Bacolod Adventure: Day 2 (Mambukal Mountain Resort, City Hall, Cafe Bob’s, Merci)

We woke up pretty early on our second day in Bacolod–around 7AM I think. Yes, that’s early for us! Mang Greg dropped off the car 30 minutes earlier as planned so we all had to quickly take a bath, have breakfast and dash out the door to begin our activities for the day. 🙂

The road to Mambukal!

Before we left the hotel, the doorman warned us that it might be dangerous to go there since the area was affected by the recent string of earthquakes. We told him we might skip going to Mambukal altogether if it was that dangerous.

But of course, we drove to Mambukal Resort anyway. 😀 With Babe on the wheels and me navigating via Google Maps (very efficient but consumers battery power like crazy), we made our way to Mambukal Resort with no glitch. It was a smooth 45-minute drive–no traffic or whatsoever.

We're here! Yay! 🙂

The Mambukal Mountain Resort is a sprawling property with lots of open space. Ah, fresh air!  We spent the whole morning walking around resort  just checking out the pools. We wanted to try the activities there–zipline, boating, etc–but the stations were staff-less.I don’t know if we should’ve informed them beforehand of the activities we wanted to try  or they really just open late. Nevertheless, we weren’t about to walk back to the gate (and lose my breath) where most of the personnel were.

Hello, stranger. 🙂

This is the first pool we checked out where we saw a man who was probably having the time of his life. When you have a place as awesome as this all to yourself (nobody else was swimming then), I’d simply lay down and bask in all of nature’s glory. Oh how lovely it would be to have this view waiting for me at home, no? :p

The sulfur pool.

The sulfur pool is breathtakingly blue and  beautiful. It was, however, super hot (duh :p). Not one of us dared to feel the water for fear of burning to death–nah, just kidding. But seriously, we were all too terrified because of the steam and also because of a sign that cautioned people of the water’s temperature.

This one’s a bit far off the cottages, which I don’t understand. Actually, most of the pools are placed so far from the cottages that one has to walk either uphill or downhill to get to them. We were talking about how inconvenient it must be for the guests. Then again, that’s the Mambukal experience perhaps.

See the bats?

Babe looked up to the sky when we were walking and saw these bats circling above the forest. It must be where the bat-watching thing is. It’s a bit creepy ’cause I’ve always perceived that when animals become restless, it’s a sign of danger. They have incredible senses so they must have heard of “something” that morning that we didn’t. With all the natural disasters occurring, you could say I was quietly screaming in fear. Baahh I think I watch Nat Geo too much. 😀

The lagoon

I would love to go back here and swim! Although I can’t help shiver at the thought of how eerie and creepy it would be to spend the night here. With bats, the forest and a whole lot of space to go around, I would have died of fear before anyone could come rescue me. 😀

Bacolod City Hall

On our way back, I saw the City Hall building marked on Google Maps so we stopped briefly to take pictures of it. We didn’t even stepped out of the car. Haha. I

Lunch at Cafe Bob's

We went back to Lacson Street for lunch, where we wanted to try this restaurant–21–but it was packed. Across the street was the fairly empty Cafe Bob’s, a pretty famous restaurant in Bacolod based on all the blog reviews I’ve read, so we opted for that. The ambiance wasn’t bad at all. It was really spacious and cozy, but it had more of a coffee shop feel to it than a restaurant.

We went back to the hotel after lunch to freshen up. The boyfriend and little Chloe slept while Tita Josie, Ate Debbie and I left almost immediately to buy pasalubong. We dropped by Merci, a pasalubong center that gives a 10 percent discount per receipt to tourists! Good thing I had our itinerary receipt in my wallet! 🙂 The store’s pretty big and they’re really helpful–too bad I don’t have the photos to back this up. I was too busy filling up my shopping cart. 🙂

We had about an hour left to kill so we went back to the hotel and squeezed in a short sleep before we left once again.

To be continued…

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  • i wish to visit the place too 😀

    • Go! It’s really pretty! 🙂

  • i touched the blue water and it burned my finger! hahahahaha…

    were you using GPS on the google maps? it does drain battery. sigh.

    • Hala! Good thing we didn’t touch it pala. :p Yup, GPS. 🙂

  • Mambukal Mountain Resort looks amazing! I’d love to visit this when I get the chance to go back to Bacolod 🙂

    • It’s a really pretty place–very rustic and peaceful! Although I don’t know how many guests they accommodate on a normal day ’cause it was Friday when we went there and we were (almost) the only ones there. 🙂