Palawan Adventure: Ugong Rock Spelunking and Zipline Adventure

Before we left for Palawan, I had friends telling me to try the Ugong Rock Spelunking and Zipline Adventure activity. Even though it’s not part of our tour package, one can still avail of it during the trip back from the Underground River. I’m not sure if it is standard to stop by here, but we did remind the driver that we wanted to try it. So after the Underground River trip, we headed here.

For Php900, you get to go cave spelunking and also do the zipline. The weather was pretty terrible so we were a bit hesitant to participate but then again I’m always up for an adventure even though that means getting drenched in the rain. I also thought it would be awesome for B since he usually stays away from activities like these.

Once you make up your mind, you just need to fill out a form and whatnot. After that, we went straight to another area where we got our hard hats and gloves. Since it was raining, we were given plastic bags so we could keep our cameras and phones there. I blame that for the lack of cave spelunking photos! 🙁

Geared up and ready to go

The spelunking was such a refreshing activity for me. Always a lover of things that will test my stamina and fitness, I actually found it sort of calming. Some of the highlights of the spelunking adventure include squeezing through tight walls, clinging onto a rope while climbing up with your legs against the wall, and maneuvering around rocks and holes, among others.

Waiting for our turn

Once you get to the end of the spelunking activity, you’ll see all the people waiting for their turn. The bad weather made for one messy spelunking trip so we ended up with muddy shorts and legs. Luckily, they have alcohol and tissue available at the top. They don’t really charge you for it, but they do accept “donations.”

There she goes! Woopeee!

I was already having fun just watching the people scream and shriek when they get “pushed” by the staff. The entire zipline, according to the staff, lasts 21 seconds but it seems a hell of a lot shorter than that. It’s also not that high. It’s easy. Like counting 1-2-3. 😀

A couple of inches away from death. LOL. Kidding!

The staff were really fast in going through the line, with people getting strapped up and diving (no, not really) down pretty quick. It didn’t take that long before it was our time to get ready.

Yay! My slippers are going down with me safely too. Haha.

I was the first to go and I asked the Kuya fixing my harness if he could tie my slippers on one of the hooks so I don’t have to worry about keeping my feet upright just so I don’t lose my slippers. Thankfully, he let me do that. 😀

1, 2, 3….

Here I am, ready to go! I remember very fondly how frantic I was when they let go of me and I started sliding down. I was carefully listening to their instructions to the ten or so people ahead of me and they [the staff] kept telling keep their “legs apart” and so when it was my turn, I was already so focused on doing the exact same thing. But when it was me up there and I opened up my legs, they all went like, “legs together.”

I was so confused why the instruction changed all of a sudden that I froze and kept my legs apart when they let me go. I however, could hear them shouting”legs together ma’am! legs together ma’am!” so I did just that about five seconds into the ride.

Other than that confusing bit, I found the short zipline such a relaxing ride. It was unfortunate that it was raining so the view wasn’t as spectacular. Still, it was well worth it! It was worth it because I couldn’t believe the boyfriend willingly accompanied me here. <3

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  • sounds like i want the spelunking trip! hopefully our palawan getaway next month ay matutuloy. 😛 thanks for the tip!

    • I hope it pushes through! I’m sure our experience would have been more awesome if it wasn’t raining. Nevertheless, it’s still worth it! I would definitely urge you to include this in your itinerary. 🙂