Winging it at Wingman

Seeing as Thursday is a holiday, the Thursday Group went lunch-happy (apparently, we’re not exclusive to Thursdays. :p) and trooped to The Collective at Malugay Street to try Wingman. I’ve been at this restaurant before, with former officemates, and fell in love with their wings. They’re sinfully addictive. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they’re in such a cool, artsy-fartsy complex, which makes for a great drinking location too. 🙂

You betcha their wings will do the talkin'

I love it when I enter an empty restaurant, which was the case when we arrived at Wingman. For one, I’m guaranteed impeccable service since there are no other customers to take care of. Plus, I like the serenity that comes with having a restaurant space all to myself.

So many wing options!

Choosing which wings to order is as difficult as solving a four-feet jigsaw puzzle. There are too many options! I’m glad though that ordering a dozen allows you to split it into two flavors. Price-wise, it’s better to order a dozen. Obviously. 😀

Pinaka + Garlic Parmesan Wings | Php330

Most of us love spicy food so the easiest thing to order was their hottest wings–the Pinaka. The other six were garlic parmesan-flavored wings. The Pinaka Buffalo Classic is really hot! The boyfriend grabbed the first wing and he quickly warned us of how it hot it really is. “B, ‘di mo ‘to kaya.”  Of course, my pseudo-braveness took over and I grabbed a piece. You know how hot dishes have this specific aroma? I don’t know how to explain it well, but for me, I know when a food is spicy when it reeks like vinegar. Or something. Am I weird? Also, I don’t think I need to emphasize how hot these wings are. Just look at all those chili (labuyo). We were all sweating like pigs, seriously. That’s no exaggeration. I’m sort of glad that we had Garlic Parmesan Wings on our table. It was nice hosing down the fire razing our tongues with these tame wings.


We also had Quesadillas, which was cut into eight pieces. We were a group of six so we had a slice each. It was a bit bitin because I love quesadillas and I can normally wolf down about four slices–or more. 😀 Wingman’s quesadillas are pretty good. They didn’t scrimp on the cheese filling, and the presentation was really nice too.


It looked more like we were there to drink with our predominantly pica-pica orders. Haha. Take these Wingman Fries, for example. It looked dry in the picture above, but it’s really good. I didn’t need the dip that came with it. I was perfectly content eating the fries on its own. 🙂

Lemon Pepper + Apocalytpic

We were all still hungry so we ordered a dozen more wings. We tried the Apocalyptic Buffalo Classic, which trails behind the Pinaka wings. It was still hot, but a lot more manageable. The Lemon Pepper seemed like an interesting combination so we also had that. It was okay but I thought the piece I had was a bit raw. Boo!

By the way, they don’t serve rice here so that explains our need for a dozen more wings. 😀

The cool wall and Julls | Photo taken by Paolo Ramos

I love a restaurant with character and Wingman has that. Just look at the cool wall! We’re ready to take off! 😀

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  • Yum! Masarap kaninin yan pag nasa bahay. Hehehe!

    • Yes! Kamayan! 🙂

      • Para kahit gaano kamessy, hindi mahihiya. Lalo na’t maanghang. Harharhar!

  • U8mypinkcookies

    i was about to say that the fries look dry and soggy 😛 Hmmm. i wanna try the wings!

    • You should, you should! 🙂