Beating Headaches with Saridon (Giveaway!) – Winner Announced!

I used to think I was pretty lucky that I didn’t get that much headaches when I was in high school or college. But all that changed when I started working three years ago. I guess the stress and pressure of a 9-to-5 day job is to be blamed for this. Actually, I don’t think it’s my job per se but a combination of factors.

For one, I have a really bad eyesight. I have a -5.00 grade plus astigmatism so you can just imagine how hellish it is. Two, I’m never away from the computer. Working as an editor, I have to be in front of the computer 24/7, write and type, and stare at the monitor some more. I’m such a bookworm too. I read before I go to bed–in bed–which doesn’t do any good to my eyesight ’cause I usually read against the light. I know it’s bad, but I can’t help it. 😀

Yup, I carry around these babies now. 🙂

It was only last year that I started taking over-the-counter medicines to relieve me of my headache but none of them did the job. I’m usually a tough cookie, but it came to the point that I couldn’t concentrate and deliver at work. That was unacceptable to me, so even though I’m a bit iffy about trying other brands, I popped a tab of Saridon that my officemate had in her medicine stash. Yes, she said one tablet was enough and indeed it was.

It was an unfamiliar brand so I head on over to my computer to check out the Saridon brand. Apparently, it’s a brand from Bayer–a familiar name–which was specifically formulated to zero in on persistent headaches. Now that’s more like it, a medicine that doesn’t try to multitask but is simple, straightforward and unpretentious in its objective. It’s super safe too!

It took just about 15 minutes before I felt the pangs dissipate. I didn’t even notice it as I was busy reading through articles talking about how Saridon worked like a dream for them as well.

Saridon is Bayer Healthcare’s international brand of pain relief medication that was specifically formulated to target persistent headaches. Available in more than 80 countries, it has become the trusted brand for effective pain management by millions of people and it continues to sell over 600 Million tablets per year, worldwide.

Saridon has received positive reviews for its fast and long lasting effect—a feat sustained by its three ingredients: paracetamol, propyphenazone, and caffeine.

Today, you’ll spot Saridon in my neat little medicine kit I always carry in my bag! 🙂 I’d like to give a shout-out to my former workmate-slash-guardian-angel who was there when I was nearly dying of headache. If it wasn’t for your own Saridon supply, I would’ve been stuck to a brand that did nothing to help me. 😀

One lucky reader will get this gift pack!

If you get frequent headaches like me, I’m giving you the chance to nab your own supply of Saridon and more from Bayer!

Some of my favorite TFS masks!

I’m throwing in these awesome face masks from The Face Shop too just ’cause I really do use them while I’m waiting for my headache to subside. Talk about multitasking, huh. 😀

Giveaway Mechanics:

1) Choose one question below and post your answer in the comment box (You must include the question in the comment box or else you will be disqualified).

Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?
Q: How will Saridon help you get rid of your headache?

2) Include your name, e-mail address, Twitter handle and Facebook username.
3) Like Curious Corrine and Saridon on Facebook.
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6) Contest ends on April 30, 11:59 PM.

One winner will be randomly selected and will also receive a special treat! Eep, don’t you love surprises? 🙂 Good luck!


UPDATE (May 1, 2012):

Congratulations to Liv Tan!

Please wait for my e-mail. 🙂

Winner was drawn randomly using

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  • Rachel Nava

    Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?
    A: I share the same sentiment of dealing with extreme headache brought by the type of work I do. Being a Software Engineer, I stay in front of the pc the whole day with cold A/C that adds up to the reason. I would like to win this to be able to try Saridon as a remedy instead of taking Mefenamic Acid. This medicine stash would help me try Saridon so I can recommend it to my family as well.

    Name: Rachel Marice Nava
    Twitter: sweetchiqchel
    Facebook: sweetchiqchel

  • leilani

    Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?I like to win this pack because I always suffer with headaches.Not the kind people can imagine 🙁

    leilani sonza
    leinette@yahoo:disqus .com
    tweet: lilaec
    FB: leilani sonza

  • Cyndrel

    Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?

    I’d like to give it a shot. Lately, I’ve been having ‘weekly headaches’…usually on weekends when I’m supposed to be having a good time. But I just can’t do that, can I? It could be a combination of the awful temperature we’re having right now and you know… ‘stress’ from work and from other factors too. Splitting headache is not something you can just shrug off…so I’d like to try this product.

    Mary Cyndrel Casiño
    cyndrel_julianoyahoo .com
    MaryCyndrel (twitter)
    Mary Cyndrel J. Casiño (FB)

  • christine batiller

    Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?I want to win the Saridon gift pack because i frequently suffer from migraine when i’m stressed and especially on this current weather.  It affects my work and my mood.
    name:  christine batiller
    e-mail address:
    Twitter handle:  @tinbatiller:disqus
    Facebook username:  christine bacal batiller

  • Liv Tan

    Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack? 
    A: Headaches have been my constant companion since I’m in front of the computer more than 8 hours a day, and the heat is making them worse. Pure paracetamol often does not help alleviate the pain anymore, so I’d like to give Saridon a try.
    name: Liv Tan
    e-mail address:
    Twitter handle: livtan
    Facebook username: Olivia Juliane Tan

  • Karenmaeserrano

    Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?
    A: These days, I have been experiencing
    bad headaches due to the unbearable heat this summer.  Not only do I need to be productive
    at work but also, I got to have a lot of patience for my energetic son.
     It’s too hard
    to focus when my head is in pain. So definitely, this is the best time to try Saridon.
    Name: Karen Serrano
    E-mail address:
    Twitter handle: ayieserrano
    Facebook username: Karen Serrano

  • Joni Benedictos

    Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?A: As simple as, I need a pack of trusted and safe paracetamol that can battle not just my constant headache but other viral infections that can be transmitted in numerous ways in an instant. I’ll never know when the virus will hit me, so it is better to be armored with a companion I am really sure of- Saridon.
    Name: Joni Anne Benedictos
    Email address: joni.benedictos@gmail:disqus .com
    twitter handle: jonibenedictos
    Facebook username: Joni Benedictos

  • Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?A: I’m usually the type who just dismisses headaches, constantly hoping that it’ll just go away as soon as possible. Lately, though, I’ve been having persistent headaches ’cause of work stress. Thing is,  I can’t just wish away severe headaches. I think Saridon could help ease this constant burden. I just don’t want headaches to get in the way of me and my job.

    Name: Justine Papina
    E-add: justinepapina@gmail.comTwitter handle: justinepapinaFacebook username: Justine Papina

  • Q: Why do you want to win this Saridon gift pack?
    A: Since the typical medicines do nothing to treat and provide relief to my frequent headaches, I’d like to give this a shot! It beats having to bear the pain each time I take pills that not only do not work, but do more harm than good. 

    Name: Nathelle Lumabad
    E-mail address:
    Twitte handle: natnatskie
    Facebook username: Nathelle Lumabad

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  • wish i was the winner 

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  • Drewlim619

    sudden change of temperature will give you such headache. better have saridon with you all the time 😀

  • Lordjft

    Sayang lang matagal na tong tapos…

  • Cricket Manzano

    congratulations Liv! 🙂

  • Amandoencarnacion

    I want this product too! 

  • Grilltantoco

    Saridon is my weapon against headache! I wish I could have one of those Bayer giftpacks!

  • Villonwendy

    I want Saridon too!

  • Tabitha Jimenez

    I want the gift pack too!

  • Nanisalas826

    Ako. I need a regular supply of this product. I’m a migraine sufferer 🙁

  • Melvinariondo

    Im just curious, is it good for hang-over?

  • Karlody510

    Want this too! I’ve heard it doesn’t have side effects like hyperacidity…

  • Rickyreicalumpad

    Saridon is the best brand for headaches. Certainly, it removes pain in less than 15 minutes.

  • Tabitha Jimenez

    Saridon is also good during that time of the month 🙂

  • Earl Macatangay

     More info about Saridon plssss

  • Johnchiu1986

    Caffeine for headache? Why not1? Sa Saridon na tayo

  • Kirk Macalinao

    Nice! wala ng gantong contest ulit? hmmm

  • kylie campos

    I agree, saridon is safe and super effective!

  • Emman Lorenzo

    saridon is very effective for headaches. safe pa 🙂

  • Drewlim619

    Thank God for Saridon!

  • Rinoaalmendraz

    Totoo nga ang sinasabi nila. Saridon really works!

  • Melvinariondo

    Ahh.. the rave reviews are convincing me to try Saridon..

  • Biancacordero225

    I like your blog very informative.  I like what you’ve written about Saridon.

  • Emma_sandoval

    Mag Saridon na tayo dhil hinde spat ang Ingat lang! 🙂

  • Villonwendy

    tama.. khit anung ingat mo magkkaheadache ka pa din. Mag Saridon na!

  • Rinoaalmendraz

    Wow! It’s good to know that bayer also manufactures medicines!

  • Carlopbangcola

    My office mate recommended it to me and I found out that it works faster than other pain medicines. Sa Saridon na ako from now on.