The Year That Was: Rounding Up 2011’s Best Memories

You’ve probably read this sentence I’m about to write and you’re about to read–2011 is coming to a close–way too many times already but oh well, there I go. These days, it’s almost compulsory for everybody to prepare a banging year-end post so here I am, ending the year that was with my version of a bangin’ year-ender. 🙂

This is mostly because I’m over-the-moon-excited for 2012. It’s the year of the dragon, which sorta requires me to ensure I live every day of 2012 with a wild roar (or rawr) courtesy of my inner dragoness. I know this is so unworldly and ludicrous for some, but I believe in that whole zodiac shebang. The forecast is mostly unfavorable though, with the words obstacles, hindrances and aggravations making up majority of the forecast I’ve read. Boo!

Anyway, before my year begins, I thought it’d be nice to remember the moments that made my 2011 extra special. There were a lot of things to be happy about, which I’d like to enumerate cause I’m conceited like that. Hah. 😀

In no particular order, here are the things/events/people that made my 2011:

Launched Curious Corrine – I’ve been blogging since I was in sixth grade (Xanga!) and it really is a huge leap for me to get my own domain name and get rid of the always personal, often unrelatable pieces that I usually post. This time, I propped up my blogging persona to yield more valuable content (hopefully informative) in the blogosphere. With that, I gained weight! Yes, with all the food blogging I did, I gained a good 5 to 10 lbs.


Basked in Boracay – This year was the first time I got to visit the island. Yes, first time! Though it was a short weekend trip, I got to experience the island’s awesomeness in three short days.

I hope to return in 2012, preferably on a much longer vacation because there were so many things I wanted to do (helmet diving, but wait, is that the proper term?) but wasn’t able to do the first (and last) time I was there.


Reached our 2nd anniversary – Cementing our relationship even further, we reached our second anniversary! <3

It was not without a lot of challenges and nuisances, though. Relationships are always tough. I don’t expect 2012 to be extra nice, but I am hoping for the best. This 2012, we’ll be “secret friends”. i did my zodiac research and it says that we’ll be needing each other this 2012. Well, we’ll always need each other. 😀


Visited Cebu – Early this year, we took a trip to Cebu as well. B and I went with my good friend Sam. My best friend got us awesome accommodations at Radisson Blu, which was uh-mazingly posh and fab! It was a hotel we didn’t even bother to shortlist when we hadn’t known yet that Siz was going to score us accommodations there. 🙂

We saw a lot of the city, but we know there are lots more to see (and do) so we might plan another trip to Cebu some time soon.


Rekindled my love for literature – The Book Club we started late this year was a welcome change in my lifestyle. I love reading, but with the nature of my work, I admit that I often found myself too busy to just sit in a corner and quietly read a book. The Book Club, however, let me read three books in three months. Factoring in the fact that I had to juggle work, manage my blogging schedule and keep my social life alive all at the same time, I say I did awesome even though they were just three books. 🙂 That tally doesn’t include my personal reads though, which brings up my total book reads this year to 5 (or is it 6?).
Got rid of my messy past (literally) – I woke up one morning and decided that it was time to get rid of those annoying boxes of letters, notes and little gifts that I have been hiding since I was in fourth grade. I’m usually really sentimental so I don’t really know why I did it. It was like someone tied strings around my limbs, mechanically willing me to throw them away. I burned some of ’em. Hoozah. 😀


The elusive dinner date with college buddies – These people are the hardest to gather, I swear. Three of us (Ayie, Justine and me) live near each other so we can basically just text each other and meet up at the nearest kanto but we didn’t. We don’t do that, actually. Haha.So it was a major achievement to have everyone (except Irene) present for dinner. Girls, let’s do this more often? Okay? 🙂


The Best Friend Reunion – My best friend and I don’t always get to see each other since she’s living a jetsetting lifestyle, working as a flight attendant.

She’s now with Asiana Airlines and based in Korea so meeting up with her is twice as difficult. My schedule’s a little tough and she’s only in Manila a few days each month. On days I was free, we made up for lost time though it was always bitin. I’ll always miss this girl. 🙂



Trips galore – This year was filled with trips with people I’ve grown to love! Besides the Boracay trip, which was spent with B’s previous Media G8way officemates, I tagged along to various escapades with the boyfriend’s family, friends and friends of friends.

Through those trips, I got to meet more cool people-slash-friends. Yay! They’re amazing, I tell you. Here’s to more weekend escapes! 🙂



A Week in Singapore – This is the trip that could have changed everything for me (and the boyfriend) but didn’t because Lady Luck knocked on our door at the right time. This was also our first travel adventure together, without friends.

I honestly learned a lot about him, myself and us during this trip. We learned to work together traveling in an unfamiliar city and also to  be patient and understanding. They say that traveling together is a relationship milestone so I guess this is something I’m mighty proud of. 🙂

The highly-anticipated (more of dreaded) 2012 will clock in soon so I guess now’s the perfect time to remember the year that was, bask in the good memories and blessings, and learn from the mistakes that were made. Though 2012 offers a mixed forecast of luck and utter misfortune for me, that doesn’t mean I can’t hope for the best-est in life.

Live curious people! Happy new year! 🙂


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  • Whoa… Singapore! I missed Singapore 😀 Hehehe.. Btw your new blog theme is awesome. Pero mas gusto ko parin yung old header, cute eh. hehehe. 😀

    Happy new year corrine!

    PS: Cute besty… hehehe 😀

    • I’ve yet to ask the boyfriend to resize the header eh. I tried using the previous size pero hindi siya kasya. 😀

  • Wow you have a book club? You mean IRL? That’s awesome. I think it’s great to be able to discuss a book you just read with other people. 🙂 Hmm I think I want to join one too, after the boards!

    Happy 2012! 🙂

    • Yup, a real book club. We meet every month and discuss the book over lunch or dinner. The group’s composed of former office friends 🙂

  • Jr

    well, for me… year 2011 was a sucker., worst year ever., geeez. hehe

    • Aww that’s too bad. I hope 2012 is better. 🙂

    • same here! hahaha 😀