed

    So SAD naman late ko lang nabasa feedback for FINASIA GLOBAL! Same thing din ang nangyari sa akin, yung mga experiences nyo, ganon din sa akin, she told me na “im one of the lucky cardHolder daw to avail this lifetime membership!” Sobrang galing ni Ms. trisha Velarde kasi naConvinced nya ako to avail this platinum membership! Dami talagang convincing words and last thing, pwede daw installment! Kaya napapayag ako kasi nga 1yr to pay naman. the next day 9am yun na may pumunta dito sa bahay may pinirmahan akong form and binigay na yung card & booklet after maSwipe CC ko! kaya pala ang bilis ng transaction Scam pala! Kaya naman pala kahit isang email ng promo advertisment wala akong narereceive! Pero sana hindi naman, never ko pa kasing nagamit simula nung dineliver nung January 14,2013…. Lesson learned na dapat isearch muna ang company bago maniwala! Need muna malaman feedbacks before availing! 🙁

    • Chez

      Same thing din ngyari sakin yesterday July 24,2013 unfortunately ngayon ko lang nakita at nasearch ang FINASIA after ko maavail yung card at naswipe na yung CC ko… DANIELA LOPEZ ang NAME ng TUMAWAG sakin 09186716835 ang number! SCAM PALA TO Lesson Learned wag na magavail ng mga promotions ng mga CC..

      • rochel

        same din sakin i also charge 4000 something at hanggang ngayon binabayaran ko padn sya installment kahit na hindi ko naman ngagamit.

        • seth

          hi, bakit di mo try gamitin? ganyan din ako nun pero ng ma prove ko na legit talaga services nila palage na kami ng family ko nagbu book. Tawag ka 5533794/ 5550228 look for Maris or Yza. Hope this help…

      • seth

        try mo gamitin. avail mo kaya un free gift mo. Ako nagamit ko voucher sa Ocean Adventure. Libre un for 2 pax

    • Chez

      May Balita na kaya kung paano mababalik ang pera di na mareverse transaction ng BANK ko eh… at pinagtataka ko lang how they know my CC info(Name, Card Number and EXP date) maliban nalang sa 3 Digit number sa back ng card..

      • JOVY

        Sakin din po Ganun i know their office is nakapunta na po ako sa may Pasong tamo Makati

  • JOVY

    I know where their office nakapunta ako sakanila to pick up my manila Ocean Park ticket.

    • seth


      What happened to your Manila Ocean Park Ticket? Nagamit nyo po ba?

  • JOVY

    Just Contact This number Ashley Alejandro yung Agent nakakausap ko pa siya everytime na nagtetext ako magrereply siya. 09176668249 nakapunta nadin ako sa office nila sa Makati sa Pasong Tamo near Shopwise. if you want to go there contact me 09425634468 Pakilala po kayo thanks. i want to help nag avail din ako ng VIP Platinum nila Eastwest bank CC holder ako. Gulat ako na alam nila i thought bank nagrefer sakanila. thanks i hope this will help.

  • seth

    I am also a member of this Platinum VIP Card. My first conversation with my agent is a bit rough and she told me to just inquire with their so called reservation team. The person I spoke with named Maris is very accommodating. I requested for a quotation in Puerto Princesa. She emailed it me the ff day. When i received the quotation I am quite hesitant to avail of the offer so i called her again. I know she felt that Im just shopping around… this Maris give me an assurance and told me to check the reservation code with the airline and at Marianne Inn, Puerto Princesa if I have a confirmed reservation. I googled the hotel and make a call. I proved that the reservation code listed on my quotation is legit, next i called cebu pacific. All went well as specified on the quotation. I said to myself i’l give this company a chance kasi sayang naman ang binayad ko. So pumunta talaga ako sa ffice nila para dun magbayad at para makilala ko rin ang mga taong i deal with. Our vacation turned out well… from then on i do my bookings with this company. Na prove ko sa sarili ko na walang problema sa travel services na ino offer nila. Perhaps sa mga agents talaga. Their services is “A” ok. Need talaga nila ayusin ang marketing ng mga agents.

    Siguro sa mga members na rin dito, i suggest na sa reservations nalang tayo tumawag or mag email. I ask Maris of this girl agent na nakausap ko no longer connected na daw January 2013 pa.

  • gracie

    check ’tis out! a fairly new company is up again to scam us.

  • gracie

    check ’tis out! a fairly new company is up again to scam us.

  • It’s really up to you if you want to give FinAsia a try. I believe however that you’ll get the same discounts (or even better!) with numerous deal sites like CashCashPinoy and Deal Grocer. 🙂

  • Ghay

    There’s a new scammer in town. Global Express International. They’re offering a VIP Gold Card for Php 3,800 saying that offers discounts for shopping and travel. It’s a good thing I didn’t gave my Credit Card info. I don’t know if they’re the same firm. When will these people stop scamming other people? Nagakaka-phobia na tuloy akong sagutin ang phone ko.

  • Mhe

    They called me today pero buti na lang nag-google search muna ako… ang nabigay ko lang is my office address which is not an info in my CC so I think wala sila mapapala sa akin. Dapat ma-stop ito…

  • ellen

    Buti nlng nkita ko blog nto…tumawag cla skin around 11:30 am, and ttwag dw uli ng 2:30 pm, dedecline ko n offer nla since mas marami ang negative comments, salamatpo s inyong lahat, sayang dn ha mahirap kumita gastusin ko nlng s family ko kesa maloko ako…thanks a lot everybody…

  • Krae

    I also experienced the same thing. The only difference is that nag-avail ako ng membership on an installment basis, and only after 4 months I found out that it’s a fraudulent company. I asked them to arrange a resort reservation for my El Nido trip this coming November but a month already passed without a definite action from them. I did follow up a couple of times, but to no avail. This already alarmed me ’cause I know how easy it is to book a reservation and how come they can’t do it. So I did a few research over the internet and found out it’s a scam. I immediately called up FinAsia and got to talk to Maris and Thea Castro who are so apologetic for the lapses. But I was firm and demanded for a cancellation of membership and a full refund. I also got to talk to my bank to cancel further transactions from them. The most irritating part is that FinAsia wants me to pay an additional 1k for cancellation. But of course I won’t! There’s no contract saying I need to pay should I decide to cancel my membership. They didn’t even furnished me a copy of terms and agreement! Also, I asked for the name of the owner of their company, which every member has a right to know. But they declined to disclose it which made me doubt even more. Their website claims that they are duly registered under DTI but when I called DTI to verify, there’s no FinAsia registered under them. The DTI agent instructed me to forward this issue to the local government and that exactly is what I’m doing right now. To all victims, I encourage you to do the same. Let’s not tolerate any form of deceit!

  • Jaycee

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued eight warnings to the public against firms suspected of conducting investment scams or otherwise unauthorized sale of securities.

    The SEC’s latest warnings were issued against Cardlinks Teleconn Insurance Agency Inc., Future Net- Networking Marketing Association of the Philippines Inc., JustBeenPaid, OK’s Global Wellness Inc., Evergreen Company, 1Riders Power Team Inc., Finance Global Marketing Services/Finasia Global Marketing Services, and an unknown group in Marinduque.

  • Ruby

    Why am I so stupid? 🙁 didnt surf the net before agreeing.. :'(

    • Mambong

      Ako din nadale nyan

  • harlem scarlem

    ung mga nang-uunggoy jan na member kuno ng Global Asia, FinAsia, ahhhh SIYA SIYA… whatever!!! tigilan nyo na ang panggugulang at kunwari working ang sistema nyo para mabasag ang trend na SCAM nga ito…

    Kaya hindi umaasenso ang Pilipinas eh…. 🙂

    Beware of SCAM….
    mayroong caller sa akin today, and super fliptop kung magsalita, kesyo agent ng Global Asia at lifetime ung membership para sa mga discounts all over the world ?? hehe

    eto ung forum na nabasa ko sa internet very useful –> thanks Mabuhay!!!

  • Ms. Google

    Almost got scammed by this company today. Good thing I got a hold of their name and googled their company right infront of their “representative. Told him “Sorry, I just googled your company and you guys are apparently scammers so Ok, No thanks, Bye!” Then told our office security guard to kindly escort the man out.

  • jeff

    Just got a call frm them today. They didn’t ask for my credit card details so I thought this is probably legit. Good thing I googled it agad and found your post! You really can’t be too careful when it comes to your finances.

    • That’s true! Can’t believe they’re still at it

  • johnf

    Yeah, I did the same thing today… validate their company over the internet and said NO.

  • Melvin

    Did they change their company name from FinAsia to Platinum VIP by FGMS?

    • I’m not sure about this.

    • Rachel

      Yes, I think so. I was scammed by the damn company and had to pay for the whole amount. I thought they were somewhat connected to Metrobank (my credit card).
      Got the “membership card” a year ago, they even asked me to like their page in FB. If I would have known i wouldn’t spend a single centavo on it.

      • Mandong

        Grabe nadale din ako nito kanina lang .. Tinawagan ako kahapon tapos kinabukasan nandito na kagad , eto naman akong tatanga tanga eh paswipe naman kagad ng CC ko , pagkakita ko dun sa card simpleng simple lang walang masyadong details .. At nung day din na un nabasa ko na maraming victims.. Tinawagan ko din ung mga hotels na malapit dito sa amin na included dun sa booklet na kasama , wala daw advise sa kanila na me partnership sila ng finasia, Kaya tinawagan ko ung finasia ubg mismong number nila.. Unavailable then ung kausap ko na tumawag sakin ay tinawagan ko din .. Sumagot sya at sabi itry ko daw muna ung card papano ko itatry ung card eh di naman inohonor sa mga tinawagan ko.. Ang arrangement daw kasi is tatawagan daw ung company nila tapos ung company nila ung gagawa ng transaction para mabigyan ng discount sa hotel.. Eh para saan pa ung card na binigay nila sakin .. Sus grabe dalang dala ako ngaun araw na to .. Anu bang mai aadvice nyo sakin .. Salamat

  • aiza

    you can drop by to their office anytime just to prove that are not scammer.

  • Finasiascam

    @aiza Ayusin mo grammar mo! Pwede naman mag-tagalog e. Taga Finasia ka malamang. HAHA! :))

  • Bri

    Kakatawag lang sa akin mg finasia at inooffer ako ng discount card nila.. Medyo kabado ako sa pinagsasabi nya.. Sbi kasi nya na maswerte ako na napili para magkaroon ng discount card.. So nagask ako ng contract or so whatever.. Hndi naman nila mabigay ung website at wala naman kainfo info ung fb page nila.. Ung hinahanap ko ung website nila biglang lumabas ang blog na ito habang kausap ko unb agent.. Sabi ko wag na hndi ko na avail ung discount card.. Kaya thank you for sharing this.. 🙂

  • Angel

    Hi there. I need some advice as this company fooled my mom who is a first time credit card holder. I could’ve have prevented this from happening kaso wala ako when they called my mom. She was promised that they won’t bill her agad. The card and the welcome packet were delivered the same day. Then she was asked for her ID and the credit card for “verification”. Then she was handed the charge slip. Syempre she signed it, not knowing it already validated the sale. I checked the packet and it didn’t contain any terms and conditions,especially on cancelation. We haven’t taken any steps yet as they can’t be contacted on weekends. But as early as tomorrow, we will contact them and do our best to cancel whatever service they are supposed to provide.

  • GreenShooter

    Just for the information of the general public, they already changed their name to Asia Global but they’re still offering their fcking VIP Platinum card.

  • yanyan

    I got my refund just today. Im so glad. I texted the agent who called and sold me the platinum card and told him i want a refund asap after seeing all the post from victims of finasia. I told him i found out that their company is a scam and that i will make sure to find out who is responsible for this. He apologized immediately and didnt even defend the company because he knew i was right. He gave me their office address and told me to go there to get my refund. When i got there they made me sign a cancellation form and told me i will get my refund within 5 to 7 banking days. True enough, they emailed me today the payment slip to my credit card amounting to 3990.

    • Jinky

      Puwede po b mag pa cancel at mabawi ang pera kahit almost 1month na simula ng maging member nila ako? Nakakahinayang dahil 4,000+ ang binayaran ko sa kanila. Nakakainis kasi.

      • jrimoire

        hi,.,.nacancel mu ba at nabawi mu ba pera mu?.,,.txt mu q.,,.eto num q,..,

  • yanyan

    Their office address is unit 206 BUMA building, 1012 metropolitan avenue, san antonio village makati city

  • yanyan

    When i paid for the platinum card meron silang pinasign na form sakin. They werent supposed to give me a copy of that but i was lucky to have it xeroxed kasi nsa office ako that time. It says there that u have to pay 50% of the total price to cancel the card. But when i asked for a refund from their office mismo, they waived the cancellation fee. Today they sent me an email with an attached payment slip worth 3990 for the reversal of my credit card payment.

  • bob

    Just got the same shitty call today. Thanks for this blog. I would have been a victim. Weird lang talaga na alam nila mga details such as office address pa.
    UPDATE: They now ask for “20%” participation amounting to P4495 because the credit card company already paid for the 80% daw. They even say that all the other members are surprised how cheap you’re supposed to pay for big discounts provided by the card. Alam na rin pala ng SEC na scammer sila pero hindi pa rin sila nahuhuli or take down man lang ang website nila.

  • sleepyrabbit

    everyone! nangyari saken kanina lang 2 hours ago:

    1. same price (3995)

    2. same cc (ewb)

    3. same scenario (makulit and tuloy-tuloy magsalita na caller from a travelling agency offering discounts and a transferable “life time card”)

    4. finally lalaking may dalang terminal and envelope with brochures and card (na mukang art project)

    thank you sa blog niyo, nag search ako bago pa pumunta yung lalaking may terminal. nagtaka ako kase bakit sila magpapadala ng terminal?

    umalis nalang siya kase hesitant talaga ako. sayang hindi ako nakakuha ng pic nung pinapipirmahan nila kase nandun yung details ng company, whether legit or not i can’t remember basta ang name na ginagamit nila is ONE TRAVEL EXPERT.

    (they do not have a website or fb man lang).

    sa mga nabiktima ng ganitong scenario, sana maging eye opener sa atin ito and hindi na sana maulit sa inyo. thank you bloggers!

    • raven

      yan un napirmahan ko pero good thing decline card ko. >.<

  • annir

    thanks sa blog na to.. kakatawag lang sakin ng company nato. Asia Global ung gamit na name ng company and 206 buma bldg ang address na ginamit. Sabi ko ako na lang ang magsasabi kung kelan ako mag aavail ang sabi niya hindi daw un insurance na sasabihin ko kung kelan ko iavail. Hello ako may ari nung card so bakit sila masusunod. Ang dami niyang sinasabi Denver Ong ang name with contact number of 553 6996 direct line sa kanya. Nung nagsabi ako ng irereview ko muna yung inooffer nila sa akin, pinagpipilitan niyang pano ko daw marereview kung wala sa aking yung booklet na ibibigay kasama nung package, sumagot ako tatawag muna ako sa mga banks para mag verify at mag babasa ng review sa mga blogs. Sabi niya sa akin ang blogs daw chismiss hello! Kung hindi masama ang iooffer niyo bakit kaya matatakot sa blogs at kung maganda ang package na iooffer nila ibblog yan para maboost yung product na ok nga. Thanks talaga sa blog na to, muntik na kong mag oo kanina. So aantayin ko ngaun yung taong sinasabi nila tingnan na lang natin kung talagang may pupunta kasi ang sabi ko sakanya na bakit hindi mo kayang iadvice ung tao mo na wag na pumunta dahil hindi ko nga iaavail. Parang ewan lang!

    • ferl

      hi puwede ko po makuha yong full address ng company, kasi isa din po kami sa victim..thnks po..

      • jrimoire

        hi,..,napuntahan mu ba ofis nila?,.,.anu ba address?,.,.

        • tanga

          Na scammed din ako kahapon lang.late ko na to naman kung ano dapat kung gawin.ㅜㅜ

        • raven

          yan address

      • ruel

        Kakukuha ko lang ng vip card nila. Nagpapabook ako gang ngayon wala pa din nangyayari. Nswip na cc ko sabi nila next year pa daw ibabawas. Sobrang bilis ng pangyayari scam pala to. Pwede ko kaya ipacut na.yung cc ko para di nila makuha yung 4500 na sisingilin nila?

      • raven

        hi just want to share their adress na nakasulat sa letter na pinapirmahan saken knna. good thing pinictyuran ko un letter.

  • Government

    sa lahat ng naloko ng FINASIA go to MAKATI BUSINESS PERMIT.. Pinapasara na ang company na to.. pero kaylangan namin ng evidence/proof na scam sila.. please we need your cooperation.. tulad nio ako din muntik ng mascam..

  • Marian R.

    Grabe sobrang thankful ako sa blog na to. Muntik nako mascam knina lang same scenario lahat. kaninang umaga may tumawag sakin Asia global travel agency daw sya named Teddy Gonzales then after 2 hrs daw dadalin na ng delivery boy ung discount card na may terminal tas iswipe daw nya ung card ko, same amount din 4000 daw. Habang nag sesearch ako sa internet regarding dun sa discount card wala ko masearch. Then nkaagaw ng pansin etong link na ito kya naclick ko. I found out na scam sila, habang nagbabasa ako ng comment eto na may kumatok na sa gate namin. Siya na daw ung sa travel agency binigay ung form sakin na dapat daw i-fill up then nkita ko FinAsia Global ang nkalagay sbi ko after nito ano gagawin mo sbi nya pahiram daw ng card ko. Sbi ko kakatawag ko lang sa bank kabilin bilinan sakin wag ko daw ibibigay or ipapakita ung card ko so, tas sinabi ko na din na kakabasa ko lang ng blog na scam daw kyo. Then dali dali sya nagpaalam at sabi nya di nya daw alam bago lang daw sya sa company. Ayun belat sila hindi nila ako naloko napakabait tlaga ni Lord sakin hindi nya ko hinayaan na maloko. Kaya sa iba maging vigilant po tayo sa lahat ng oras.
    Thanks God!
    To God be the glory!

    • raven

      God is good. Praise the Lord talaga! 🙂

  • joye

    Thank you so much sa blog na ito… same scenario…at nung nagtatanong about my credit limit sabi ko akala ko ba meron kayo info.about it bakit tinatanong mo ako.. sabi nya just to make sure lang daw na right person kausap nya… i rejected the offer pero makulit..naputol ang linya ng conversation at nag-search ako sa internet and i saw this blog..Global asia na ang name ng company..

  • nino

    hi po.. dapat sa thu (aug 14, 2014) dadating ung taga finasia global. pina cancel ko agad ung card ko dahil nabsa ko ito mga post po ninyo. nagtataka din ako kung bakit isuswipe ung card ko..kaya nagdalawang isip ako.. nagsearch ako sa google at itong ang blog ang nahanap ko… salamat po…

  • Lax

    Guys, naka pag avail din ako nung aug 11, 2014. Naniwala agad ako dahil ni refer daw ako ng cc company. At that day may pumunta na courier na dala ung handbook. at sabi ng courier check nya daw id ko. nung na verify, check nya daw credit card ko. pero nung pina kita ko na yung credit card, bigla nyang pina swipe sa akin. Hindi ko malaman dahil sa sobrang bilis ng transaction napa swipe ako.. Ang tumawag sa akin ay isang babae Lian Cruz 09436641884. Sa nabasa ko sa mga comments nyo, nagdududa na ako. Patulong kung pwede ko ba ma refund yun. kung hindi na, may possible kaya magamit nila credit card ko kahit hindi ko magagamit? thanks

    • Pipay

      Hi lax narefund mo ba ung transactionmo. Nscammed dn ksi ko today e

      • rey


        • Sel

          Pwede ba un marefund?

    • uno


  • Anna

    Thanks for this post!!! Grabe, almost got victimized. Whew. A 40% discount sa airfare and 5-star hotels is really incredulous. Lifetime membership na tapos P4495 lang?! Mine is a certain Ms Corpuz (forgot her first name), her mobile number is 09424914292 and landline is 5538515.
    Will post about this incident in my blog, too. spread the word guys!

  • joan

    Naku scam pala ito..kanina lang may nag miscall sakin,kaya tenext ko kung sino sya,nagreply sya sakin at nagpakilala sya daw c teddy gonzales from asia global travel, ask sya kung pwde nya ako tawagan. Hindi ko nereplyan kc na isip ko pano nya nalaman ang full name ko, kaya nag search ako dito da alam ko na talagang scam pala talaga ito.

  • JM

    Sad to say scam nga to,nabiktima din ako ng finasia na yan, pag magtatanong kana sa kanila ng mga flights o rate ng hotel/resort sasabihin mag email then after mo mag email,hindi sila mag response,twice na nangyari sa akin to. Sana meron way para mapanagot ang mga taong nasa likod ng kumpanya na to.

  • member

    misrepresentation kaya nadadamay ang company.

  • cess

    Haist.. Na scam din aq nitong FINASIA GLOBAL ba to actually nun wed lang tumawag sakin,kahapon nagpunta sa house. Ang sabi nila installment for 12months pag check ko ng card ko ngaun 4495 ang makuha nila sa card ko.. How sad.. Pls balik q nyo na lang ang money ko..

    • jrimoire

      hi,.,.naghahanap aq ng makakaxama papunta sa ofis nila,.,.baka gux2 mu makisabay,.,.eto number q 09197964385

  • jrimoire

    ganun din sakin,.,.haaaayyy.,,.nanghina aq nang malaman q na scam,.,.,.

  • jrimoire

    gumawa tau ng grupo para hantingin ang grupong ito,..,dapat na matigil ito para wala ng nabibiktima,.,.

    • BEL


      • airaccessEWCCvictim


  • jrimoire

    naghahanap aq ng makakaxama papunta sa ofis nila,.,.baka gux2 nyo makisabay,.,.eto number q 09197964385

  • jrimoire

    repost lang
    The SEC’s latest warnings were issued against Cardlinks Teleconn Insurance Agency Inc., Future Net- Networking Marketing Association of the Philippines Inc., JustBeenPaid, OK’s Global Wellness Inc., Evergreen Company, 1Riders Power Team Inc., Finance Global Marketing Services/Finasia Global Marketing Services, and an unknown group in Marinduque

  • april

    hello guys member ako ng finasia, i booked so many times na ma pa domestic and international package even the plane tickets lang. If scammer sila hindi na siguro nila irerefund yung pera sa mga nagrequest ng refund, actually nung bagong member pa lang ako nabasa ko rin itong mga blogs and lalo na yung sa SEC kaya tumawag kagad ako para ipacancel and they are willing naman irefund yung pera pero i gave them a chance, ginamit ko muna yung voucher na kasama sa package in ocean adventure and inaccommodate naman kami i was afraid nga baka magmukha kaming tanga dun, then i tried to book again in bohol so lucky nothing bad happened.

    • raven

      bUT THEN,

    • raven

      But then, mapa scam man o hindi ito, un offer is more mahal padin unlike sa mga offers na pwede mo mai-less sa other agency promo. >.<

    • natsky

      baka tiga finasia ka kaya kung maka promote ka ng product nila ay gnun gnun n lng. ang voucher, pwede mong i claim in any particular they have provided hotels without their consent. So bkit kaialangan pa silang tawagan para mapa book ka bago pumnta ng certain hotels

  • Paul Deslate

    walangya,,sabi na ei..scam to ei..badtrip…ayaw na nila i refund…kanina lang ako nabiktima:)

  • Eiri

    Buti nalang nabasa ko agad to.. Someone called me earlier ang sabi ay binigay daw ng BPi ang contact number ko. Medyo nagduda na ko dun kasi confidential info yun e. super sales talk talaga sya to the point na nag-agree na ko ipadeliver sa office yung card. Ang sabi pa nya kelangan dala ko na yung ID at credit card ko pag nagmeet kami nung magdedeliver kasi mato-tow daw yung car nila. After ng conversation namin, I called BPI to confirm kung affiliated ba sila sa FinAsia and nabanggit ko na binigay daw nila yung contact # ko. The rep told me na never sila nagbigay ng contact details ng card members nila. Agad ko tinext yung tumawag sakin na icancel na yung delivery and blocked the number on my phone after ma-send yung message.

    • raven

      Thanks for the share, i did texted him to cancel all the future deliveries nila and never contact me again. then blinock ko din ung number nya, 09275949781. 😀

  • kleincanonio

    hayzz late ko narin nabasa to since nasa grocery ako during the time na tumatawag na alarm sana ako kung nasa house ako to check their product details hayz lesson learned nalang for us na never i swipe ung CC card naten .:(

  • Jheng

    Nascam ako, kanina lang.

  • ish

    kakabiktima lang sakin.. ngaun ko lang nabasa to.. :'(

    • erza

      pwede mo pang mabawi yun kung credit card ginamit mong payment ipa dispute mo lng s credit card mo.. kakascam lng din sakin knina hassle nga eh nawala ako s focus s work dahil dun pero buti nlng naitawag ko agad s BPI

      • jasmine marvilla

        Sabi ng bpi finasia ang magpa cancel hindi cla 15days antayin..anu ba yan sayang tlga ang pera.nkakapraning.

  • Justine Austria

    Is this the same with Asia Global Marketing?
    Same perks

  • Justine Austria

    Magpapadala raw sakin ng card tomorrow, baka gusto ninyo sainyo ko papuntahin para baka mabawian ninyo.. hehe
    Justine Austria with contact no. 0933 9877513 is my scammer

  • erza

    Hi kakabiktima lng din sakin knina. grabe pakilala pa nila partner cla ng BPI tapos ma wwave daw yung annual fee ko sa credit card ng bpi ko dahil s reward card na un. And sabi pa compulsory daw un s mga top selected credit card holders kaya ang dating sakin ay freebies tlaga cya. tapos nung matatapos na ang conversation nmin tsaka lng cnabi na may membership fee na 4,495php. tapos parang ang dating no choice ako ddeliver n agad parang confirmation lng ung tawag nila nde offer. Before dumating yung delivery boy tinanong ko pa ung kausap kung ahente kung anu b tlgang name ng company ang sagot lang nsa package daw yung full details then nagulat ako n I-sswipe pla agad yung card ko nag dalawang isip ako lalo n nung nakita kong Finasia ung name ng company na inakala ko BPI tlga pero nde aalis yung delivery boy pag nde ko daw swipe ung card ko tapos sabi nde p daw bibill un ngayon ccorfirm p daw un tsaka installment daw un kaya ang ending n swip ko rin yung card ko. tapos dali dali kung senearch ung company then nakita ko tong blog na to nagulat ako nascam pla ako. Kaya nireport ko agad s BPI yun and sabi nila wala daw s system nila ang finasia kaya pina dispute ko nlng then cnabi ko s ahente ng finasia na I-cancel ung vip card n un pero sabi after 10days p daw ewan ko lng kung totoo un hays grabe hassle pero buti nlng nakipag cooperate agad ang BPI. kaya Lesson learned tlga dapat pag may tumawag at ginamit ang pangalan ng banko dapat i-confirm muna s bank un tsaka kung totoong partner cla nde dapat cla gagamit ng personal mobile number.

    • jasmine marvilla

      Same po tau. Feb 14 ako nadali.ka bwesit. Gusto ko mabawi ung 4495 ko.huhuhu.grabeh ang hirap kumita ng pera tpos mang loko lng installment daw.sinungaling ung joyce santos un.ang dami na natin na biktima.

      • raven

        ako kamuntikan nadin kanina, may 18, 2015. napirmahan ko n nga yun letter nila, pero sa pinapirmahan palang, dna kapanipaniwala, kaduda duda na talaga, buti nalang na decline ng card ko. >..< beware all.

    • ana

      hello, nung napa dispute mu ba nawla na ung charge ng finasia sa cc mu? aq na scam kaninang hapon lang…kaso need q lang tlga na ma confirm ngayong friday bago ma dispute…bdo po yung akin…bwesit na finasia global na yan tlga!

  • RJ

    Muntik na din ako mabiktima nitong scammer na to. Nagpakilala xa saken na tga finasia nga then connected daw xa sa VISA or MasterCard, so inentertain ko yung call niya kasi kilala nia ko sa name then yung ibang info ko din alam nia. Hindi ko iniisip na scam to kasi the way she talk, magaling talaga. Our conversation start..
    Sbi nia, isa daw ako sa napiling bigyan ng discount once I want to travel kahit saan, eto daw yung Platinum Travel Card. Bnerify nia yung account # ko, name, address, etc. Then, after that.. Tsaka niya saken sinabi na kailangan ko daw magbayad ng p3995 para sa card na yun, for life time na daw then once lang daw yun babayaran pwede daw installment every mont P300. Nakipagtalo na ko kasi pinipilit ko na wg nalang kasi nga may payment which is akala ko nung una free lang. Nagbigay sya ng contact number nia pra daw if ever na may tanong ako pwede ko syang kontakin sa number na yun. Nkakainis kasi tnry ko syang tawagan para ipacancel talaga yung card na yun dahil para saken useless lang, d ko naman mgagamit. But sadly, hindi nia cnasagot. Naisipan kong tawagan yung hotline ng Eastwest pra itanong kung hindi ba pwedeng icancel or hindi magavail nun, nasurprise ako nung cnabi saken na hindi pala sila connected dun. OMG! Pumasok sa isip ko yung scam. The operator try to check if may nagtransact sa cc ko then namonitor nia na meron daw nagttry magtransact ng P3995, SORRY nalang sa scammer dahil nadecline yung transaction nia dahil kulang na yung credit limit ko. Thanks for this blog, aware na ko ngayon na dapat di na ko magentertain ng calls 🙂

    • raven

      yes indeed, same experience din saken to just this morning, may 18, 2015,. jusko, continues padin pla tong mga hinayupak na ito! ilang years na. nyeta sila! kamuntikan nadin ako maging victim, buti dpa naprocess ung kakabayad ko lang just ahead of the time na dumating un mgdedliver nung card.

  • AC

    Got a call a while ago, from Erick, 09275949781, they apparently changed the name of the company to Asia Global Travel and Tours? Really? well, the same spiels were said, or they had a variation, but the gist was still there, Lifetime membership, 700$ original price but for me, 80% off waived by the bank? oh come on? Really? so it will be just 4000php+ that can be paid in instalments and HE said the package will be delivered. Lol, I asked for the website and HE said that due to exclusivity, the website does not exist? Really now? While we were talking, I was already reading this article and the comments as well as researching other blogs/news sites for any details about the company.

    Be careful guys.

    • raven

      yan din ang tumawag saken, using that number and that name, Erick Tee. >.< tas if mababasa nio sa letter na pipirmahan nio, meron nakasaad dun na If ipacancell me charge pa na 2000php. OMG what the heck is this!!! Do i need to contact them to cancel my membership even if nadecline nman yun card ko? or just ignore nalang them without any further updating them. i think ignore nalng sila. wag na update na ipacancel yun. edi muntanga nalng sila kaka expect na makipag communicate pa ulet ako sa kanila right?

  • jasmine marvilla

    Kailan kaya titigil tong mga hinayupak na to sa pangdadarambong sa tao. Til now naiinis ako sa sobra katangahan ko.nasayang ung 4445 ko.

  • mj

    Pwede kaya m cancelled ng bangko yung transaction kahit walang cancellation memo galing sa finasia?

  • raven

    This a true scam!! So BEWARE people. Kamuntikan nadin ako mabiktima nito just this lunchtime. >..< they will encourage you sa word na "VIP" lifetime membership daw worldwide, internationally.. so ikaw na mahilig mg travel, baka mainganyo ka. But then, pag dating nung agent nila n mag deliver, ayun na nga, he ask for my credit card for verification daw, so ako namn c gaga, ibinigay din un card ko, tanga tanga, i let him swipe my card. but good thing was, my card declined it. since wala enough credits yun, muntikan nadin, kasi just this morning, kakabayad ko lang din sa bank, unfortunately, hindi pa napaprocess kasi it will take 24hours to process the latest payment. Thanks God it was declined. But on the other hand, i was still worried about it, baka they still have way to access /hacked my account. I am so worried. Because in the first place, you will just be shoked, how they find you, knows all your details. Nasa sayo nalang if mapapadala ka sa mga marketing strategies nila. Then, I decided to go to the bank, and talk about my account, they let me call on the hotline, so nakausap ko nga un sa hotline service, i asked for my balance, and ask for the last transaction that was made, and she said, it was last april 25, 2015 my last transaction. so thanks God this morning transaction was not granted. i ask her if they can do decline all transactions na madedetect nila from that Finasia gobal marketing services, sabi they cant, but as long as i will not let then swipe again my card to them, they cannot access my account to be charge. So thanks to God, still He dont let me Get into them.So for all the credit card users, BEWARE for all of us, they are everywhere. roaming around to get new victims. Dont be a victim. Kasi napakamahal ng offers nila, juskoLord, masashock nlng kau if you will check it. doble. san un previlege dun?? wala!… just want to share my ecperience just recnetly, this morning.

  • Nikka

    Just got a call this afternoon. Same details as aforementioned by all the people victimized by this shameless scam. Thankfully, I have time to refuse the delivery of the card as well. I swear if they insist, I will be telling the security guards. Thank you for posting this. I hope this reaches many others who are about to be swayed by this scam.

  • Fina

    I got the same offer today, unfortunately naswipe na CC ko. Well I tried emailing them and I’ll see if I will get a response.

    • Jack

      Basa within 24 hrs pwede icancel yan

  • Jack

    Kung babasahin nyo ang terms and condition, pwede ma cancel yan basta 24 hrs. pag di kinancel ipasensend nyo sa email nyo yung pinirmahan nyo, may laban kayo jan, ang kapal ng mukha ng mga yan, wla na pala sila sa makati! Mga manloloko kayo, lalo na yan si denver ong!

    • Grace dy

      Hai.. I, too was a victim of that company under denver ong. They told me they wud can cancel my transaction but with a 3000 pesos charge.. Our phone conversation is recorded. Well, i can use that against them too.

  • Gm

    New member ako…trusted ako sa consultant ko na si sam corpuz ang sabi nde pa makakaltas sa credit card ko dahil may tatawag daw sa akin na from the bank before 3 days for verification…ano yun sales strategy makabenta lang…lumabas na sa billing statement ko na billed na ako. makonsensya naman kayo and went to your office just to check it out matagal na pala kayong wala sa makati. Grabe kayo wait for the bad karma. Gm

    • Jack

      Hay naku wala na sa makati yan dahil nag punta ako doon at sabi sakin ng guard, wala na daw sila doon matagal na, since 2014 grabe diba, ang sabi sakin nasa bicutan na sila,

  • cris

    we need proof! and also your new company address we went to makati at ang sabi ng guard matagal na kayong umalis and you are located somewhere in paranaque kung totoo kayo ibigay nyo lahat ng details ng company kasi as a member karapatan namin malaman yun.

  • alexander_supertramp

    CHARLES ENRIQUEZ of JMCH TRAVEL AND TOURS, if ever totoo yan, i will be tracing the location of your phone call. haha buti nalang hindi ko dinisclose yung CC number ko. sino maniniwala sa 50% discount at sa Shang-ri-la, Boracay? XD

  • alexander_supertramp
  • Grace dy

    Citibank ang card ko. Wud someone know hows the process for dispute.. Tumawag kc ako sa bank ayaw idispute. Kabwisit!

    • natsky

      nagfile ako ng dispute letter. hindi ko pa alam kung mai aapprove kasi ako mismo ung nag purchase ng service nila. I inform pa nila ako after 30 days. nakaka 5 days pa lang ako ngaun.

  • Gee Floren

    Actually nabiktima nila ko kanina. Same thing may tumawag sakin this afternoon, pero I can’t recognized yung name ng company but inexplained sakin na isa ko sa mga napili para magkaroon ng VIP travel card so una natuwa ako kasi affiliated daw sila ng Metrobank Mastercard, kung pano ako kausapin ng mga legit customer care agents from metrobank ganun din yung mga HINAYUPAK na scammers. Anyways, in short npakuha din ako ng card. Nakuha nila ang siganture ko kasi may digital signature silang pinagawa sakin pati id ko at yung credit card ko. tapos umalis na si kuya. walang resibong binigay sabi eh okay na daw yun, INALOK ko pang kumain ang HINAYUPAK na yun. so from there kinutuban na ko. Pag dating ko sa office eh night shift ako tumawag ako mismo sa Metrobank saying na hindi daw nila kilala yung travel card na binigay sakin. Tapos tinanong ko kung pwede icancel or idecline yung papasok na transaction na mangagaling sakanila, unfortunately HINDI daw nila magagawa sa end nila yun but she suggest to BLOCK my existing card with a 400 fee so sabi ko agad agad na YES. Mas ok na yung 400 kesa 4000! I have also access on my account online with metrobank online so nakikita ko agad yung mga transactions ko which is LUCKILY hindi pa natatag yun transactions ko with them. So ayun blocked na existing card ko. And I know, may access din yang mga yan HINAYUPAK na yan sa BLOG na ito. Tuwang tuwa ba kayo?? Sige go lang, be careful mga HINAYUPAK darating ang TAMANG PANAHON nyo. MATAGAL PA BA ? MATAGAL PA BA? MALAPIT NA! 😀

  • heck

    I am a victim of air access marketing. ur statements are the same as mine. 🙁 too late to realize it was a scam though. they even sent the VIP card to me after 2 weeks. parang totoo, since may mga voucher at sodexo na card. bakit ganun? 🙁

    • Have you tried using the card to book travels?

    • BEL


    • apple

      Hi tanung ko lang wala naman sila makukuha sakin kung tatanggihan ko na ipaswipe ung card ko tama ba? Tumawag kasi din toh sakin kanina lang..

    • Juan Flodare

      Nabiktima ako nito almost a year na. Hindi nacharge sa card ko yung 4k+ para sa VIP, pero napagastos pa ako ng 900 para daw sa “penalty”. Well kahit alam kong lugi ako, mas ginusto kong magbigay ng 900 kesa naman sa 4k+. Ilang linggo lang, may tumawag na naman sa akin, World Access naman daw. Hindi naman ako ganon katanga para hindi ko marecognize na halos parehas lang sila ng name. And her voice is very familiar. May office sila sa SM Sucat ata pero natakot akong puntahan.

  • mey

    pano kaya to, ako rin nabiktima ng matatamis na salita ni Teresa Ong, Php 6450 ang chinarge ng Citibank sakin. dapat pala ma i expose ito sa TV at ng maimbistigahan ang scam na ito.

  • Joana

    I got the same offer today,buti na lang nakaharap ako sa PC ko then ngsearch ako. Ito yung number na ginamit 5051544 Mikay Maghirang name nung girl.

  • hilary

    Kanina lang may tumawag sakin…same din ng sinabi. nung tinanong ko anong website ang binigay e travel agency site..emarotravels.binigay ko ung address ng office at sinabi idedeliver daw nila tom ng 5pm ung card.hindi naman hiningi ung card number ko.ayoko sana kumuha pero mapilit ung caller at naisip ko bka nga magamit ko in the future dahil lifetime daw. buti nabasa ko to ang sabi ko ideliver nalang sa bahay at nasa bahay pala ko bukas. I gave him an address na nakita ko lang kung saan. tapos bnlock ko ung numbers nia. 09301725848/5765918.. kinakabahan ako baka pumunta pa din dito sa office sana naman hindi na.. nagrequest na din ako sa receptionist na pakisabi walang ganung employee pag hinanap ako.

  • BEL


  • BERT

    Hi Friends, may contact number ba kayo? Na-curious lang den ako, at buti nag research ako. Bukas daw pupunta yung representative nila saken, Wala pa namang akong liability since di pa ko nag check nang credit card no? Salamat Salamat guys, sana magawan nang paraan to

  • Tazmanian Sy

    JMCH travel and tours na name nila.. Sa paranaque located and vip gold member card dw ang offer.. Scam yan…. Pinipilit akong iteceived ang card at paswipe un cc ko.. Hindi ako pumayag….

    • Mitsuko Perez

      hi ndi na sila Air Acess Marketing? meron ka contact number nila? ako din biktima nila ako?

  • apple

    Hi tanung ko lang.. wala naman sila makukuha sakin kung tatanggihan ko na ipaswipe ung cc ko.. tama ba?

  • Macels

    My wife and I were also victimized. What I did is I reported it to DTI and I got what I expected.

  • Leah

    Received a call earlier. VIP platinum card daw inooffer sakin due to my good credit standing, pupunta daw sa office yung tao nila para ideliver, all I need is to swipe my card and one time fee. Naniniwala pa ko nung una, tinanong nya location, company, birthday and position ko. Nung una naniniwala pa ko but later nung tinanong nya ano cards meron ako and magkano pa available credit nagdoubt nako (sabi ko di ko maalala, e sobrang kulit, may something talaga). Etong si caller nila ang dami pang paside comment with tawa tawa (ang haba na tuloy ng call) and at that point sinabi ko na ‘scam to ano?!’. Sagot naman nya kung scam to edi sana nakulong na ko, for verification lang daw yung info, tapos after that ayaw ko na magbigay ng ibang info. Pano ba naman di nya maintindihan yung binibigay ko na info, inuulit nya pero mali mga sinasabi nya, pano naging verification yun e mukhang wala talaga syang info na iveverify. Basta nafeel ko lang na may mali, para kasing timang daming tawa tawa and unnecessary side comment. Nung nafeel nya na bistado ko na modus, ipapasa daw nya sa manager yung phone. Sabi ko wala ng time, ayun nagmamakaawa ‘Please saglit lang po, please please’. Juskolord! walang professional na agent ang magmamakaawa ng ganun. So ayun, binabaan ko ng phone. I texted them sabi ko wag na nilang ipadala yung card at hindi ko tatanggapin ever. Wag na nilang ipilit or irereport ko sila.
    eto pala yung number btw : 0906 461 3051

  • Kes

    I knew at first this was definitely a SCAM, but I gave her a chance since na new credit card holder ako. sinakyan ko yung mga jokes niya and sinagot ko yung mga information na tinatanong niya saken pero ang twist is mali mali yung mga binigay ko kasi the moment na tinanong niya about my birthday, and some other information, that’s the time na I started being suspicious, “why she has to know my information? even my birthday?”. and then we continued talking and talking until she brought up about the VIP card, which she needs to know about my company address and what’s my designation for delivery purposes daw, as usual, the information that I gave was totally wrong kasi sobrang doubt na ako. Pero the moment na, sinabi niya saken na, pupunta daw yung Crew nila dito sa company ko para ideliver and kailangan niyang makita yung credit card ko and Iswipe daw, That’s the time na I doubted her na it’s a total SCAM. I started to reject her in a good way and said that “If it’s free, I would probably took it. for now, let me think of it first but thank you for your time. Let me just call you back if I’m interested.” Then she gave me this number, 5878331(look for Suzanne Sarcedo). I asked my co-worker, and she experienced the same way when she got her newly delivered credit card. So I consider this as a SCAM or MODUS for the new credit card holder.


    and I hope this number will help you. “5878331(look for Suzanne Sarcedo)”

    • Rhea Domalaon

      damn..that was the no. stated in their application form qnU…nagOyo aq 🙁 too late knna lnga naswipe ung card q ang eastwest said ung merchant nlng dw kausapn hayyy panu q mababawi ang 4585 q :'(

      • Jm

        Hello nareversed ba yung 4585 mo num?

  • Emma

    Just got a call from 09438219110 named Negi Cruz. Same offer, 50% discount to whatever he said which I didn’t understand sa sobrang ingay sa background nya. He said it’s a VIP platinum card, appreciation daw sakin ng Visa and Mastercard. He even asked if may tumawag na sakin kahapon. I’m very careful when it comes to my personal details dahil madami na kong nadinig na scam na ganyan tumatawag to get your info. Muka ngang target nila yung mga new cc holders kasi bago lang din yung sakin. Where the he*l do they get our personal details. Anyway, nong nagtatanong na sya about my credit card details, sabi ko decline ko na kung ano man yung offer nya kasi hindi ako nagbibigay ng bank details OTP kung hindi ako yung tumawag. Yes, alam nya din full name ko. Not sure if he knows my middle name too, initial lang yung sinabi nya. My other details like bday, address etc hindi naman nya sinabi kung alam nya na din or di na sya umabot sa point na ipagmayabang na alam nya lahat ng details ko dahil nga pinutol ko na sya agad. Diretso agad talaga sya sa card details! Di man lang nagpaligoy ligoy. Kinuha ko na lang yung contact number at name nya ako na lang ang tatawag sabi ko in case interested ako dahil ayaw ko na talaga syang makausap, nakakainit ng ulo, taas kilay na ko nagpapakilala pa lang sya. I didn’t even bother to ask anong company nya, which I’m regretting now. And while I’m reading the comments here, tumawag pa sya ulit! Ang kapal ng muka talaga oi. Hindi ko na sinagot. Company mobile # ko pa tinawagan nya so akala ko work related purpose nya. I will text this number and ask the company name para maipost ko dito, warning na din sa iba.

  • Love

    Guys i need your help, Are you familiar with the Air Access Marketing?? Need your feedback plss 🙁

    • Donz Tan

      Hi, I am victim of Air Access Marketing just yesterday. I ask for a refund but they told me it is a due process.

      • BEL

        I know the location of their office. if you want, i’ll accompany you to go there. or we’ll report them to authorities

        • Donz Tan

          You can report it directly to their bank which is Maybank. The process will be easy unlike going to the authorities. That’s what I did and they return the credited amount in my card.

          • jMatz

            Hi. I was charged 2500 last Friday. So pupunta ako sa Maybank ?

      • BEL

        If you want, sama sama tayo magreport sa DTI. Punta ko dun nextweek

      • BEL

        Thank you for the response.. May I know if you’re using Eastwest Card or Maybank Card during the transaction?

        • Donz Tan

          I’m using other bank. What you should do is report it directly to Maybank because that is Air Access bank. You should also report it to your bank and send them a dispute letter. Explain them what happened. That’s what I did.

          • Mark

            Hi kakatawag lang sa akin ng kumpanyang to buti sablay ang binigay ko na info. At mabuti na lang pinatawag ko na lang sila after 15 mins. Nagcheck muna ako sa net kung legit t eto I found out na scam sila. Tsk.

          • Renz

            Hi donz, nacancel yung transaction?

    • BEL

      I know the location of their office. if you want, i’ll accompany you to go there.

    • BEL

      If you want, sama sama tayo magreport sa DTI. Punta ko dun nextweek,
      I read in a forum site na dapat daw ireport sa DTI:

  • Maurice Ong

    I also got a call 5 min ago from number 09271676734 from finasiaglobal. Scam to for sure! halatang halata parang nasa basement ng bahay lang yun background noise. Also saw this advisory from SEC

  • BEL

    I think it’s an inside job. Someone in the credit card company discloses our personal info on that scammers!

  • Jay Dee

    I was victimized too. I don’t have enough credits on my credit card so they asked me to pay cas, I paid 1,650. Then I checked their website right after, I called two companies listed on their website and they are not even familiar with the card. Do you think there’s something I can do, since I paid cash?

  • Rhea Domalaon

    Guys scammed today..air access marketing..cnu po mkatulong?huhu sayang na 4585 q :'(

    • jac

      Did you let them swipe your CC? Is it from EastWest?

      • Rhea Domalaon

        yeah..d q kc alam eh tanga office nideliver..pnapirma nia aq dun sa applicatioN form then nakta q nlang nipicturan nia ung id q tska CC..pgupo q sa table q may ngtxt..charge dw aq 4585 OMG d q napncn na niswipe nia CC q pla kc busy aq mgpirma..tnwagan q ngaun ung Globe nklgay sa application ng air Access..may sumagot sakn mktg. manager (elaine Pineda) dw pro pareho tlga cla ng boses nung consultant(Nicole Rivera) na nkausap q..pnapacancel q ung card tska bnabawi q ung pera q..sbe nia gagawn dw nla ng paraan..

        • jac

          i tried to send you a message thru FB kaso di ako makasend.. anyway, siguro natawagan mo nay si EW re the transaction… then diniscuss nila yung process at mga fees na maiincur sa dispute process.. Medyo nakakapanghina yung mga fees na machacharge in case na matalo yung dispute. Pero wag kang kabahan.. Natanggap mo na ba yung package from the merchant?

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Opo natanggap q na xa,.aftr aq papirmahin nung ngdeliver, bnigay nia na sakn..actually nkakapang lumo kc ang sbe sakn ng EW its my discretion..d nla pwdng icancel ung transaction..kausapin q dw mismo ung merchant 🙁 this is my 1st time to handle a CC..

          • jac

            Same here, ganon din yung reaction ko towards EW. I bet new EW CC holder ka, kadalasan kasi pagkakuha mo ng card tatawagan ka na agad ng scammer merchant. Ganito na lang ang gawin mo, write a cancellation letter para macancel yung transaction mo with Air Marketing. Mas okay kung mapicture-an mo sya o ma-scan. I-e-mail mo na lang din sa kanila if may e-mail add ka ni Air Marketing. Di ko na kasi nagawang magsend ng Cancellation Letter dun sa scammer merchant ko. Mas makakatipid ka kung isasabay mo na lang yung hardcopy ng letter dun sa package/envelope na ibinigay nila sayo. Ipacourier mo na lang. Make sure na mapicture-an mo yung package, yung package na mailing plastic na ng courier, OR ng courier, charge slip nung transaction mo with Air Marketing, lahat ng pwedeng evidence na di mo nagamit at nasend mo na pabalik yung package dun sa merchant. Then, mag-email ka sa DTI and BSP. On my part, kay BSP lang ako nag-e-mail pero mas okay kung mag-eemail ka din sa DTI. Here’s the e-mail for BSP consumer affarirs: Inarrate mo sa e-mail mo yung nangyari and make sure na iattach mo lahat ng proof na naibalik mo na kay Air Access yung package.. Call EW tell them that you already e-mailed BSP regarding the matter. Hintayin mo lang yugn reply ni BSP, after that tatawagan ka agad ng representative ng EW.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Yes po New CC holder aq kya d q agad nahalata na scammers pla un..aftr nia maswipe ung card q wla xang bnigay sakN na OR or ung charge slip pra dun sa nacharge sa CC q…ang bnigay lng nia sakn is yuNg package lng..sapat na po bng evidence un?then may cctv nmn po d2 sa ofis pra makta qng tlgang bnigyan nia aq ng OR..akla q kc ttngnan nia lng ung CC q eH ngswipe na pla xa..

          • jac

            Same talaga yung nangyari sa’tin. Yun din ang akala ko, iveverify lang nung lalake yung cc ko… then biglang naswipe. Ang usapan kasi namin nung nakausap ko e, I still have 1 month to deceide kung go ako sa package at i-ready ko lang ung cc for verification purposes. I want to ask kung anong sinabi mo sa EW agent na nakausap mo re the transaction. Ididispute mo ba? Nagpareplace ka na ba ng card?

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Una po ngtanong aq qng Affiliated ba cla sa Air access marketing kc un ang sbe saKn Ng Consultant..ang bilis mgsalit kc ng babae kya ung iba d q magets..may gnagawa pa nmn aq that time kya lutang ang utak q..theN sbe q sa EW agent na nkausap q qng pwd ipancancel ung transaction na pumasok sa CC q since d q nmn kagustuhan un..sbe q sa agent nascam aq hehe kc wla po tlga aqng alam jan huhu…hndi q dn po alam ung dispute letter..d q rn nasbe na papalitan q ung hndi q po ba npapalitan un possible na mahack ang CC q?

          • jac

            para mas safe i suggest na ipareplace mo na lang yung card mo kahit pa di mo naiprovide sa scammer ung 3-digit code sa likod ng card mo. Ang sasabihin lang ni EW e makipagcoordinate ka sa merchant mo which is yun talaga yung protocol. Buo na ba ang loob mo na idispute yung transaction? Sa tingin ko din kasi mas malaks yung laban mo since wala kang charge slip na pinirmahan.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            napicturan nia pla ung tin ID q tska Ung front ng Cc q..bka maclone ung CC q..kylangan q tlang pachange un..

          • Jon

            gnyan dn un ngyari skn.. na picturan ung CC ko.. through EW tlga yan

          • Rhea Domalaon

            nabawi mu ba Ung amount na nacredit sa CC mu?

          • Jon

            baka bukas ko pa malaman.. pero ung credit card ko pinalitan na.. baka dw kasi mag karoon pa ng ibng charges..

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Oo tama dn pnapalitan q na Ung carD q..shit cla buti nga hndi malake na swipe sa caRD q..haisT pro sayang nung 4585 kalOka

          • Jon

            about sa credit.. tnwagan ko si citibank tungkol sa card ko.. tapos inexplain ko kung ano muna nila ung 4585 tpos pag aaralan daw nila ung case ko kaso may charge lng na 250pesos.. after 45 days dw na maprove nila na hindi valid ung transaction ko with air access mrktg. hindi ko na kelangan byran ung 4585..

          • Rhea Domalaon

            hndi kna Ngsend ng dispute letter?karamihan nG na scammed EW anG CC badtrip tlga..mas oK png ng BDO nlang aq eH Safe pa..

          • Jon

            hnd na dw kelangan.. na una kasi dmting ung air acess na courier bgo EW na card eh.. kaya sa citibank card ko ncharge..
            nag complain din ako kgbi sa eastwest bank hotline about dyan sa air access mrktg. kung bakit at paano nila nkkuha ung info ng mga nag aapply sa knla.. sgot lng skn marami dw kasi silang third party company na nkatie-up. tpos ung kausap ko pa sa hotline ng EW prng lasing pa ayaw agad smgot sa mga tntnong ko.. prng nang bbwisit pa..

          • Rhea Domalaon

            gnyan yan cla,,ung nkausap q badtrip dn eH discretiOn dw natn un kc ngbgay tau ng info…inside nga dw ngyre sbe ng ilang ng cocomment d2..may ng didisclose ng info natn sa mga scammers badtrip.,ang EW kc pababayaan ka nla eh..mgppasa ka ng dispute letter sa EW at mgrereklamo ka muna sa qng anung ahensya bgo ka nla pansinin..

          • Raf Capillo

            nagpadispute din po ako! may laban po tayo lalo na kung marami tayong magpa file laban sa Air Access Marketing! Para malaman po ng Eastwest na Scam sila dahil wala naman tayong mapapala dun sa Card na sinasabe nila..

          • Yvhanne De Leon

            I don’t think – my disputed transaction was processed about 4 months. And now they have final decision and of course they are favoring that SCAMMERS. We’re all fraud victim here kaya kailangan natin magtulungan-parang may inside job talaga sa EW how come these people get our personal data.

          • Raf Capillo

            ano daw reason nila but naging legal yung transaction? may mga nakilala kc akong nanalo sila.. tapos yung iba nireklamo nila sa DTI kaya naibalik yung nabayad nila sa Eastwest

          • Yvhanne De Leon

            Actually hindi pa ako nagbayad- since on process yung disputed request ko. And of course may record na ako sa mastercard gawa nga ng nakafloating pa ang balance ko sa eastwest. Kaya gusto ko toh maayos dahil magkaka bad records ako dahil sa kanila- wala naman ako blak bayaran dahil lalo lang nilang ipagpapatuloy panloloko nila. Please give some advice pano toh malulutasan. Ilang buwan din ako inistress nyang EastWest na yan-

          • Win against SCAM

            sorry to hear that. On my case I won my battle after 5 months of investigation but it doesn’t mean that we will stop catching the attention of EWB to this matter.

          • Sarah

            Hi tanong ko lang po kung ano ang nilagay mo sa despute letter? Sorry now lang ako gagawa ng ganito.same ng ngyari sayo.salamat

          • Raf Capillo

            itawag mo sa customer service tutulungan ka nila..

          • Sarah

            nka tawag na po ako knina. Bnigay nya lang yung mga kailangan na info kpag mag email ako.

          • Win against SCAM


          • Win against SCAM

            sorry for late reply. How’s your dispute?

          • Yam

            Guys meron din twg ng twg skn air access marketing name “ALEX GUEVARRA” kuno.. Ang kulit pagkatpos nmn mg usap pumunta kagad ang courier nla lalaki n mukhang adik na ngddlvr ng VIP PLATINUM CARD knabukasan.. Pro npg icip ico ko pgkatpos nmn mag usap something fishy kse sbi nya pag dumating dw ang courier palabas ng CC ko which is sbi ko bkt need ang CC ko kung “FREE” nmn ang privelage card?newbie dn po sa EW. Kddting ln dn ng cc ko knbukasan 2mtwg n si “. “AIR ACCESS SCAM”ang dami cnsbi blaahh blaah blaah. …..Kya napa OO ako idelvr pro nung dumating ang courier hndi ko inavail kht pnplit nya tgnan ang CC ko at id. Hndi ko pnkta.. Tpos mern kunyari pnakausap skn consultant kuno na need ko dw mgbyad ng cancellation fee kse hndi ko dw tinanggap.. Sbi ko bkt ako mgbbyd pnilit ko b kau pumunta dto eh pnacancel ko n yn bago p dumating courier nyo.galing p dw paranaque un kht dw mgbgy nln ako 1k pra sa cancellation tpos sbi ko wla tlgh.. Tpos sbi ng consultant kht dw 200 pamasahe ng courier.. Kapal muks sbi ko ikw pumunta d2 tpos hihingan mko pamasahe,,,MAGLAKAD k nln kuya!!!! Wla ako bbgy..tpos twg p dn ng twg ung ALEX GUEVARRA kung nkuha ko n dw package until now JUNE 20, 2016 ..neck-neck nla ngbasa nko ng blog kse never heard ang AIR ACCESS at ng ask me sa EW kung affilated po cla dun eh wag dw mnwla sbi EW kse SCAM dw ang “AIR ACCESS” madami n dw complain s knla e2 po pla no. Ng mga hinayupak n SCAMMER 09064613051.. THANK GOD po tlgh hndi me naloko nun THANK U dn po sa BLOG na to. Malaking tulong..ingat ingat po tlgh tau mga newbie CC holders.devil is everywhere!! Beware espcially sa mga magaling mgsalita…may araw dn ang mga yan..!!

          • Rhea Domalaon

            buti kpa nga d naswipe card Mu..haha lintik na Air access nayan may araw dn cla..

          • jac

            sa tingin ko mas ok din ung sa’yo kasi wala silang naprovide na charge slip at wala din sigurong pinapirmahan sayo na charge slip.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            may napirmahan pla aq nun..nkastate dun ung babayran qnG 4585 dw..nkatiklop po kc xa so d aq ng effort na buklatin kc office hours nun bka pagalitan aq pg ngtagal pa aq..

          • jac

            okay lang siguro yun, mas mabigat kasi pag charge slip talaga yung pinirmahan mo. pero in my case, nanalo pa din ung dispute ko kahit may pinirmahan akong charge slip.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Mahina po kc ang loob q sa mga gan2 sir eh and to think na 1st time ngyre sakn 2 sO i dont know what to do at susundn q po ang advice niu sakN..

          • jac

            Good luck sa dispute. 🙂 Kailangan mo talagang lakasan ang loob mo. Tsaka mas may laban ka. Tawagan mo na lang ulit si EW. Tell them na gusto mo ng replacement card pero magrereflect yung P400 sa SOA mo. Pero mas okay na magbayad ng P400 kesa sa magamit ng iba, mas masakit sa ulo yun. Sakin naman, di ko tinanggap yung replacement card ko kaya nareverse yung 400.. ipapacut ko na din kasi after ma-settle yung disputed transaction.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Ok lng po bng ireplace ung CC q kah8 wla pa ung billing q?katapusan pa kc xa daratng eh..naiiyak tlga aq sa katangahan q hayyyy :'(

          • jac

            Ipareplace mo na agad ngayon habang di pa nila nagagamit or nacloclone yung card mo. The sooner the better. Ask the EW agent kung nareflect na ba yung transaction with Air Access.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            ang dame na tlgang manloloko ngaun..haisT may nabasa dn po aq d2 na ng direct cla sa Maybank kc un dw ang bank ng Air access marketing..pnacancel nla dun..

          • jac

            Buti natrace nyo kung san yung bank ni Air Access.. Mas okay yun kasi madami kayong options at opportunities para maibalik yung nacharge sa inyo. 🙂

          • Rhea Domalaon

            nabsa q lng dn po sa isang ngcomment d2 sa blog na 2..maggng aware na dn aq nxt time kpag pnalitan q na ung CC q..hirap kumita ng pera sir tapOS ganun pa mgyayare..nga pla hndi po aq cguro ung nitatry mu imessage.iba po name q sa FB 🙂

          • jac

            Mahirap talaga, naisip ko na nga na wag na lang bayaran in case na matalo yung finile kong dispute. Pero winarningan na ako ng mga kasama ko na nagwowork sa bank na masama ang magiging balik sakin, magkakaron ng tama ang credit standing ko, mahihirapan na akong mag apply for loans, pati sa paghahanap ng work.. karamihan e chinecheck na din ang credit rating ng applicants nila. Kaya binayaran ko muna yung disputed amount.. kaso late ko na ginawa yun. Nagkaron na ng maraming charges na nagreflect sa SOA ko na sobrang nakakapanghina. Pero nareverse naman lahat ng ‘yon. Dasal lang at lakas ng loob. Good luck ulit 🙂

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Ang plan q nga po sana is bayaran nlng ung nacharge habNG inaackso q qng panu mabablik sakn nacharge sakn 🙁 then aftr q mabyran at mabawi uN disputed amount papacut q na dn ung CC q sa EW..mabilis lng kc naprocess ung CC q sa EW..kya pla kc gan2 mgyayare..

          • adelyn

            hello po..kanina lang may tumawag din sa akin na guy dko lang masyado marecall name nya. una nyang bungad may delivery daw ako today na reward card at ipinaliwanag na nya details na kesyo magagamit ko raw for travels and even sa hotel bookings which entitled daw ako 40%discounts..even sa fieldtrips daw like sa Ocean Park basta itawag daw muna sa kanila if magpapabook. sabi ko maganda kc sabi nya wala ako babayaran reward daw kc..nung una nagname sya ng ibat ibang cards and asked me kung holder ako sabi ko dati dko marecall kung anung card..kinuha nya exact address location ko..tapos continues sya salita na around 3:30-4:30daw madeliver ung card at may kasama voucher for hotel accomodation pede ko pagpilian five hotels na nabanggit nya..tas nung sinabi nya iprovide kolang valid id saka CC ko for verification..dun ako umangal..sabi ko hindi secure kung ipapakita ko CC ko, kontra nya sabi mam kaya po d namin kinukuha on the phone for sevurity nyo po..and then tuloy sya, tas nung binanggit nya na since lifetime daw ung card at naaprove daw ung amount na 6,450 dun nagpanting tenga ko..sabi ko wait..bat naman ako magkakaroon ng liability kagad..sagot nya kc mam lifetime naman and nsa akin daw kung ilang months to ppay ko saka approve na ng affiliate bank ko..dun lalo na lumakas boses ko..sandali kako bat naman mag approve ng bank ko without my knowledge..pede ko sila ihabla kc vlient nila dun cut na nya ung call…wala naman po dumating na delivery ng card….. ask ko lang po need I report this to my bank? curious lang din po, safe pa po kaya mga personal info natin sa ating mga bank? kc anyone can contact us at alam kung anung bank tayo may account?

          • Diane

            paano po napanalo?

          • Cha-cha

            Hala..kaka avail ko lng kanina nyan..
            Scam to?.!!
            OMG!!.. anu ggaawin ko?

          • Emman Labirua

            Yes I think the EW is selling or their staff are selling our information.kaka approved lng din ng EW card ko tapos biglang may tumawag. Bukas punta sila sa office. Bugbugin ko nga.

          • Always 2nd Best

            I just got the same call just a few minutes ago. I just received my EW card yesterday.

            I’m glad I took a time to google the company. I actually can’t find any information about them except for discussions as this saying that they are scammers.

            Anyway, they’ll see me on Monday here at office. I sure know what to do. Thanks a lot, guys!

          • jac

            Dito ako nakakuha ng idea na ipush ung dispute sa merchant na nang scam sakin. My housemates were working sa bank kaya isinuggest nila na mag e-mail ako sa BSP since EW was the one to blame kung pano nakuha ng scammer yung details ko and I was a new EW CCholder then biglang may tatawag out of nowhere claiming that they were affiliated/connected with EW.

        • Yvhanne De Leon

          Same here. May nakausap din akong Nicole Rivera daw. What happen n pala sa EW CC mo?nagkaroon din ba ng investigation

          • Raf Capillo

            nagpadispute na po ako kasama ng ka officemate ko. under investigation siya ngayon.. sana po mag file din kayo para malaman ng eastwest na walang mapapala sa inaalok ng AIR ACCESS MARKETING at SCAM lang sila.

        • King Harry

          May tumawag sakin last Friday 09254738142 si Strawberry Fernandez daw sya Consultant ng Air Access International. Highly recommended daw ako para maka avail ng Privilage VIP Platinum Discount CARD. 50% discount daw sa lahat ng partner nila. 18k ang regular membership fee pero dahil special offer daw, 5,650 pesos na lang daw lifetime membership na yun and pwede daw 12 or 24 mos installment so 365 pesos daw monthly. May ppunta daw sa work place ko this Monday. Pakita ko lang daw valid id then swipe sa machine ang credit card ko. Ang bilis mag salita ni ate ang daming perks na sinabi. Pinasa pa nya ako sa manager daw nila na si Elaine Peneda. She called twice and get my work address and email address para daw sa promos. Kinabahan nko after ng call parang inaabsorb ko mabuti ng malinaw if anong nangyari at pinag usapan namin. Buti na lang na record ko yung call at nabalikan ko ngayun lang and then search sa Google yung company name. Im lucky na nabasa ko tong site na to. Pwede ko ba ipa cancel yung pag punta ng authorizer niila sa work place ko? Or bilinan ang mga guard na wag papasukin at scammer sila? Scary..

        • airaccessEWCCvictim

          Hi! I’m also a victim of air Access Marketing a year ago. still naka float yung balance ko but since then I never use my CC again. I am first timer to use CC tapos ganon pa nangyari, pinanindigan ko talaga hindi bayaran. But the problem is my bad record nko. Please help pano ko malagpasan ito.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            pnacut mu ba cc mu?kc once na d nabyaran ang nacredit dun lalake ang penalty mu hanggng sa mauubos ang credit limit over limit kna saka ka kukulitin ng Bank..anung bank sau?EW dn ba?

          • airaccessEWCCvictim

            pinapaclose ko na nga ang kaso hindi nila icucut ung account since may balance pa nga, after non never ko na ginamit ung card. oo eastwest cc din. Laki na talaga ng penalty since last year pa iyon form 5,656 nasa 10,999 na ngayon.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            mas lalo pa yang lalake..hnggng maubos Credit limit naubos yan jan ka nla aaraw arawin nc EW..haist npaka unfair nila..

          • airaccessEWCCvictim

            hI RHEA ,ask ko lang ano na status ng cc mo with EW. as what you said, ayan na nga ina araw arwa na ako ng mga collector, and I decided to file a complaint with them to DTI. Hinaharass nila ako makasingil lang sila, pero ndi ko itolerate yung mga tong walang budhi na ito,

          • Rhea Domalaon

            dba kukulitin ka Nla tlga kc unti unti ng nauuboS anG credit limit mu..ung sakN kc d aq ngbyad tlga pro tnuloY q pg gamit ng CC q..ayUn remain unsettled anG 4k plus q na d q napakinabangan..ang nbabayran q lng ung minimum ng cc q evry month..

          • airaccessEWCCvictim

            ano plan mo? wala ka plano ireklamo sa DTI? pag minimum lang babayaran mo mas lalo silang natutuwa dahil mas lumalaki interest ng bill mo ng ndi mo npapansin.

          • Win against SCAM

            Anong nangbiktima sayo Rhea? at anong bank yung CC mo?

          • Rhea Domalaon

            Naswipe ang card q ng Air Access International without knowing..akla q nicheck nia lng ung CC q at EW po Un haist 1st time q kcng mg ka CC so d q alam na may mga ganUn plang scam

          • Win against SCAM

            same situation tayo. pero okay na yung akin after 5 months of investigation nanalo din ako.

          • Rhea Domalaon

            anung ginawa mu?ngpadispute kba? Air Access din?

          • pillo raf


          • Rhea Domalaon

            haist gusto q dn sana ipush un dte kso nawalan aq ng lakas ng loob.,june ngyre un sakn last yr..

          • airaccessEWCCvictim

            Hi! Rhea, just went to MEDIATIATION and ongoing na ang investigation regarding sa complaint ko against AIR ACCESS INTERNATIONAL/MARKETING. If I were you, you must file complaints also with them to stop them from their evilness… How come na napapakain nila sa pamilya nila ang mga ganitong gawain, mga walang konsensya tong mga taong ito.

  • tina

    im about to scam too ELITE name ng company, thank god i decided to decline the transaction, bakit ang daming ganyang klase ng business dapat sa mga yan pinapasara. ingat na lang guys sa mga travel discount na inooffer.

  • Emman Labirua

    Sinonpa nabiktima ng air access? Punta sila bukas ng office. Pahuli kaya natin? Or bugbugin!

    • Raf Capillo

      Sir ano po nangyare?

    • Kris

      Hi. ask ko lang po. Hanggat hindi b nila naswipe yung card ko hindi ako machacharge. Salamat

    • King Harry

      May tumawag sakin last Friday lang 09254738142 si Strawberry Fernandez daw sya Consultant ng Air Access International. Highly recommended daw ako para maka avail ng Privilage VIP Platinum Discount CARD. 50% discount daw sa lahat ng partner nila. 18k ang regular membership fee pero dahil special offer daw, 5,650 pesos na lang daw lifetime membership na yun and pwede daw 12 or 24 mos installment so 365 pesos daw monthly. May ppunta daw sa work place ko this Monday. Pakita ko lang daw valid id then swipe sa machine ang credit card ko. Ang bilis mag salita ni ate ang daming perks na sinabi. Pinasa pa nya ako sa manager daw nila na si Elaine Peneda. She called twice and get my work address and email address para daw sa promos. Kinabahan nko after ng call parang inaabsorb ko mabuti ng malinaw if anong nangyari at pinag usapan namin. Buti na lang na record ko yung call at nabalikan ko ngayun lang and then search sa Google yung company name. Im lucky na nabasa ko tong site na to. Pwede ko ba ipa cancel yung pag punta ng authorizer niila sa work place ko? Or bilinan ang mga guard na wag papasukin at scammer sila?

      • airaccessEWCCvictim

        Hi! I’m also a victim of air Access Marketing a year ago. still naka float yung balance ko but since then I never use my CC again. I am first timer to use CC tapos ganon pa nangyari, pinanindigan ko talaga hindi bayaran. But the problem is my bad record nko. Please help pano ko malagpasan ito.

    • airaccessEWCCvictim

      Hi! I’m also a victim of air Access Marketing a year ago. still naka float yung balance ko but since then I never use my CC again. I am first timer to use CC tapos ganon pa nangyari, pinanindigan ko talaga hindi bayaran. But the problem is my bad record nko. Please help pano ko malagpasan ito…

  • concerned citizen

    someone just called me now from 09291877672 with the same agenda. it really sounds fishy. poor victims. beware.

    • Not me

      Today, that number 09291877672 introduce herself as Miles Pilapil, travel consultant of dine and travel marketing international services corp. Just the same, they are good “marketer”, very consistent in discussing their promos. They’ve called me thrice and asking me to provide the floor number of the bldg where I am working since she only had the street number. She called me on my mobile number and she know also the land line number of my office. She mentioned that the promo they are offering is a lifetime card that my entire family could also benefit. She added also that she will be the one to assist me should I want to travel and book for my flight. The amount she mentioned is P550 as membership fee and their representative will go to my office to sign the papers and will bring a terminal machine. That’s the time I confirmed it was a SCAM while also browsing this blog.Immediately, I blocked her number. Thank you for this.

  • mjrec

    someone just called me, 20 mins ago 09420935994.. ambilis magsalita ng girl Sky Continental Travel daw sila. 2x ko pa hiningi name ng company nya dahil alam nya details ko sa BPI at Metro Bank Credit cards ko. sabi nya sige ma’am sa BPI na lang tayo. pero from the start, naghinala na ako dahil ang BPI or Metro di sila gagamit ng CP No. pero hinayaan ko sya magsalita verifying every detail sa card ko. Nung hinihingi na nya yong CVV/ Security Code dahil iyon daw ay kailangan to process everything, dun na ako nag-butt in..sabi ko teka lang ha, di ko kasi basta binibigay yun e, in fact tinakpan ko pa lahat ng ccv ng mga cards ko.. i-verify ko muna kau sa BPI ha kung affiliated kayo sa knila. Dun sya biglang napatigil, sabi nya lang, cge po kayo ang bahala sabay off ng line nya… saan ba nila nakuha ang details natin?

  • Raf Capillo


    nagpadispute din po ako! may laban po tayo lalo na kung marami tayong magpa file laban sa Air Access Marketing! Para malaman po ng Eastwest na Scam sila dahil wala naman tayong mapapala dun sa Card na sinasabe nila..

    • Kris

      Hi ask ko lang po. Hanggat hindi b nila naswipe un card ko hindi ako machacharge. Salamat

      • Win against SCAM

        pero kung binigay mo yung details ng card through your converssation machacharge ka

      • Win against SCAM

        sorry for the late reply. kamusta?

    • Louise

      Good pm sir! Ngayon ko lang nalaman na scam yung air access. Paano po ba ginawa nyo? Salamat. Sana mtulungan nyo ko

      • Yvhanne

        hi louise , kumusta ung sa case mo. Biktima ka rin ba ng Air Access na yan .

    • Yvhanne

      hi ! kumusta ung pinadispute nyo po? ung akin kc hanggang ngayon nka floating. ayoko talaga magbayad. mga buset sila. continuous pagpapadala nila ng soa. Nagrequest na nga ako ng closed nlang ung CC .saksak nila sa baga nila.

  • Color Cloud Turtle

    It’s 2016 and your entry just saved me from a possible scam. Got a call which is exactly what you described. After reading your post, I told them I wasn’t interested and ended the call. Thank you?

    • Kris

      Hi ask ko lang po hanggat hindi po ba naswipe yung card ko hindi ako machacharge. Salamat

      • Color Cloud Turtle

        well, honestly, it depends. Did you give them the CWC number at the back of the card? If you did, I think you have to report it to the bank and tell them to stop all outgoing payments. Better yet, tell them to cancel your existing cc and give you a new credit card number because your credit card has been compromised. If not, I think you’re gonna be okay. Just monitor your credit card account.

        • Kris

          Thank you po sa advice. Nakatawag na ako and so far wala pa namang pumapasok sa account ko. They will give me a new credit card number. Thank you so much Color Cloud Turtle.
          God Bless

    • You’re most welcome. It’s important that we share info like this so fellow Filipinos are not victimized. Let’s stay vigilant!

  • Color Cloud Turtle

    Thank you! 🙂

  • joyce erine

    hi,knina lang po my tumawag din sken na consultant dw kuno ng air access at lucky dw ako ksi napili ako na mgkaroon ng VIP platinum card na pde magamit sa air fare at hotels na 50% off dw,ngtaka ako ksi panu nila nalaman yung number ko out of nowhere,hiningi nya yung email add ko,company address at contact number,,good thing lng ndi ko binigay yung cc number ko,which ndi ko nmn tlga bnbigay basta2 lng..bukas dw my ppunta na mgddeliver ng card na yun dito dw sa opis nmn…hhiontayin ko yung letseng tao na yung para maireport sa pulis..humanda sila..FUCK YOU AIR ACCESS,,wag kayong manloko ng kapwa nyo mahirap kumita ng pera now tpos kyo easy money agd gusto nyo…..kunin na sna kayo lht ng lupa..

    • King Harry

      May tumawag sakin last Friday 09254738142 si Strawberry Fernandez daw sya Consultant ng Air Access International. Highly recommended daw ako para maka avail ng Privilage VIP Platinum Discount CARD. 50% discount daw sa lahat ng partner nila. 18k ang regular membership fee pero dahil special offer daw, 5,650 pesos na lang daw lifetime membership na yun and pwede daw 12 or 24 mos installment so 365 pesos daw monthly. May ppunta daw sa work place ko this Monday. Pakita ko lang daw valid id then swipe sa machine ang credit card ko. Ang bilis mag salita ni ate ang daming perks na sinabi. Pinasa pa nya ako sa manager daw nila na si Elaine Peneda. She called twice and get my work address and email address para daw sa promos. Kinabahan nko after ng call parang inaabsorb ko mabuti ng malinaw if anong nangyari at pinag usapan namin. Buti na lang na record ko yung call at nabalikan ko ngayun lang and then search sa Google yung company name. Im lucky na nabasa ko tong site na to. Pwede ko ba ipa cancel yung pag punta ng authorizer niila sa work place ko? Or bilinan ang mga guard na wag papasukin at scammer sila?

  • anj

    Hi! Just got a call from this number 09951326938 named Alex. He claiming that their company is an affliate of bdo credit card. Ganun din sobrang bilis nya magsalita. I repeatedly asked kung ano ang name ng company nila he only said MVP international travel and tours. And i was a few of the lucky selected visa mastercard credit holder of bdo. I found really dubious when he said may one time fee na super minimal lang daw na 240 pesos per month for 24 months! (Hello, that’s a total of 5,760 and you called that minimum). Thank God i am not fond of these so called “perks” being offered via phone call. So i immediately checked the bdo website. Nung sinabi ko na wala naman yan sa bdo website, dun na cya nagsabi na nagpaulit ulit ng sinasabi na limited offer at special priviledge lang daw ito ng company nila sa mga pre selected bdo clients with good credit standing etc etc.. lucky, i saw this post and confirmed my instinct na scam nga ito. I turned down the offer but he was still persistent na sayang daw etc etc. Sa mga credit card holders be extra careful!

  • tip

    me tumawag sakin khapon na same dito tpos narinig ko ung anual fee nila na 5000 plus tpos sbi ko pwede bang ndi na i avail yan kasi di ko nman kaylangn ang sinagot sakin nung girl na kausap ko ndi daw pwedeng ndi i avail kasi kasama daw sa promo ng card ko yun sbi ko ndi kc ako mgbabayad ng gnun kalaki para sa discount card ang sinabi nya skin ndi nman daw ako mg babayad unless gamitin ko ung card sbi ko ok. tpos ang pilit nya oo lng ako ng oo tpos sbi nya isesend nya daw sa bahay nmin ung card sbi ko wag sa bahay kc wlang mg rerecieve although me idea ako na niloloko ako binigay ko address ko dito sa office ang tanong ko lng po is. if dumating ung courier pwede ko ba sya ipadampot sa police? knina ng update ung kausap ko sbi nya kc pupunta daw ngaun ung courier tpos tinanong kung dala ko ung card ko. pwede kong sbihin sa courier na ndi ko dala ung credit card ko not sure kung anu gagawin ko mamaya so suggestions po

  • Rose Ann Rosales Torres

    Anyone here na nabiktima ng sky continental travel & tours?

    • Raymund

      nabiktima ako nyan.hiningi lahat ng info ng credit card ko. alam na daw nila yun kaya wag daw ako mag.alala dahil pinasa na dw sa knila yun ng agent galing bangko. yung sabi ko tawag muna ako sa bangko para iverify yung company nila. pero ang bilis nung nagsasalita.nabigay ko yung expiry ng card ko at yung number sa likod ng CC ko. tinawag ko agad sa bangko sa nireport yung nangyari.. pinablock ko yung card ko. buti di nagamit.

      • Joey Gipal

        Hello. Ako nabiktima ako ng SKY CONTINENTAL TRAVEL AND TOURS last december. Cassie Nicols ung name niya. Bilis magsalita. Nagrequest ako na pwede bang ipa.cancel pero ayaw na nila.. Dun ako nagfile dispute. Ongoing na ang dispute ko sa kanila… Nakapag file ka na ba ng dispute letter? Lets help each other pRa wala na mabiktimang iba… Sana mabawi ko ung 3,999. Sabi kasi nila hulugan daw pero nagulat ako nagreflect ng buo sa statement ko ung amount.

    • Karen

      Hi guys. Narefund nyo ba pera nyo sa sky continental? Anong ginawa nyo para mabawi.. nabiktima din ako 😞😞😞

      • Joanna Vargas

        Na dispute nyo po ba ung nakuha sainyo?

  • Duday

    Sayang di ko agad sinearch to bago pumunta ung messenger nila di sana nila ako nabiktima.
    Same VIP platinum card po inoffer nila Pero iba na ung name ng company
    Dine & travel marketing international corp.
    Bukas punta po ako ng DTI para sa complaint ko update ko po kayo bukas kung anung mangyayari
    Thanks for @corrine for making this discussions

    • Hi Duday, good luck! Sana mapanalo mo ang complaint. 🙂

      • airaccessEWCCvictim

        kumusta complaint mo Duday? sana maging successful at sana ako din balak ko na mag file ng complaint sa AIR ACCESS MARKETING since it was almost a year ago sana maipanalo ko din ito,the collectors start harrassing me. He just went to our house today.

      • zaqueo

        hi ms corrine kung sakali paano po ba burahin ung comment kapag guest ka lang di ko pa talaga kasi sya mabura ehh ..

      • zaqueo

        hi ms corrine . can i ask you a favor ? can you delete my comment last 11 days ago ? i cant delete it ..

    • airaccessEWCCvictim

      kumusta complaint mo Duday? sana maging successful at sana ako din balak ko na mag file ng complaint sa AIR ACCESS MARKETING since it was almost a year ago sana maipanalo ko din ito,the collectors start harrassing me. He just went to our house today…

    • grace

      Hi Ms. duday ano po status sa complaint mo po. sana matulungan mo din ako. biktima din ako ng MVP MARKETING TRAVEL & TOURS

      • Bravo

        Same here… (d&t marketing international.) 😫

    • Bravo

      Hi Ms. Duday, any update po?

  • jerico

    Buti na lang nabasa ko ito sobrang kulit nila, sabi na nga na ayaw ko.
    hnd ko sya kinukuha sabi ko maypupuntahan ako palagi wala ako sa office.
    nung nabanggit nila na Platinum VIP card hinanap ko agad sa net at eto nga nakita ko.eto ung gamit nilang company Elite Premier Marketing Services Corporation
    Thank you.

    • Grabe hindi pa din sila tumitigil 🙁

      • Janine Roque

        hello po maam corrine

    • Raymund

      tumawag din sakin yang Elite Premier na yan..Elite Premier International Card yung pakilala. hindi ko makita sa net kaya nagduda na ako..pinapacancel ko yung card sa kanila,,ang sabi hindi daw pwd..nung pumunta yung messenger nila buti hindi pa nabibigay yung replacement ng credit card ko kasi pinablock ko dahil sa kagagawan ng SKY CONTINENTAL INTERNATIONAL na yun. and sabi ko icacancel ko na lang. tapos hiningan ako ng 200 pesos dahil daw pumunta yung messenger nila. binigyan ko na lang kesa sa 5,500 na sinisingil nila para sa card nila.

      • Loven Bayani

        I think, nagpaloko ako sa ELITE PREMIER MARKETING SERVICES.. what should i do? Yesterday ko lamg nakuha ung card 😭 Dapat sinunod ko gut feel ko.. pinacancel ko na nung una kaso nagpumilit 😭😭

        • Richelle Ann Natabio Siga


        • JLO

          Wala po bang tumawag or kumausap sa inyo sir?

          • Arthirit

            tumawag for the cancellation or something, WALA.

          • Alicia

            Natry niyo na po ba yung card if legit?
            Pina cancel niyo ba?

          • Khar Fadriquela

            san po pdeng magsampa ng kaso??

      • Karen

        Nadali ka din ba ng sky continental?

  • beware

    beware of these landline numbers who also called me about the International business discount card.. (02) 799 34 35 and (02) 9582580.

  • irhyn

    hi about D&T Mktg. Services Intl. Corp, legit po kaya ito? parang ganitong ganito din kasi nangyari sa friend ko

    • Naive G


      Nadale din ako ng D&T Mktg. Services Intl. Corp na yan naloko din ako kahapon Sept 6, 2017 (3:15pm) may tumawag na Ong yung last name(forgot her first name) convincing yung tono ng boses nung caller dahil affiliated daw sila nf Visa Mastercard At BPi, at ako naman si tanga nagpaloko din. Pucha sayang yung 5995 ko. Balak ko sana idispute sa bank bukas yung charge sakin.

      • Bravo

        Grabeh’ nabiktima din ako ng D&T nayan! It’s ms lei or ley ONG… ang bilis ng mga pangyayari! Tumawag ako sa bpi hotline., nagpunta din ako sa bpi branch malapit sakin, pero di nila ma cacancel, sa merchant daw, sila daw ang makakapag cancel nun… tinawagan ko yung d&t, parehas ng mga nangyari dito, di nila maka cancel…. nakakalungkot lang di ako matulungan ng bpi… same experience ako sa mga comments dito…

  • Suriin

    Received a landline call from HJH E-Care Marketing earlier. Exactly the same M.O. Nakuha raw nila name ko from Visa. Just be mindful of their scheme/modus. Company names may be different and websites may exist but any transaction involving money or personal information by phone (no face, no physical office with DTI) always raises a red flag to me. My research led me here. Phone scam syndicates exist worldwide. And will remain a viable scam. Talamak rin dito kasi malaki ang kita, laway lang ang puhunan.

  • Leng

    include this number…same modus…VIP card blah blah 9454230

  • grace

    hello, just wanna ask here who were the victim of MVP MARKETING TRAVEL & TOURS, if anyone please help me, hearing na po namin sa DTI this coming april. please advise me sa sino man po nakapanalo po sa reklamo po dito.

    • Drv Dantes Urbina

      Hello po, may tumawag sakin mvp travel and tours kahapon lang sam urbina daw siya my vip card daw ako at kelangan ko magbayad ng 5400 pesos para sa membership 1 time payment lang daw un magagamit ko sa restaurant and plane ticket para may 50% discount daw ako

  • Chickq

    Good Day, ang dami na din palang na-scam ng IPC actually kakatawag lang uli nila sa akin today sabi ko i refuse to delivery nung card pero wala pa nadedeliver sa akin. but before hand nakipag away na ako sa kanila kasi ang bastos nila kausap at sobrang rude kaya ito napa-search ako at talaga palang scam ito, ang nakapagtataka lang nito ay kung bakit nakukuha nila yung mga confidential information from us. diba this is confidential matter? and also, ang naalala ko kasi I was at SM Sucat and somebody offered me an application for BPI CC then nag-proceed naman kami doon sa application which is natanggap ko na un BPI CC ko, then the agent told me kung pwede ba daw iforward sa RCBC at EastWest un application ko para sa CC then I said yes, but the moment na dumating yung RCBC at yung Eastwest ko ipana-cut ko na ito agad, yun ang mabuti kong ginawa, kasi a week later ito na nga may tumatawag na sa akin sabi may iddeliver daw sa bahay, sabi ko wala ako sa bahay nasa office ako, mabilis magsalita kaya hindi mo maiintindihan yung sinasabi kaya kailangan maingat at vigilant talaga, sabi ko bakit kailangan magbayad ng almost 4k-5k ata yun kung ndi ako nagkakamali, kasi sa dami kong tanong nabanggit na kailangan ko i-swipe daw un card once delivered sabi ko hindi ko tatanggapin at iddemanda ko yan sila, infairness mas malakas ang mga loob nila makipag-away, sobra.

  • Chickq

    Good Day, ang dami na din palang na-scam ng IPC actually kakatawag lang uli nila sa akin today sabi ko i refuse to delivery nung card pero wala pa nadedeliver sa akin. but before hand nakipag away na ako sa kanila kasi ang bastos nila kausap at sobrang rude kaya ito napa-search ako at talaga palang scam ito, ang nakapagtataka lang nito ay kung bakit nakukuha nila yung mga confidential information from us. diba this is confidential matter? and also, ang naalala ko kasi I was at SM Sucat and somebody offered me an application for BPI CC then nag-proceed naman kami doon sa application which is natanggap ko na un BPI CC ko, then the agent told me kung pwede ba daw iforward sa RCBC at EastWest un application ko para sa CC then I said yes, but the moment na dumating yung RCBC at yung Eastwest ko ipana-cut ko na ito agad, yun ang mabuti kong ginawa, kasi a week later ito na nga may tumatawag na sa akin sabi may iddeliver daw sa bahay, sabi ko wala ako sa bahay nasa office ako, mabilis magsalita kaya hindi mo maiintindihan yung sinasabi kaya kailangan maingat at vigilant talaga, sabi ko bakit kailangan magbayad ng almost 4k-5k ata yun kung ndi ako nagkakamali, kasi sa dami kong tanong nabanggit na kailangan ko i-swipe daw un card once delivered sabi ko hindi ko tatanggapin at iddemanda ko yan sila, infairness mas malakas ang mga loob nila makipag-away, sobra.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

    • Chickq

      0995-1945647 Zyrin JImenez po un nakausap ko pero nung kausap ko siya parang may nagtuturo sa kanya kung ano ung sasabihin niya

  • meme

    buti nalang nakita ko ang website na ito, while ongoing iyong call. they also claimed na good standing daw ako with BPI kaya daw naiooffer sa akin ito. and weird din ng call kasi parang naka speaker ako eh

    Beware of this number din: 0922-925-2149

  • roxy

    I just wanna share my experience last month with scammer MVP MARKETING TRAVEL & TOURS. So lucky that my dispute my process & reverse not less than 1month, we go for hearings and i stand on what i want , nakakaawa lang kasi ang mga ginagamit nilang tao para sa mediation to DTI ay binabayaran lamang at walang kaalam2 sa pangyayari. Kasi yung kaharap ko sa hearing sabi niya hindi daw niya tlga alam ang pangyayari, wtf. lakas lang loob lang po talaga pagdating sa hearing.

    • Khar Fadriquela

      panu ka po ngsampa ng kaso?? thanks


      Hi a month ago na swipe ung card ko ng MVP travel at ngayon gusto marerefund pera ko kasi wala naman mapapala sa kanila . Paano niyo po narefund money niyo ano mga question sa DTI

    • Sel

      Pwede ba un marefund?

  • rj adenip

    yung gf ko mukang nagoyo din ng mga hinayupak. May tumawag sa kanya Janella Lopez ng Elite Premier Marketing daw tapos ang kulit kulit sa pagooffer ng litetime card daw kuno tapos ilang minuto lang may dumaitng sa gate na nakamotor may dalang cc terminal. nagkakahalaga ata ng 5500 yung card. Nasa cr ako ng ng mga oras na yun sana napigilan ko pa yung gf ko.:( Dalawang card pa yung ginamit nya para matransact kasi max out na yung isa. Nakakainis talaga ang ibilis ng pangyayari. Tinatanong ko sila kung pwede ipacancel kasi nasa floating status pa naman pero kung ano ano sinasabi nila. may tatawag daw samin na manager pero alam kong kalokohan lang yun. Desidido na talaga akong ibaon tong mga hinayupak na ‘to, sana samahan nyo ko. Gusto ko sanang ipa-Tulfo ang mga gagong ‘to.

    • Beth

      Tumawag na po ba kayo sa management nila para masabi ang concern po nyo?.. ito po ba ang tamang lugar para sa mga complain?

      • rj adenip

        tumawag kame the same day na nadeliver yung card. pero yung babae pa din yung nakausap namin. kung ano ano dahilan nya. kesyo tatawagan daw kami ng manager pero wala naman (as expected). ano kaya mga steps ang pwede kong gawin? ang hassle lang kasi dalawang cc pa ang nagamit ng gf ko. Nag-eexist kaya talaga yung office nila sa pasong tamo makati? thanks

    • wai

      buti ka pa, ako wala ng nagawa sa pagpapakawala ng 5500… hanggang ngayon ung voucher hindi ko pa din nagagamit. nakakaiyak lang.

      • Khar Fadriquela

        sbe nila pede dw iinstallment ng 2yrs totoo b un?? o bnyran mo ng buo un 5500?? tnx

    • Arthirit

      believe me, wala na ung 5500, like what happened to me. And ung voucher, hindi ko pa ginagamit… hoping na mabalik ung 5500.. pero since the time na nabigay at naswipe ko card ko sa kanila last march, wala ng balita for the cancellation.

      • Selena Gomes

        Hi, I got scammed by this company just 2 days ago. One time ka lang ba nacharge ng 5500? or every month ichacharge ka nila?

        • Joanna Vargas

          Hi na charge ba sayo ung 5500.?

          • Allana Genil

            Ipablock nyo agad yung credit card nyo kasi na copy na nila yon gagamitin nila yan sa online buying mas malaki mawawala sa inyo. Kasi ako pinablock ko agad.

    • zaqueo

    • zaqueo

      hello .. bakasakali lang mabubura mo ba ung comment ko last 10 days ? di ko kase sya mabura ee .. salamat ..

    • zaqueo

      sir rj anedip kaya nyo po bang mabura ung comment ko kasi di ko tlga sya mabura ehh .. baka po sakali na mabura nyo kapag na delete nyo ung pinag commentan ko salamat po ..

    • Deshelie Abalus

      Hi RJ, same situation with my bf, ang bilis ng pangyayari nung sunday lang samin. Nagawa mo bang iparefund yung 5500? Thanks.

    • zaqueo

      sir patulong po sana mabura nyo po ung comment ko sa inyo .. salamat po

    • jomar

      problema ko ngayon to. nag inquire ako mismo sa remington ng rates nila. ang sagot sakin is around 2.9k ata. tapos nag inquire ako sa elite premiere. mas mataas ang price which is 3.3k+ same room at same day ang ininquire ko. nakaka asar na ang dahilan nila is un ang nakalagay sa database, na baka naka promo ang hotel kaya ganun. edi bale wala ang membership!

    • Selena Gomez

      Hi, I got scammed by this company just 2 days ago. One time lang ba nacharge ng 5500 GF mo? or every month ichacharge ka nila? Buti 4400 lang naswipe sa akin

  • Apo

    One of the said company on this thread asked me weeks ago to actually delete my comment on this thread… Hell no… give back my money and i will delete it. haaay, 5500 din yun no.

  • Crystal

    this (02) 958 2580 , tumawag to sa cp ko kahapon , but i didnt answer since feelingera akong credit card nnmn ng eastwest ung natawag (araw araw kasing natawag para kulitin akong iavail ung loan nilang punyetang di ko na man kailangan kahit ilang beses ko ng sinabing ayoko), but then may tumawag sa telephone ng office then nung sakin pala , Global asia ek ek daw. sabi may ioofer daw na card sabi ko wala akong balak magdagdag pa (credit card) then he said no mam , vip card po ito , i just told him im not interested with any cards . tas binaba ko na . The first time na nag kacard ako, may tumawag din sakin na ganyan , platinum card daw, ako tong si shunga kase wala naman akong idea sa ganyan , oo lang ng oo , tas nung pag baba ng phone sinearch ng boss ko ung sinasabi nung kausap ko , sabi nga scam daw, kinabukasan tumawag ule sa office, sabi ko nevermind nalang sa usapan namin kahapon tas nagagalit sila na hindi na daw pwedeng icancel ganun , tas ung boss ko kinuha ung phone sya kumausap dun sa taga platinum card kuno , wala ng nagawa ung kausap namen . buti nalang talga anjan boss ko , kasi kinakabahan pa ko non first time kong gumamit ng card , whew , thank God nalang tlga

    • crystal

      sama nyo na din ung cocolife/ caritas ek ek sa mga sm malls , ang gagaling nila mag salita hanggang sa sasamahan ka nila papuntang office nila, tas mag tatanong ng card mo debit/credit (that time wala pa kong credit card) ung debit ung inabot ko , pero 3k lang laman non , buti hindi nila nilimas ung laman hahaha , 10k daw kasi ang hanap nila , feeling ko talaga kung me credit card ako non, magagaya ako dun sa officemate kong kakakwento kwento ayun naswipe ung credit card nya , 14k ung nakuha , pinacancel ayaw icancel. iniswipe nila ung card . parang mga gago. buti nabubuhay pa yang mga yan . nanloloko lang ng tao mga hayop -.-

  • zaqueo

    hello ms corrine pwede po ba na mabura ko ung comment ko last 11 days ago?? thanks

  • zaqueo

    sana po may pagkakataon na mabura ung comment ko kay sir rj anedip help po plssssss

  • zaqueo

    pano po kaya mabubura ung comment ko last 16 days ago ang hirap kasi burahin ehh sabi ni ms corrine nabura nya na pero nakikita ko parin pa help naman po sa mga nakakaalam kung pano sya mabura sir rj anedip.. sana po mapansin nyo po tong post ko inyo po kasi ako nag comment ehh baka sakali po na mawala sya ..

  • Jerome Aaron Salcedo

    @@curiouscorrine:disqus, nabiktima ako ng kaparehas nito kahapon lang. Elite Premiere Services Corporation daw yung pangalan ng company nila at sa Pasong Tamo daw yung address nila. I think gumagamit sila ng ibat ibang company name since parehas na parehas yung modus. Ang bilis ng pangyayari.. tumawag sila tapos after less than 1 hour dumating na yung courier nila. Napapaniwala naman nila ako agad kasi hilig ko nga mag travel. Tanong ko lang kung may nakapag try na ba nung sinasabi nilang up to 40% discounts sa mga hotels (international and domestic), airline tickets, etc.???

  • phai kong

    Thank you for this thread! Naligtas ako sa scam. First time cardholder. Same as others’ situation, tinawagan din ako and told me na good standing daw ako. Elite Premier Marketing Services po tumawag sakin office hours. Sobrang dami kong work, sabaw na sabaw na ako. Tumawag sila offering this Gold privilege card. At my age, gusto ko magtravel. Pero sabi ko dun sa agent, mandatory ba magavail? Sabi niya ako lang daw hesitant na magavail sa batch namin? So, ako naman di na nag-no. Nagtanong na siya ng info na medyo kinutuban ako. Gang sabi ko may urgent matter ako sa office. Pero salita parin siya ng salita. After non, tumawag manager nila. In-transit na raw yung card, i’m quite shocked kasi ang bilis? Atat na atat sila. Gang sa nagtext ako na, ay! Diko pala po kailangan niyan. Masyado po mabigat sakin yung 5,500 para sa perks lang baka diko masulit. Gang tumawag ulit yung manager na nasa office na raw messenger sabi ko di na ako magaavail kesyo sabi niya kawawa naman daw consultant. Hanggang sa inoffer niya ako ng discount at sinabi niya yung website nila. Then, chineck ko sa google. And voila, lumabas tong thread na to at kahit anong kulit niya di ako nagavail! Many thanks Corrine! To all CC holders, sa mga tumatawag nagooffer regarding sa CC niyo. Be cautious!

  • Hi all, I just received a call today. Elite Premier Gold card naman ang binibigay. They called me daw due to good credit standing. The card offers upto 40% off on international and local travels including plane fare and hotels. No annual fee, but membership fee is 5500. The delivery guy will swipe na raw my card upon receiving the card. I talked to Teddy Gonzales, the manager, who welcomed me into the club. I told them ideliver nila but I told the guards here that do not entertain them. Im writing here simply to make everyone aware of this and hopefully, prevent others from being scammed.

  • bothered

    Jude Laxamana from Elite Premier International just called. Same story. Good thing i searched the internet, might be the next victim if i didn’t. What’s bothering is they know your surname even the middle name. Where did they get such information, even your birth date. *smh*

    • Juancho

      Hello. I received a call (2:27pm) from the same person and same company today (10/02/17). Jude Laxamana and Elite Premier, I really didnt realize the company name kasi I couldn’t hear her clearly until nun dumating un delivery, anyway same story. I was busy working while she was talking fast. She started the convo saying a package will be delivered to me within the day since may good standing ako sa BPI. qualified ako for their VIP Gold Card. At first akala ko it was from BPI. So bla bla perks bla bla bla freebies. She asked for my middle name kasi immediate family raw can use the privileges. She said lifetime eto and original price is 18k but I’ll only have to pay 5,500. Im like ah ok. Sabi nya do I want it to be delivered sa office o sa bahay (nagdoubt nako) sabi ko office na lang, gave out my office address. Honestly di ko narinig ng maigi lahat. She said pag dating ng messenger present lang my valid id and visa card. She did asked if I maxed out my limit. I don’t remember her saying na magsswipe ako. She asked if I wanted her contact details, told her to pls email me everything kasi Im too busy to write anything down. Medyo sketchy so i asked my officemates and searched sa net about BPI handing out gold card. Kasi nga I thought it was BPI. Pero wala ko nakita so lumaki hinala ko. I waited for their email and I was planning to call back para magdecline. I went on a coffee break around 4pm. Tapos by 4:20pm our office receptionist said may messenger sa lobby from Elite Premier. Nagsearch ako agad if it’s a BPI subsidiary or something. Nope. Tapos I decided not to receive it agad. His manager called after sabihin ni msgr na ayaw ko ireceive. I said na I was waiting for an email sana para sa details kasi it was only through phone and I’d like to decline. Sabi niya I already confirmed it through phone nga kaya pinapunta yung messenger. I insisted na sabi niyo upon calling otw na so I have no choice kasi papunta na nung tumawag palang. I asked him so walang akong choice ba? And he said may choice ako nung tumawag pa lang yung Jude but nagconfirm ako. We were going in circles. I said okay I rereceive ko to but I wont do anything with it. And ireturn ko immediately. Binaba ko yung phone then talked to the msgr sabi nya, infomed po ba kayo na magsswipe kayo ng card fir payment. Im like no. Sabi lang ipresent. I am being stupid here I know, kasi I thought ipapakita lang to prove na akin. Good thing all I got is my phone and my wallet is on my desk. Sabi nun msgr tawagan daw nya uli and sabihin ko raw na naiwan ko yung card na hind ko dala. Para makabalik na daw ako sa area ko to work. Which I did. When we talked again on the phone (Manager’s name is James) he said okay babalik yung msgr tom just fill up un form. I said okay. After talking the messenger went out of the lobby kahit I heard na he was instructed na ifill up ko un form. Hopefully walang bumalik bukas. Ipa ban ko sila sa office. Gosh.

  • mild


    is there anyone knows about unliperks international travel?

  • Karen

    Hi, tanong ko lang scam ba ang sky continental travel and tours? Please let me know your experiences with the company

    • Joanna Vargas

      Yes. Same with me.. I got scammed last September 29:(
      Until now ng re reflect pa din sa SOA ko yong 6K.

      • Tarra Mae Tanjing

        Na scam din ako. I tried to call back when i received the vouchers and card but hindi na sila sumasagot. Dahil hindi ko na marerefund ang transactions. I called the bank and they have to blocked my current credit card and will change to a new card. Chances kasi baka magamit nila ang card for another transactions. I just have to pay400 pesos for changing a new card badtrip pero i advise you to do the same thing.

        • JeanRoseAnn Laxamana

          Me too. Huhu. Spoke with Metrobank na, they’ve blocked my card na. Elite Premier Management Services Co. yung akin.

          • odessamarie

            Just read about this today O.o So I was scammed pala a year ago. Well napaswipe ako kasi akala ko legit. How come they know your surname and middle name diba? T_T

          • Jm

            Same with me ngaun lang i have to call my credit card provider para iblock kaso need ko daw tawagan yung company. Nung tumawag ako bakla sumagot tinanung ko kung anung name nya james daw tapos tinanung ko wat position sabi janitor. Stupid! Kung matinong company yan sino ba naman company magpapasagot ng telepono sa janitor? Kasi tnatanung nya comcern ko sabi ko bakit kita kakausapin e hindi ka naman authorize nilipat nya ako sa supervisor kuno pero same voice lang bakla din! Worried talaga ako kasi 6k dim yun!

      • Allana Genil

        Pinablock mo na sana agad yung credit card mo kasi gagamitin nila yan sa mga online. Na scam din ako FINASIA GLOBAL MARKETING matapang pa yung tumawag sakin sinisingil pa ako sa kulang ko tangina! Mga halang ang bituka ng mga ganyang tao. I think iisa lang yang mga tumatawag satin paiba iba lang sila ng pangalan pati company alam na alam nila kung pano mag paikot ng tao.

        • Sel

          Pwede ba un marefund?…..

          • yan

            Malabo na yan marefund pa block muna agad cc mo

  • Allana Genil

    Pa help naman po na scam din ako ng FINASIA GLOBAL 4,449 ang nakuha sa CC ko one time payment ang babayaran ko sa CC ko. Malayo sa sinabi ng nakausap ko Therese ang name mga hayop na yan! Sobrang sama nila nagalit pa sakin nung ipapacancel ko yung card nila!

  • Marilyn yambao

    Ask ko lang po kung nabawi nyo ung pera nyo?nangyari din kasi sakin nung feb.3 lang tapos nabasa ko nga lahat ng comment dito kaya tumawag agad ako kanina sa sa customer service binlock nila ang card ko tapos pinagsend nila ako ng dipute form sa email.pero nakausap ko pa si miss judith laxamana hindi daw sila scam legit sila at ung 5999 na naswipe sa card ko pwede ko daw ipabalance convertion for 12 months