Open For Business: The Accessory Haul

Two days ago, I received a text (or was it a tweet?) from Justine, a dear girl friend, who surprised me with the news that she has just opened an online accessory store aptly called The Accessory Haul.

I know she loves accessories, but never in my wildest dream did I think she would venture into this. We were all pleasantly surprised! But then again, at least now I know where to get my accessories, right? :)

As soon as her “First Haul” was posted, I immediately went online to check her items and got myself these:

Snake bangle (gold) - Php180
Mardi Gras Connector Ring (Gold) - Php99
Snake Bangle (Black) - Php180

Yes, they’re that affordable! And yes, those are two snake bangles in two different colors. I like snakes. Accessories, that is. Not girls who steal boyfriends okay? Those kind of snakes are a waste of time.

Anyway, drop by her site for more affordable-but-oh-so-pretty trinkets you would want in your accessory stash. :)



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