A Five-Hour Salon Trip

A spur-of-the-moment decision found me in Alabang Town Center, walking towards Azta Urban Salon. I did my research and learned that they are–so far–the only salon that really offers the Ombre hair service. They have this in their menu of services, with a slew of happy customers as well. I braved the gloomy weather and went to the salon, against all my penny-pinching targets this month.

I had a couple of pegs with me, which I showed to the stylist. At first, he said that he’ll only color the bottom part of my hair but we eventually decided to color upper half. It was a five-hour process. Here’s what my hair looks like right now. Do you like it?

The stylist actually intended to bleach the bottom part further but I chose not to since I thought it already looked nice. Plus, I liked that it didn’t look like an ombre at all. Parang it all happened by accident lang. Haha! When I get sick of this, I might dye this a bolder color though. Right now, I’m enjoying this mess of a hair. It’s so me–wacky, fun and completely random. 😀

I paid more than the usual because I have ungodly thick hair. You can email me if you want to know how much this hair cost me. 😀

Also, I’m thankful that he didn’t cut off all of my hair.

Stylist: Gupitan kita ha.
Me: How many inches? One? Two?
Stylist: Well, madami. *giggles*
Me: *silence*
Stylist: We need to do that so the ombre will look even nicer. Your hair at the back is straight kasi eh.
Me: Okay. Do it.

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  • I like how the coloring is not “polished”. Looks great!

    • I’m seriously considering getting a proper ombre though. Hehe. Thanks Suyen!