Going Japanese at Katsu

I never could relate with friends’ conversations about katsudon, Yabu, etc. So when the best friend and I were running errands in The Fort area and spotted Katsu at The Fort Strip, it piqued my interest. With the sky promising to rain and the idea of a sushi dinner too tempting, we made our way to Katsu. It was a Tuesday holiday so there virtually no customers inside the restaurant. The al fresco area, however, was relatively packed with evening drinkers.

My date--best friend Kwin. :D
My date–best friend Kwin. 😀

The ambiance was really nice and subdued. It was elegant, classy, and well, positively somber. I liked it. When we were settled in our seats, the waitresses promptly served us water but forgot to give us a menu each. During that time, I was browsing Katsu’s review on Foursquare and I kept reading about their “terrible and slow service” so I immediately thought we would be victims of such.

Salmon Sashimi for the win!
Salmon Sashimi for the win!

The items on the menu were midrange and it was fine. We started with the Salmon Sashimi (Php245) and was left shortly satiated. I loved the presentation and the fact that it was fresh.

Dynamite Roll. Loved this!
Dynamite Roll. Loved this!

The Dynamite Roll (Php325) was served next and we LOVED it. It was one of the best we’ve had on the table. From the cream cheese to the salmon toppings, every element melded well together it was such a shame we had to share this! :p Even better was that they were cleanly cut. The rice didn’t even crumble when we were holding it with our chopsticks–awesome! 😉

A must when I'm at a Japanese restaurant--Gyoza!
A must when I’m at a Japanese restaurant–Gyoza!

I’m pretty sure you’ve read about how much I adore Gyoza, so yeah, here I am enjoying a plate of it at Katsu. For Php165 for 6 pieces, it was worth the price. It looks small in the photo, but it was pretty filling.

Pork Tenderloin Katsu
Hire Katsu — good enough for two (girls, that is!)

The Hire Katsu (Php365) was a random choice because we wanted to give their katsu a try. For a restaurant to be called “Katsu,” they must be pretty good at whipping up a plate, right? I’ve nothing to compare this to since I haven’t been to Yabu, which is what everyone is saying is the best in the city, but I enjoyed this dish.

The tenderloin was deliciously crispy on the outside and tender on the inside too! Served with a mountain of cucumber and cabbage on the side, it was a healthy portion for two girls. Plus, you can ask more of the cabbage + cucumber side. 🙂

Katsu Yakitori Grill and Restaurant Unit E Fort Entertainment Complex5th AveFort Bonifacio, Taguig

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