Date Night at Cafe Mediterranean

Cafe Mediterranean has always been on my nonexistent list of restaurants to try but for some reason, I never suggest this whenever B and I are on the hunt for another restaurant to try. Although I’ve always been intrigued, all it took was my best friend’s Cafe Mediterranean food raves on my Twitter timeline to convince me that it was indeed time for me try this restaurant.

Menu cover | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

We were supposed to watch a movie at Mall of Asia that night, but most of the available schedule were too late for a weekday movie night. So B and I went to dinner instead. We were going down the escalator and the first restaurant I saw was Cafe Mediterranean so I quickly pointed like a little child to the empty restaurant as if saying, “Aha! I got you now, Cafe Mediterranean!” :p

I’ve been cheating on my diet for the longest time that I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add another devastatingly cruel (but good!) food adventure to my list of sins. 😀

Grilled Chicken, Mediterranean-Style | Php265

Choosing a dish has always been difficult for me, especially when it’s my first time at a restaurant so I opted for the Grilled Chicken, Mediterranean-Style dish because it sounded pretty safe. Besides, chicken is (relatively) healthier than pork. Right? 😀

Although the menu writes that it is served with regular pita, you can have rice to go with it. I went with the regular pita. The chicken’s really good, as it was marinated in Mediterranean spices. There’s a welcome heat to the dish that is not off-putting, but rather exciting. Although it’s not visible in the picture at all, the plate got a tad greasy because of the oil coming from the chicken. One of the pitas got drenched in that oil, hence I didn’t finish that pita because it was too soggy for my liking.

Setting the grease aside, I almost rid that poor chicken of all its meat–seriously, this is a cause for celebration. Even B told me that I was surprisingly “matakaw” that night. 😀

Harissa Pork Tenderloin | Php275

On the other side of the table, B chose Harissa Pork Tenderloin. Ditching the regular pita for rice, B finished this plate in record time. I had a piece of pork tenderloin to taste and thought it was pretty good too. It had a kick to it as well–a signature of most Mediterranean dishes.

For the price, portions and ambiance, I wouldn’t mind returning to this restaurant for another go at one of their dishes. I’ll bring an even bigger appetite. 😀

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  • tried their gyro which was really good!

    • Ooh maybe I’ll have that next time 🙂

      • masarap yung lamb gyro nila 🙂

        • curiouscorrine

          Ooh pangalawa ka ng mag-suggest nyan, I shall try their lamb gyro then! 🙂

  • ” There’s a welcome heat to the dish that is not off-putting, but rather exciting.” — My favorite line in this post hahaha

    Hmm lagi ko din yan nadadaanan. Matry nga. :))

  • Rachel Nava

    Their couscous is also great served with the Lamb or Kebab 🙂

  • Rachel Nava

    Their couscous is also great served with the Lamb or Kebab 🙂

    • Oh really? Now I really have to go back there 😀

  • rico

    Kebabs with pita is the way to go.Make sure to drench(well this is what i do) it with their sauces. Then wrap the ingredients like you would a burrito. I find this place competing with mexicali when i want something fun to eat. Theres also a sampler plate of a variety of their appetizers….you just choose 3 or 5 of their appetizers…i was shooting blind since i didnt know the meaning of what i was ordering. but, good n cultural food. But not for all pinoy palates.

    • I agree with you on the kebab + pita combo. It’s the best! 🙂

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