Macaron Love at Sweet Bella Cakes & Pastries

It has been said by many people before but let me say it again. There is perhaps no other pastry that exudes absolute sophistication and femininity than a dainty and colorful piece of macaron.

The past Friday, after we’ve had our alcohol fill at Busgy’s in Burgos Circle, we dropped by Sweet Bella. Although we really just wanted to look at their cakes and pastry, and ogle at its  pinkness, I couldn’t resist myself from sampling all of the macarons left for the night–there were only four flavors left.

The café is so pink and girly. It's like walking into a Barbie dollhouse.
First things first, just ignore the stiff and stern-looking staff. Hihi. He looked so serious the entire time we were there.

I always like walking into a pastry shop. I like how it’s always serene, besides offering a knockout olfactory experience. The Sweet Bella branch in Burgos Circle is cozy, pink and girly. It’s like walking into a Barbie doll house!

What's left. Boooo!
What’s left. Boooo!

I immediately eyed the four trays of macarons neatly displayed on the counter. We went to Sweet Bella at around 12 midnight so these were the only ones, I presumed, left for the day. Instead of feeling disappointed at the few pieces left, I actually felt more eager to bag a bunch of these home. Perhaps they’re so good that people do hoard their macarons, you know? 

I got two pieces each of the four flavors left, with every macaron priced at Php60. The green one is coconut, yellow is lemon, light brown is salted caramel and the purple one is rose. If you buy a minimum of eight pieces, the macarons will be packaged in a really beautiful box like mine! 😀

Such a beautiful packaging!
Such a beautiful packaging! Feels like there’s expensive jewelry waiting inside the box. LOL.

Order eight pieces and you get this gorgeous box–either in black or pink! I think it’s one of the most beautiful packaging designs I’ve seen in a while. Don’t you think it would look perfect as a giveaway or nibblers for a soiree?

I went for black because I thought it looked very elegant especially with the gold embossing on the lid. With a silver ribbon to complete the packaging, I must say I was impressed.

We went to a gelato shop and McDonald’s after to shush away more work-related stress, which is why I only got to enjoy these babies the morning after. Now on to the exciting part!

And now I shall eat you...
I didn’t want to ruin the macarons when I opened it! Isn’t everything sooo pretty?

It took me about a good 10 minutes to take a picture of this from every angle. But typical me, I ended up with one decent shot.

Not too thin, not too thick. Vibrant colors. Mouth-watering!
Not too thin, not too thick. Vibrant colors. Mouth-watering!

So after teasing you with all its prettiness, are you now curious to find out how its taste fared?  Well, the salted caramel and coconut flavors were my favorites. They were really really good, though the coconut macaron has a slightly stronger flavor that would either turn on or off other people.

The rose macaron didn’t taste too bad but I thought it tasted too much like, well, a rose. It was like chewing on freshly picked roses though, which attests to the authenticity of its flavor. If you love roses to the point that you want to eat them, then by all means, hoard these rose-flavored macarons!

Meanwhile, the lemon macaron tasted a bit weird. It was citrus-y but not in a good, inviting way methinks. Even my mom, who would usually eat anything that I don’t think is palatable, only managed one bite.

All that aside, I would love to come back here and sample more flavors. Next time, I’ll have ’em in the very girly pink box. 🙂

Sweet Bella
Forbeswood Heights, Burgos Circle, For Bonifacio
0928-5025027 | 8468243 til 44

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