Packing On The Pounds at Quiznos

I love a good sandwich and I know the Philippines isn’t short of fabulous sandwich stands left and right. There’s Subway, The Sandwich Guy, Earle’s and more. Recently though, I’ve taken a liking to Quiznosabsolutely delicious range of subs.

While I won’t indulge myself with a Quiznos trip regularly, I do pounce on the opportunity to enjoy their toasted subs every once in a while. In fact, I prefer heading to Quiznos  before seeing a movie. It’s (relatively) light on the tummy, quick, and easy to eat. It’s the perfect snack.

Double Cheese Cheesesteak | Ooh that melted cheese.
Double Cheese Cheesesteak | Ooh that melted cheese.

For this visit, I decided to go with the Double Cheese Cheesesteak.

How can you say no to something that comes with double cheese?  

I only had the small-sized sub — 6 inches, to be precise. I savored every morsel of this sub because it was, as usual, warm and toasty and divine. I could care less for the chips that came with (+75 pesos if you want it with a pack of chips and a drink)

Steak and Peppercorn | 12 inches of goodness.
Steak and Peppercorn | 12 inches of goodness.

The boyfriend willingly tried something else as well and went for the Steak and Peppercorn sub. I’m pretty sure the word “steak” had him sold. It’s not as drool-inducing as mine, right? Nevertheless, this one was prepared to perfection.

I understand why Quiznos appeals to us and it’s because they serve good food. It’s never about churning out fancy looking subs, but rather sending out subs that look good enough to consume–kinda like the concept of eye-f*cking someone. LOL.

xx Corrine

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