No Regrets at Nolita (North of Little Italy)

A New York-inspired restaurant quietly making waves in BGC is Nolita (North of Little Italy). It’s not only their fab name that’s drawing foodies but also their ginormous pizzas and filling American fares. 🙂

A peek into the world of Nolita.
A peek into the world of Nolita.

When the boyfriend and I were deciding (read: arguing) where to eat, I yanked him to this place because the name got to me. It sounded so intriguing.

And when we walked in, I felt there was a disconnect between the name and the whole decor. Nevertheless, I loved the modern undone look they had. The industrial touches were nicely integrated too. The ambiance is very relaxed, which is perfect for both barkadas and families. 🙂

The boyfriend's meal.
Angus All Beef Burger (Php250) | The boyfriend’s meal.

Nothing’s manlier than a ginormous burger! One thing we loved about this dish is the presentation. Served on a battered wooden chopping board, it was a presentation that will truly tickle your taste bud. However, when it came time to dig in, the boyfriend was left disappointed. He said it tasted just like any other burger. Oh well. Perhaps a special sauce is what is needed. 🙂

My Stovetop Mac 'n Cheese (Php310) | Creamiest bowl of mac n' cheese ever!
My Stovetop Mac ‘n Cheese (Php310) | Creamiest bowl of mac n’ cheese ever!

At Php310, you definitely get a flavorful bowl of Mac ‘n’ Cheese. I loved how the different cheeses (blue cheese, gouda, cheddar) came together and created a distinct flavor that’s definitely not in your average mac ‘n’ cheese. I’m not sure if this will be appreciated by many because even I had a hard time finishing this bowl. I got fed up with the flavor after 10 mouthfuls. :p

Spicy Italian Sausage (Php210) | Quite expensive for a slice but thankfully it was awesome.
Spicy Italian Sausage (Php210) | Quite expensive for a slice but thankfully it was awesome.

How could we skip trying out at least one flavor? Since the boyfriend left the decision to me, I went with something spicy. The Spicy Italian Sausage pizza is also recommended by many over at Foursquare so it’s a win-win situation. As you can see, the thin crust pizza was generously peppered with Italian sausage. There was a heavenly portion of cheese as well.

Pizza galore!
Pizza galore!

All things considered, Nolita met expectations. Although prices are a tad too steep for my liking, I would love to go back here and sample the other pizza flavors. However, if you’re looking for an extravagant pizza experience in the heart of BGC, Nolita is definitely the place to go. <3

Nolita (North of Little Italy)
7th Ave. corner 29th St. South,
Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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