The Return to Baja Mexican Cantina

My first time at Baja Mexican Cantina was nearly three years ago. I remember being disappointed so much by the food that it totally ruined my day. Honestly, I didn’t really fancy returning to this restaurant. However, the boyfriend insisted that we give it another chance when we found ourselves around Greenbelt 3.

The chalkboards with movie screening schedule are still there.
The chalkboards with movie screening schedule are still there.

The  restaurant didn’t change a bit. The decorations and furniture were the same. The layout, I think, wasn’t modified as well. One of the highlights of Baja Mexican Cantina has always been the movie screening schedule they write on the chalkboards. I have to admit it’s superbly convenient. With the cinemas a floor up their space, this is pretty practical — and smart. 🙂

Cheese Quesadillas
Cheese Quesadillas | Php185

I ordered Taco Salad the first time I was here and I just wanted to play it safe, so I went with Cheese Quesadillas. Just by looking at it, one would know how anticlimactic the presentation is. At least there was real cheese squished between the tortillas.

Rolled Tacos | Php185
Rolled Tacos | Php185

I had high hopes for the Rolled Tacos when it was served. The two dips that it came with were supposed to be guacamole and sour cream, but the sour cream tasted more like yogurt or something. It was definitely not sour cream. Then again, perhaps it was. Only it wasn’t what we were expecting.

The rolled tacos themselves were lovely to look at, but not so much once you bite into it. I thought it could use more beef filling and cheese, and sour cream dip bursting with flavor. 😛

Baja's Wet Burrito | Php285
Baja’s Wet Burrito | Php285

Now this burrito I didn’t get to taste because it was for the boyfriend to consume. If this big-ass burrito doesn’t get your mouth drooling and stomach protesting, you need to get yourself checked. LOL.

If there’s anything I learned from this return trip to Baja, it’s that I better order a burrito. 😛 Baja Mexican Cantina also has alcoholic drinks and is open until 2AM (methinks). It can work as a post-workday hangout too. 🙂

Baja Mexican Cantina
Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
(02) 756 0127

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