Supper with bingo!

Whether it’s a weekend treat or an essential to get you through everyday, the humble bacon butty has a place in our hearts. In my case, every evening I get a craving for a delicious creamy grilled bacon cheese sandwich with my cuppa of coffee.

I enjoy the combo in the evenings at the restaurant almost a mile away from my house. It specializes in different types of bacon sandwiches and salads. Families, group of friends or individuals are seen hanging out to savor on the best of bacon delicacies!

I simply can’t wait to bite into the super tasty sandwich and relax with sips of coffee in the calm evenings. This is the time when I pamper myself with my favourite sandwich after my office or even during weekends. The hint of flavours of onions or tomatoes in the bacon sandwich add more excitement to the taste buds.

The restaurant with creative posters and writings on the interior walls with a red and white hued theme lead to a nice ambience for relaxation and entertainment! This place has become an integrate part of my lifestyle as every evening I end up spending my time at my favourite eating joint, even if I am not hungry, still I would go and spend an hour.

Personally, am not fond of reading novels or books very much. So, when I immerse myself into the sip and the bacon taste my favourite pocket companion, Bingo comes to rescue. I just login to my favourite bingo site on my iPhone and enjoy the game of bingo. At times I do carry my laptop so that I can multi task while playing on the site.

In the process, I got lucky two times as a big winner on the site. The best part is that you don’t need to spend hours, all you have to do is pre-buy tickets to a specific game and keep your fingers crossed. Also, the chat hosts are super friendly and players are also welcoming which makes my time go off in a jiffy. I would suggest to everyone that they should try the game on the site atleast once. You never know, you can end up becoming the next big winner.

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