Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar: For The Cosmopolitan Crowd

To my few blog readers, I’d like to inform you that I am unemployed. So, yeah, if you need a writer/editor, just shoot me an email. 😛 Anyway, given that I have so much time in my hands, I get to dilly-dally like a college girl and try new restaurants as often as I can (or as much as what my measly funds can muscle).

Inside Zuni. It was a slow afternoon.

Greenbelt is one of my favorite malls in the city because of the culinary variety it offers. You have everything from el cheapo food chains to fancy restaurants — like Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar. We quickly browsed the menu stand outside before deciding that it was worth the try.

We were supposed to have light merienda because we were meeting boyfriends later that day but our crazy desire for great eats forced me and two girl friends to dive into the wonderful menu of Zuni.

The view outside.
The view outside.

The service and ambiance here is topnotch, considering it sits along the row of some of the priciest restaurants in Greenbelt 5. Although the waiters and waitresses uniforms will intimidate you, the restaurant still offers a tinge of casualness and familiarity.

When we were ushered to our table, one of the waiters immediately placed the napkins on our laps. We decided that each one of us should order a plate each and then just share.

Bread and Dip
Bread and Salsa Dip | Amaaazing bread and salsa dip.

We loved how warm the bread was  and how the accompanying salsa dip was packed with flavor. You will really want to have another basket of bread once you get to taste the salsa.  🙂

Our food was served a bit later than expected. Considering that they barely had any customers, we were sort of expecting a faster delivery. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Some more minutes later, our food was finally served. The waiter kindly asked if we were going to share our meals. When we said yes, he pulled out something from under the table that “extended” the length of the table. Cool. 😛

Chicken Prawns and Risotto | Php525
Chicken Prawns and Risotto | Php525

The Chicken and Prawns Risotto was the first dish we devoured. We were all puzzled when it was served because I remember risotto is supposed to be smooth and creamy, not dry and thick. We all joked that this was more like Yangchow rice. We decided to forget that it was supposed to be risotto and just enjoyed it, because frankly, it tasted amazing.

Little chunks of chicken and prawns are tucked inside that dome-shaped rice, which were a nice surprise. The broccoli and tomatoes stood out against that stark white plate, and also for its freshness. If we didn’t know it was risotti, we would have thought we just ordered mixed rice.

Glazed Honey Mustard Spice Salmon | Php595
Glazed Honey Mustard Spiced Salmon | Php595

The Glazed Honey Mustard Spiced Salmon was our favorite dish. The presentation was really superb, especially with the special salsa drizzled on top of the perfectly cooked salmon. I swear, we consumed every flake and morsel of the salmon. It was well worth the price (more than the Chicken and Prawns Risotto) because this plate comes with salad and rice too. A well-executed dish, I would mind sharing this plate with others should I get to visit Zuni again. :p

Baked Lamb Lasagna | Php550
Baked Lamb Lasagna | Php550

The Baked Lamb Lasagna was another surprise. I love how the edges have this thick cheese crust that made it such a struggle to get a slice. 😛 It was swimming in yummy tomato salsa and goat cheese! For me, it didn’t have the familiar “comfort food” flavor we Pinoys usually derive from lasagna (or pasta in general) because the herbs added some interesting intricacy to the flavor profile. It was tasty alright, but it’s definitely for sharing. Too much of this and you’ll quickly get sick of it.

Green Mango Juice | I wish it was *actually* cold.
Green Mango Juice | I wish it was *actually* cold.

I looove green mangoes and whenever a restaurant has green mango, I make sure I order one. I was pleasantly surprised that they have one so I ordered immediately. The only letdown here is that the drink wasn’t cold.

Before and After
The crime scene.

With virtually no major hiccups, we left the restaurant feeling so content and satisfied about the overall experience. However, I probably won’t be shelling out this much money next time around — until I find a job, that is. 😛

Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar
Greenbelt 5

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