A Late Afternoon Breakfast at Toast Box

What do you eat on a lazy Friday afternoon spent waiting for a movie house to open its doors to a 6:30 PM screening? Go to Toast Box, of course. The boyfriend and I were on a post-Valentine’s Day celebration, which almost always calls for toast and coffee. Right?

Truth be told, I don’t really fancy the thought of bread in the afternoon. Since I aired my curiosity over many of my friends’ love for Toast Box, however, I decided to yank B into this cozy little cafe.

Everything looks so slightly rickety -- I love it!
Everything looks so slightly rickety — I love it!

I adore the furniture and furnishings, most definitely. It looks just like the kind of dining area I wanted when I was young (of course, we all had rustic kitchen dreams). Simple, tasteful, and cozy. Seeing as there were only a handful of staff present, it really helped prop up the homey ambiance Toast Box is going for.

Chocolate Toast Set
Chocolate Toast Set | Such a sweet sweet rush.

The menu was simple and straightforward. You would think it’ll be easy choosing which to order, but it’s actually the other way around. Nothing really stood out for me, so I just went with their staple — the toast sets. I went with the Chocolate Toast Set because, well, you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

The set allows you to choose between coffee and tea. I opted for coffee. The bread is smeared with gooey chocolate (wouldn’t it be awesome if the chocolate was served on the side?!) that will instantly make you drool. When it arrived — obligatory photo ops aside — I was quick to pick every piece and shove them down my throat. 😀

The “coffee” was far from the coffee flavor I like. It was very chocolate-y and I like mine brewed, strong, and aromatic.

Wholesome Tuna Sandwich
Wholesome Tuna Sandwich | Good enough.

The boyfriend, on the other hand, ordered a plate of clubhouse sandwich with tuna. It was good enough for sharing, plus there’s a hearty portion of stuffing — lettuce, tuna, and cheese. It was nicely toasted too.

Iced mocha | More like not-so-crushed Iced Mocha. :p
Iced Mocha | More like not-so-crushed Iced Mocha. :p

I liked their Iced Mocha because it wasn’t disgustingly sweet. The drink itself, however, could use a minute or two more in the blender. The straw was nearly useless because we had to scoop out the mocha-flavored ice.

Not pictured are the two soft-boiled eggs. We cracked it open, poured it into a bowl and savored it like a soup. We really didn’t know what to do with them until we saw a couple of dudes pouring soy sauce and pepper into the mix and dunking their plain toast in the, erm, mixture.

Although we’ve been to Singapore before, we didn’t try this breakfast staple of theirs. Babe insisted that we try what they did, and we did. I must admit though that I like the egg on its own. No soy sauce, no white pepper. Well, okay maybe a dash of pepper.

The only couches in the cafe.
The only couches in the cafe.

We would have loved to sit in those couches, but we’re not big fans of people gawking at us while we eat.

Toast Box
Lower Ground Floor, Alabang Town Center

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