Kirin Chinese Dining at Bonifacio High Street

Although I’m not a fan of Chinese food (blame it on sweet and sour pork), I ended up dining at Kirin Chinese Dining with office mates. This actually happened way back in December 2012, but since the Holidays swung by and then New Year and then all that hangover, I had to postpone blogging for a while. It’s rare for our little office barkada–the LOFONG peeps–to go out of our way to have a nice dinner at a restaurant. Period. So this evening was a welcome surprise. 😀

Crab and Corn Soup
Crab and Corn Soup | This soup was so bitin because we were a group of eight! :p

The waiter in charge of our table was super nice because while it would have been easy (and profitable for him/them) to wheedle us into a bigger bowl of Crab and Corn Soup, he said that the regular soup would be just enough for us. Although we only had a bowl each, he was right in assuming that we wouldn’t be able to finish the big bowl. 🙂

Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs
Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs | It didn’t taste like spare ribs…

This one tasted more like fried chicken. That’s not saying however, that Kirin’s Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs wasn’t delicious. It was okay, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. 😛

Sizzling Beafsteak
Sizzling Beafsteak | Perfectly tender, savory.

It wasn’t sizzling, but it was beefsteak alright. I like how Kirin’s Sizzling Beafsteak was packed with so much flavor, except the fact that it was swimming in its sauce.

Xiao Long Pao
Xiao Long Pao | We ordered 20 pieces of these, if I remember it correctly.

This was what Dwight requested. Xiao Long Pao/Shao Long Pao. Scooping this up was such a hassle because most of the ones I took burst before I could even put it on my plate. I’ve never had this before so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to taste. For a newbie however, I felt like it wasn’t that good. It tasted way too fishy for me.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice | Because rice is a must. We were with boys, anyway.

We just ordered two bowls of Yang Chow Rice and it was just enough for the eight of us. May natira pa! 😀 We also ordered a HUGE plate of roasted (?) chicken but we devoured it before any of us remembered to take pictures.

Overall, I must say we were impressed by the value for money Kirin Chinese Dining offers. Although first-timers may find the restaurant intimidating from the outside, you’ll be impressed by how the extravagant ambiance is not a reflection of its prices. True value for your Chinese food-seeking money. 🙂

Meanies minus Julls
The girls. We were missing Julls though.

Anyway, meet Jane, Cams, me and Geli. The boys call us Meanies for some reason. Probably because they always catch us gossiping. They think we talk about other girls. Anyway, the name stuck so there. 😀

Kirin Chinese Dining
Bonifacio High Street – Bldg 7, 29th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 799-9338

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