Kickin’ It: LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize

LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize 4
LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize 4 for my Juan Paolo Ramos 😀

My boyfriend was one of the lucky sneakerheads who was reserved a pair of the LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize design, an exclusive release by Titan 22. I don’t know exactly how that worked but he did say that he tweeted something (at the last minute pa!) and was mildly surprised that he got selected. 🙂

LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize
Such a beauty!

We went to the designated Titan store where all the LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize are deployed for pick-up by the select (and insanely lucky) few. There was a guy inspecting his pair, nitpicking every nook and cranny. When it was our turn, I too, grabbed one shoe and searched for defects. He didn’t however, tried this on. Yup, we just looked at it. And admired it. For a woman to simply look at a pair of shoes before buying them is next to impossible. But I guess how that’s how men go about with their business. 😀

LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize 2
The babies are out! 🙂

The LeBron 9 Elite Series Varsity Maize pair retails for Php11,595, and is awesomesauce in person! I know this sounds utterly stupid but I immediately thought: “Ooh Bumblebee!” Nobody can curse me for that ’cause it really was blinding. We’ve made a joke about the boyfriend’s bold and bright pairs–that he’ll never get run over. His shoes are essentially two overtly-ostentatious signal lights. Hihi.

I think Titan 22’s the only sneaker store in Manila that has this design, though I can’t vouch for that since I’m not too involved in the sneaker world–yet. 😀 The boyfriend by the way, is willing to trade this for a pair of Air Jordan Retro 4 White Cement (he’s having a hard time finding this pair) + a few thousand pesos more.  Just leave a comment if you’re interested. 🙂


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