Friday Dinner Date: Tempura

We were supposed to watch Breaking Dawn that night–sorry girls, I really want to see the wedding scene–but since we couldn’t get a cab in Makati, we ended up having dinner in the area.

I tried to convince Babe to try other restaurants in the area but he didn’t want to walk so we settled at Tempura, which is right across their office building. It’s also near the van terminal so I guess it’s a win-win situation.

The last time we dined here was back in 2010 pa! I remember it so well because Babe gave me my BDJ Planner 2011 over dinner then. That night, we restrained ourselves from being “takaw-tingin” and only ordered four dishes–plates we were confident we could finish. NOT. 😀

Photos even before we place our order 😀

Here I go again ruining my no-rice diet. I ordered Tori Teriyakidon, a big bowl of boneless chicken over white rice. I didn’t finish it no matter how hard I tried. Not that it tasted awful. I really just can’t bring myself to wolf down all that rice.

Mixed Sashimi, Tempura, Tori Teriyakidon, Gyudon

The first picture on the left is the Mixed Sashimi plate. I like sashimi, though I’m a tuna and salmon lover through and through. The squid was so rubbery I probably chewed it for a good five minutes before I swallowed it.

My Tori Teriyakidon was sweet, Babe’s Gyudon tasted better. Next time, I think I’ll stick to my Tempura staple: ramen! Yum yum. 😀


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  • I can’t stop ordering rice bowls from anywhere. Hahaha usually I end up eating only the top (the one with ulam!) 😛 Japanese food places are really exagg when it comes to rice portions!

    • I agree with you on their OA portions! 🙂