Our Tagaytay Wedding Story: San Antonio de Padua Church

Warning: This is going to be a post about my wedding suppliers so I would like to apologize in advance.  I just thought I’d document all the preparations we’re doing so I have a little reminder of what we went through. 🙂

A brief backgrounder: We got engaged in February this year. Our wedding will be on December 15, 2017. It’s a long engagement but it’s one that we could use—extra months to save up!

The first thing the fiancé and I discussed was where to hold the wedding. I’ve always envisioned a Tagaytay wedding because of the laidback atmosphere and the chilly breeze. And since we were going to hold a December wedding, we thought might as well hold it in Tagaytay. However, I was also open to holding it in Manila where we won’t have to pay for out-of-town fees. But my fiancé leaned more towards Tagaytay because we didn’t want to suffer the heat (and pollution) of the city. And so, a Tagaytay wedding was finalized.

San Antonio de Padua | Cavite Church | Tagaytay Church | Tagaytay Wedding
San Antonio de Padua in Silang, Cavite | Photo courtesy of Brideworthy

There aren’t a lot of church options in Tagaytay. While there’s always Chapel on the Hill, Calaruega, Madre de Dios Chapel, and Our Lady of Lourdes, I’ve always had a soft spot for San Antonio de Padua church in Silang, Cavite. The fiancé and I attended a friend’s wedding here a few years back and I immediately fell in love with its rustic charm. It was so me. And so, I sent a message to our friend who got married there and told her that we’ll be choosing their church for our wedding too. She was ecstatic to know that we chose San Antonio de Padua church too. Although it isn’t Tagaytay technically, it’s still within the vicinity. :p

San Antonio de Padua Silang | Silang Church | Cavite Church | Tagaytay Church | Tagaytay Wedding
San Antonio de Padua from the altar | Photo courtesy of Brideworthy

San Antonio de Padua just oozes with intimacy and romance, no? The façade has a countryside charm that’s perfect for no-nonsense brides. Although it’s tucked within the narrow streets of Silang, this picturesque little church is becoming a popular choice among Tagaytay brides. Just sneak a peek inside and you’ll understand why this church is perfect for romantics. Like me. <3

We went to San Antonio de Padua church back in June and was kindly accommodated. We spoke to the officer and paid the reservation fee of 2,000 pesos. If either the bride or the groom lives in Cavite, you can enjoy a discount. From what I remember, the normal rate is 12,000 pesos. But since I live in Cavite, we got to book the church for only 7,000 pesos. Yay!

For more pictures of San Antonio de Padua, visit Brideworthy.:)


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  • Meow Gonzales Acedo

    hi un 7k with set up naba yung sa church? thanks

    • Hi Meow. Below are the inclusions:

      1. Use of the church for one (1) hour for the ceremony (Eucharistic Celebration/Mass) and thirty (30) minutes picture taking.
      2. Availability of Ushers and church staff (commentator and readers) if needed.
      3. Six lighted Chandeliers
      4. Sound system / CD Player
      5. Wedding Chairs with kneeler for the couple and both parents
      6. Quadruplicate of copy of marriage contract with Civil Registration

      Flowers and other decor are not included 🙂

      • Angie

        Hello ! Ask ko lang po hm po ang rate ng san antonio de padua , taga dasma cavite po . Hindi po kc namin sila mkontak , thank you .

        • Hi Angie. If either the bride or groom is from Cavite, you can book the church for only 7,000. 🙂

  • Jeng Ramirez-Cagatin

    omg.. ours is on December 15 also 😊

    • Oh, wow! Congrats! What are the odds! 😀

  • Cor

    Hi 🙂

    Do you have other contact details for this church? I can’t seem to reach them via 046-414-1891. I called them before to inquire about the rates but forgot to ask if their office is open during Saturdays for down payment/reservation fee.

    • Hi! That’s the same number I have din. They have office transactions from Tue-Sat at 8am-5pm. Sunday it’s from 8am-
      11:30am. However, they don’t have transactions on Mondays. 🙂

      • Shi M. Martinez

        hi, where did you get your choir and how much? Thanks a lot. Your write-up is very useful. 🙂

        • Actually, I don’t have a choir yet. But I might consider asking the band we’re getting to sing at the ceremony as well. 🙂

  • Arisa Kobori

    Hi there

    Hello po
    My name is Arisa.
    First of all I love your blog!
    I have my wedding at San Antonio de Padua March 2018.

    Right now, I am sourcing for the direction and map for the church and my wedding planner gave me very bad quality one and I can’t use it..

    Did you include any map and location details on your invitations??

    Do you know anybody who could help me with this?
    Thank you

    • Hi Arisa, yes we will include a map in our invitation. But I also included a short line there that they can find the church via Waze as well. 🙂

      I saw this guide on how to create a map: http://www.weddingbee.com/diy-projects/diy-wedding-map-insert-for-invitations/

    • Angelyn Flores

      hello! pedi po pahelp , any suggestions po for wedding preparation hotel near san antonio de padua. on june 2018 po un wedding namin. thanks

  • Isa Marie Sanchez

    Hi! Did you attend the pre cana seminar requirement in san antonio de padua? Do we have to schedule a saturday morning with them or we can just go there on a 2nd sat of the month without an appointment?

    • Hi Isa, my fiance and I attended the Catholic Engaged Encounter instead. However, I believe you can just walk in without an appointment. A friend who got married there didn’t set an appointment during their pre cana. 🙂

      • Isa Marie Sanchez

        Thank you!

    • Bianca Jade

      May I just ask, how many sessions of pre-cana should we attend? Is it done only once? We had our wedding blocked next year however we’re puzzled with some of the requirements like the pre cana. 😅 thank you in advance! 🤗

      • Hi Bianca, we did one pre-cana seminar but not with SADP. We attended the Catholic Engaged Counter instead. It’s a more extensive seminar compared to the pre-cana done at SADP. 🙂

        However, you do have the option of attending the pre-cana with SADP 🙂

        • Bianca Jade

          thank you! 🙂