Kickin’ It: Air Jordan IV ‘Fire Red’ White/Varsity Red

This December, I copped two sneakers. Besides the Jordan XI Bred pair, I nabbed the Air Jordan IV Fire Red. It’s a pair I’ve seen for so long in Nike shelves, but I was saving up at the time so I always kept resisting the urge to buy them, thinking that stocks won’t run out. Well, it wasn’t until I couldn’t see them in stores that I finally decided to get them.

Air Jordan IV Fire Red
Again, the boyfriend wasn’t around to take photos.

I bought this pair through a reseller–he’s legit, I swear. I got it for Php4,500, a few hundred pesos cheaper than how much Air Jordan IV White Cement costs. 🙂

Air Jordan IV Fire Red
I already wore this before posting this, FYI.

I wore this pair the day after we picked up the boyfriend’s reserved AJ XI Bred at Ronac–which also turned out to be the day I got my Jordan XI’s. Awesomesauce. 🙂

Fire Red meets Thunder
Breaking in my Fire Reds. That’s the boyfriend’s Spizike.

I think I need red laces and copy what B did to his Fire Red. Red laces will help bring out these sneakers’ colors, methinks. Just look at B’s shoes:

Air Jordan IV Fire Red
See how it looks so much better with red laces? 🙂

And so I end 2012 with 8 pairs–excluding my trainers. Well, let’s make the count 9. Not bad, eh? 🙂

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