Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe: A Sad and Disappointing First

We were walking around Mall of Asia, looking for a new restaurant to try when we spotted Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe’s bright and imposing exterior. I wasn’t too excited, to be honest, because I’m not a big fan of Chinese cuisine. I’m more of a sushi girl than a dumpling girl. Plus I detest sweet and sour dishes. It’s actually pretty funny since people assume I love Chinese food since I’ve chinky eyes. But no, sorry to disappoint your all-knowing instinct. πŸ˜€

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, Mall of Asia

Well, despite my cautiousness toward Chinese dishes, we still walked up the menu stand right by the restaurant door to check their offerings and prices. I was surprised at how affordable the dishes were.

Before writing this post, I looked up Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and was surprised that this is in fact, a Singapore-based restaurant. According to their profile, their menu is in fact a hodgepodge of street favorites from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Shanghai. Now that’s a pretty valid reason as to why they have such an extensive and diverse menu.

The floor

Dining area’s really spacious and simple. It did give off a vibe that service will be fast and efficient. As soon as we settled in our seats, one of the staff stayed close to our table. He was very helpful in detailing every dish we were curious about, but he did made us snicker for a couple of seconds.

You see, he slipped “Yes, ate?” when I called him over but quickly switched it too a “Yes, ma’am?” retort. Babe caught that little face-palm moment, but we just shrugged it off. Don’t look like a real adult? Heh. πŸ˜€

Borsch Soup | Php55

Although this was a last-minute order, the Borsch Soup was B’s favorite dish on our table that night. It’s a very thin soup, with lots of tomatoes. It had a slight tartness to it, which I thought tasted very much like salsa. It reminded me of this bottled salsa we use at home when we’re having soft shell tacos. B liked it a lot, while I thought it was okay. For Php55, it was a steal.

iced HK Ying Yong | Php75

We usually check Foursquare for tips on which to order, and one tip we heeded is to order the Iced HK Ying Yong drink. It’s basically milk tea, but less sweet. This one’s really good. πŸ™‚

Black Pepper Pork Chop Spaghetti | Php195

Just as I suspected, service was really quick. We haven’t even consumed half of the soup when the main dishes arrived. Don’t scorn me for ordering spaghetti. I was just very curious as to how different Hong Kong spaghetti is from what we usually get here in Manila. The pairing also piqued my interest.

So here is Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe’s Black Pepper Pork Chop Spaghetti. The spaghetti wasn’t exciting at all, but it did live up to the Italian flavor I like. The noodles were swimming in red sauce, which I didn’t like. The pork chop had a smoky flavor that was good–not great. I would definitely skip this meal again. Such a waste of stomach space.

Cheese Baked Rice With Chicken Chop | Php225

Babe’s Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop, though it looked very appetizing, was a tad disappointing. I heard B say that it was ordinary, boring and lackluster.

Pan Fried Dumplings

We got really excited when the Pan Fried Dumplings arrived. It looked really yummy! But alas, it was a huge disappointment. I ate the first dumpling and immediately hated it. It tasted raw and fishy. I was surprised that it wasn’t crispy even though it’s supposed to be pan fried.Β We were debating over what went wrong with this dish and I suggested that maybe they just steamed this really quickly then quickly threw it on a frying pan.

What's inside the Pan Fried Dumpling

We tried soaking it in the sauce just to mask the foul taste but that didn’t help. We massacred one dumpling and look at what we found inside. Now, does this look raw to you or what? I lost my appetite after seeing that. It’s just so gross.

Japanese Rice Mochi

Thank goodness I ordered Japanese Rice Mochi for dessert. At least, we ended dinner on a good note after eating those disgusting dumplings.

They were smaller than what I expected but I didn’t mind ’cause the boyfriend let me have most of them. It arrived in a small bowl with lots of crushed peanuts and white sesame seeds. πŸ™‚

It was such a sad and disappointing first time at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. It had the potential to be great, with their friendly service and prices. Too bad we ordered the wrong dishes. Well, at least now we know which dishes to avoid next time we eat here.

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  • Gumagalaw galaw pa yung fried dumpling. Hehehe!

    • Yuck no? Hahaha!

    • curiouscorrine

      Waaa! Hahaha πŸ˜€

  • U8mypinkcookies

    tsktsk. thanks for the warning.

    • curiouscorrine

      I wouldn’t call it a “warning” kasi baka they have great food din naman. πŸ˜€ Maybe we were a little unlucky with our choices. πŸ˜€