Mochiko Munching

I’m a little late to the Mochiko party, I know, but give me some time to catch up yeah? First things first, what is a mochi? Mochi is basically a traditional Japanese dessert/sweets/snack made from sticky rice cake. Normally, it’s filled with azuki or red bean filling. Giving this traditional dessert a twist though, are the sundry of flavours Mochiko put in their selection. 🙂

Went to Mochiko's Alabang Town Center branch. :)
Went to Mochiko’s Alabang Town Center branch. 🙂

The Alabang Town Center branch of Mochiko is in the new wing, quietly tucked away from the mayhem of the mall. It’s cozy and really really pink! Although I wasn’t able to take a photo of the interior because there were quite a handful of people quietly enjoying their mochis. 🙂

According to their website, they have 16 flavors. I already knew what I wanted when I saw their display–Oreo and Milk, and Vanilla. Easy! :p

Oreo & Milk
Oreo & Milk

Their Orea & Milk mochi gets A+ for me because it had real Oreo inside! This was really yummy! We didn’t wait for it to thaw so we struggled biting through the rice cake. :p

Vanilla! Kinda meh. Oreo & Milk was better. :p
Vanilla! Kinda meh. Oreo & Milk was better. :p

This was “my” mochi but kinda regretted that I didn’t try a more exciting flavor like caramel or black sesame! I just couldn’t find enough vanilla flavor in it. And mind you, vanilla is one of my favorite ice cream flavors. Such experience merits a second chance!

For Php70 per mochi, I think it’s a fair price since they only use premium ingredients. 🙂 What flavours have you tried?


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