Abe Restaurant: Good Food, Good Times

Everybody knows about Abe Restaurant. I do, too. Sadly, the restaurant doesn’t really get my gastronomic attention on overdrive. As much as I like to be food-venturous, I often opt for restaurants that drive me curious.

The boyfriend. Waiting for our food!
The boyfriend. Waiting for our food!

Although Abe isn’t really my kind of restaurant, the boyfriend and I decided to dine here on a Sunday night. We were hanging out near Abe and thought it made sense that we just choose the closest restaurant since the mall was filled to the brim with Christmas shoppers and we were in no mood for that kind of challenge.

When we walked in, I immediately liked the ambiance, it’s very homey and Filipino. It’s more perfect for families and big groups though, not for couples on a date. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the quietness of the setting. ­čÖé

Gising Gising | Php240
One of our favorites–Gising Gising (Php240)

Whenever we see Gising-Gising in a menu, we make sure to order it. A definite favorite of ours, we were somehow obliged to sample Abe’s version of it. The verdict? Well, I’m missing the coconut milk. Plus, I thought it was too salty. Nevertheless, it was good. If you have, however, tasted better Gising-Gising┬á(Recipes’ version is still my favorite), you’ll immediately consider this a respectable runner up. ­čÖé

The serving’s good enough for three to four persons too. Totally worth the price. Although they did say in the description to “have a first extinguisher on hand,” I couldn’t really recognize the spiciness they were talking about. ­čÖé

Lamb Adobo | Php410
Lamb Adobo | Php410

In their menu, they have this section consisting specifically of bloggers’ and artists’ choice dishes. We selected a dish through that section, plucking out Lamb Adobo. It’s a dish loved by Bencab, who says, “The always loved lamb but that adobo way at Abe is my favorite.” I like lamb too and adobo┬áis a failsafe Filipino food choice so we just went with this one.

When the dish arrived, I was surprised by the amount of garlic it offers. Thankfully, it didn’t really skew the flavor but rather lent a soft and welcome hint of garlic.┬áThe ┬álamb’s really tender and flavorful. It’s really delicious!

The fact that it was braised long enough to allow the meat to get so tender that it took no effort to separate it from the bone is a huge plus! The pieces were big, large enough for three persons (again) too. I only consumed one piece and left the rest to the boyfriend.

Bihod Fried Rice
Bihod Fried Rice | Php255

Rice topped with chicharon? Amahhhzing! ­čÖé

Abe’s Bihod Fried Rice is a definite winner. It’s up to par with Kanin Club‘s awesome range of rice plates–Bagoong Rice, Tinapa Rice, etc.

Abe Restaurant has branches in Alabang Town Center, Serendra and Trinoma.

Abe Restaurant
Mall of Asia Branch
Tel: 556.0608

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