Kickin’ It: Air Jordan 4 Bred

Air Jordan 4 BredWhile I have been successful in avoiding shopping and whatnot, I wasn’t spared from the occasional impulses one Friday night when I passed by the Nike store in Greenbelt. There it was, all ready for the (my) taking. Jordan IV Bred.

Of course, I tried to reason with my wallet, arguing that I can always postpone holiday shopping duties for another pay day.

But I was with the boyfriend, who is always cunningly convincing, he immediately asked the salesman for my size.

Sadly, there wasn’t any 5Y sizes left. Insistent, he asked if I wanted to try 4.5Y. I myself wasn’t counting on it, but lo and behold, it fits! Hoozah! 🙂

Air Jordan 4 Bred

Five minutes before I entered the store, I was feeling really happy that I had a lot of cash left to deposit in my savings account. Leaving the store 20 minutes later however, that optimism was gone. I was really really happy with my purchase though so all’s well that ends well. 😀

Wearing our Breds to work!
I immediately texted a friend, who also wanted this pair. Turns out, she saw the same pair earlier, but bought hers at another store. I waited three days before taking these babies out for a spin. Cam and I worked out the schedule (haha!) and decided we’ll debut our pairs mid-week. 😀

The boyfriend's Air Jordan IV Breds

Even more good news is that the boyfriend also scored his own pair a week later. He got his at Titan’s Burgos Circle store. We’re now the awesome threesome! 😀

Why does Nike only offer the better boxes/packaging to men’s pairs?


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  • Breds 11 next babe! lol! and hopefulle, J4 Thunder/Spizike 😛

    • Yeah! I really want the Thunder especially the Spizike! 😀