Johnny Rockets: Of Ketchup Smilies and Unlimited Fries

We don’t go out on LOFONGs anymore because, well, most of us have been bringing packed lunch to work. That includes me, by the way. Well, it saves me a lot of money eh. 😀

Last Friday however, we–me, the boyfriend and Camille–grabbed the opportunity to make the most out of our quick Burgos Circle visit. You see, we had to pick up B’s Air Jordan IV Breds last Friday, the day of the men’s release.

So for Friday lunch, we all decided to just go to Johnny Rockets (we were deliberating between Wham! and this) that was just a few steps away from Titan.

Johnny Rockets in Burgos Circle
Johnny Rockets in Burgos Circle

I’ve seen Johnny Rockets in Alabang before and I have to admit that I’ve always been curious. When it comes to diners though, my “desire” to try it is greatly hinged on my need to see their interior design–jukebox, booth seats, black-and-white tiles and whatnot–and not really about the food.

The place was nice, but I hate the fact that it took so long for them to hand us menus. Isn’t it protocol to provide the menu as soon as the customer settles? I had to personally walk up to a waitress to get her to bring menus to our table. It may not be a fine dining restaurant that puts service on top of their list, but good, attentive service should still be a priority.

The mini jukebox. I think only booth seats have this decoration. It'll be even cooler of them if the songs you request actually plays.
The mini jukebox. I think only booth seats have this decoration. It’ll be even cooler of them if the songs you request actually plays.

After telling the waitress of our orders, we used and abused this cool little jukebox on our table. You have to insert one peso coin to have it played in the restaurant. Unfortunately, I don’t think it works because we had three songs in line but not one of them was played. Plus, they played Gangnam Style! How odd is that. We’re absolutely sure that song wasn’t in the jukebox song list.

Original Burger. Good burger, great fries!
Original Burger. Good burger, great fries!

This is what the boyfriend and I ordered–the Original Burger. The ketchup smiley is a personal touch from Johnny Rockets and I think it’s so cute. For Php240, it can be a bit pricey for some, especially since you can find better burgers somewhere else.

Then again you have to factor in the ambiance and the sheer size of it, and suddenly that price makes sense. Yes, it’s a whole lot bigger than how it looks like in the photo above.

With that, I would like to point out that the burger is good–not great. It wasn’t too greasy, the sauce was flavorful and it’s really really filling. I just don’t like the buns at all.

The fries on the side were hella good! One can have unlimited fries for 40 pesos (if I remember correctly) but we didn’t have that, obviously.

Here’s what our friends had for lunch:

#12 Burger
The #12 burger from Johnny Rockets. There goes that smiley face again.

Ken’s burger is called #12. I’ve no idea why it’s called like that but it looks like our burger too, only his has cheese methinks.

Corned beef + Rice
Corned beef + Rice

Cam, on the other hand, went for the corned beef + rice meal. We call it the Corned Beef ala Can. Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. 😀

Outside Johnny Rockets Burgos Circle
Outside Johnny Rockets Burgos Circle

That slight service snafu aside, I think Johnny Rockets is doing a pretty good job spreading the All-American diner experience here in the Philippines. Although Johnny Rockets’ burgers aren’t perfect, it still beats those burgers that come pre-wrapped and ready to eat.

Also, I heard the waiters dance here too. 😀

Johnny Rockets
Unit WS-1 Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center
Rizal Drive Cor. West Crescent Park
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 836-9546 

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  • In the Alabang Town Center branch, they draw that ketchup smiley guy like he’s always in pain and he just wants to die. Love the fries, though.

    • Hahaha! Hilarious. Yep, the fries were really good. 🙂

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