Food Overload (Literally) at Uncle Cheffy

Getting my favorite college girls together is such a royal pain in the ass because of our very different work schedules. We have to plan a dinner or something a month early at the very least, so I was pretty lucky that I got to yank two dear friends–Justine and Ayie–to an Uncle Cheffy dinner.

It was pay day Wednesday so Justine called in to make a reservation. We arrived pretty early since we were the only ones occupying the second floor, but soon enough the area started filling up.

Irish Stew | Php395

B suggested that we have soup so he chose the first on the list–Irish Stew. The menu says it’s actually lamb–more or less the reason why he picked this. 😀 We were about to ask Justine and Ayie if they wanted to order a soup each (we were four then–but B’s sister arrived some 30 minutes later) but our very nice waiter (Jeh–a he, by the way) informed us that one order is good enough for all of us.

He was right. We were very surprised when it was served on our table. It looked more like it should be placed on a stove not a table ’cause it was a big-ass pot–bowl is an understatement. Then again, it’s meant to be shared by four to five persons.

That photo above is my serving of soup. Even though it was a thin soup, the veggies and meat made it a bit heavy an appetizer. The flavor wasn’t too thrilling, tasted just like nilaga. I’ve had better soup.

Uncle Cheffy Favorites | Php395

Then the panizza, Uncle Cheffy Favorites, arrived. Ah, thin crust + toasted edges = heaaaaaa-ven. I like simple pizzas and panizzas–those that do not thrive in over-the-top topping portions. Even with just sun-dried tomatoes, onions and mushrooms, this panizza won me over.

Although it’s meant to be rolled with the arugula, alfalfa sprouts and tomatoes that came with it, I just scooped the tomatoes and topped it on my panizza. No, that’s not me being lazy. (Denial. :D)

New England Pot Roast Beef | Php495

First to arrive on our table is the New England Pot Roast Beef dish that I ordered. I was shocked when this was served. I was like, “Seriously? This big-ass plate is all for me?” It was then that I mentioned to B that their menu should come with a small note pertaining to serving portions and whatnot. Or perhaps the waiters should tell the diners, if reprinting the menu is too costly. 😛

Setting that aside, it was a winning dish. The meat was perfectly tender. Each bite packed a powerful punch of flavor. I probably only ate three slabs of meat, but was perfectly happy nonetheless. Iliked the potatoes a lot too. Everyone sampled this dish but we still had to take this home. 😀

Memphis Barbeque U.S. Beef Rib Finger | Php595

B’s Memphis Barbeque U.S. Beef Rib Finger looks so sumptuous here, eh? This big rack was a tough dish to tackle. Having eaten a bowl (or was it two?) of soup and more than one panizza roll, B managed to consume just about 1/4 of this. That’s so not like him. He almost always finishes a dish. 😛

Baked Salmon in Filo Pastry | Php 395 | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

This is a close-up photo of Justine’s choice–Baked Salmon in Filo Pastry. Salmon’s usually pretty light on the tummy but I don’t think Justine finished her plate. Oh, she couldn’t get enough of the mango-and-apple salsa. The combination, however, didn’t really work for me. It’s just me and taste buds, I guess. 😀

Barbecued Tuna Belly | Php395 | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

Pictured above is Ayie’s Barbecued Tuna Belly. I’ve always had a soft spot for tuna so I was glad Ayie ordered this. Har. 😀 It was perfectly grilled (for me, at least) and seasoned but similar to everyone else’s plate this is a dish that is more than enough for two people. It’s such a shame we didn’t have the right-sized appetites to wolf down this healthy plate.

Grilled Blue Marlin “Cafe De Paris” | Php395 | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

Ate Debbie’s Grilled Blue Marlin “Cafe de Paris” was the only dish to be served with rice. I had a small bite of the blue marlin and thought it was okay–not perfect, but definitely passable. Ate Debbie, however, noted that it was a tad dry for her taste.

Food overload! | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

Check out our table–half of our table, that is. We’ve given up when this photo was taken, by the way. 😀 I feel a wee bit ashamed for eating so little and leaving that much food on our table, but fret not for we brought these yummy babies home. 🙂

Now that we know that they’re dead serious about keeping their customers’ tummies filled and happy, a second visit calls for a hunger strike pre-Uncle Cheffy dining. Hmm. Then again, I could always bring my friends with larger-than-life appetites instead. 😀

Dear Uncle Cheffy, please put up a branch down south. Thank you.


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  • U8mypinkcookies

    this resto & the famous panizza has been on my must-try list for a long time na!

    • curiouscorrine

      You should try it! Just remember to bring your family or friends with you–portions are insanely generous. 🙂