On Drive Thru Coffee Shops: What For?

Starbucks Evia Daang Hari
Starbucks Evia Daang Hari

Of course, there is a Starbucks Drive Thru. We gave this “experience” a try at Starbucks’ Evia Daang Hari branch. In all fairness, the baristas were fast and efficient. This good experience aside,  I still don’t  get the need for drive thru coffee shops. Well, folks who are really in a rush may find this convenient but I just find it puzzling.

As a coffee lover, I think this concept greatly diminishes the whole coffee experience. Can’t we just get our coffee before we head out to school/work or the second we arrive at work? Of course, that’s just my own preferences speaking. What’s your say on drive thru coffee?

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