Boracay Island: The Second Time Around

Touchdown Boracay
Touchdown Boracay!

I think I’m the only person I know who has been to Boracay Island only once. It’s such a funny fact considering it’s a short flight away but yes, I’ve only been to one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Boracay, once in my life.

Thankfully, I was able to scratch that dismal travel record off my list as I recently joined the family for a four-day trip to the beautiful Boracay Island! Yay, me!

The first time I went to Boracay, I just joined my then boyfriend’s (now fiancé) trip with ex-colleagues. While it was a fun trip, I missed out on a lot of activities. And so, my family and I tried (but failed) to pack tons of activities during our trip. 

We arrived early in the morning—around 8am. I knew our flight was early so I had already planned for the family to have brunch on the island while we waited for our rooms to be available. We were also waiting for my fiancé Paolo, who snagged a later flight.

We stayed at Boracay Haven Resort at Station 2. The resort was okay because it had a pool and decent daily breakfast.

One thing I hate though were the leaking roofs along the corridors. We had to be careful or else we’d end up with our butts on the floor. In addition, I was expecting it to be slightly closer to the beach but sadly it wasn’t. Next time, I’ll book a resort closer to the shore! 

The rain would come and go during our stay but that didn’t stop us from booking activities. I was desperate to go helmet diving but nobody wanted to join me. And then I also wanted to go parasailing. Again, nobody wanted to go with me except for my dad, who unfortunately, ran a fever during our trip.

Those minor setbacks aside, the family and I did get to enjoy some fun in the sun. If you’re looking for things to do in Boracay Island here are some ideas!

Paddle boarding in Boracay | What to do in Boracay | Curious Corrine
Hilarious photo. I promise, I got waaaay farther into the water than what the photo implies. Haha!

We managed to go paddle boarding, which was super easy and fun! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone going to Boracay Island. It’s a nice, quiet activity–a perfect contrast against the bustling activities dotting the shores of Boracay.

Since we didn’t need to one paddle board per person, we just rented four boards and took turns. It’s cheaper, too. Be prepared though. Your legs will get a workout gripping the board to keep your balance and stay upright. 🙂

Paraw Sailing in Boracay | Boracay Island Philippines | Curious Corrine
Paraw sunset sailing fail–no sunset!

We also squeezed paraw sunset sailing in our day one itinerary. While it was absolutely relaxing, it wasn’t as beautiful as I hoped it would be because the sunset was missing in action. The whole activity took less than 30 minutes so be prepared to take lots of photos. Fret not though, as the boatmen knew how to take good pictures! 

Happy faces post paraw sunset sailing
Happy faces post paraw sunset sailing

After sailing, we headed to Jonah’s–a must-visit establishment. While the rain started to pour after our first sip milkshake, I can’t help the bittersweet taste bubbling up my throat. While the sand and the waters were still absolutely beautiful, it’s saddening how commercial establishments have overtaken Boracay. While the Starbucks and the McDonald’s provide utter convenience, I just hope the local government have taken necessary precautions to ensure having those restaurants chain on the island do not taint the beauty of Boracay.

Puka Beach
Puka Beach with Papa bear

The next day, we did something that’s not really one of the best activities to do in Boracay–island hopping. But since my sister insisted that we go, off we went. We went to a slew of islands including Puka Beach and Crystal Cove. My favorite would be Puka Beach. Although the sand is not as fine and white as White Beach, we all loved how quieter it was. 

Crystal Cove | Boracay Island
My, how dark I look beside Paolo!

Writing this a little over a month since our trip, I can’t help but look forward to our family’s next trip. Perhaps we should push for a trip overseas? Since my dad has a bit of an adventurous side, perhaps a more rugged and exciting destination like the Borneo Island should be next? 

Hello, parents!

With destinations such as Kota Kinabalu, Lahad Datu, Layang Layang Island, Mabul Island, Mataking Island, Sandakan and Sipadan Island to choose from, this might cause a ruckus just trying to decide which place to go to first! 

Then again, I’m pretty sure an island-centric trip across Borneo will win over the whole family. Our eyes are set on exploring as many islands as possible, our arms and legs eager to swim in the bluest waters, and our skin excited for the feel of sand once more! 

*googles Kapalai Dive Resort at Sipadan Island* 

Any suggestions where we should go next? Sound off in the comments, folks! 🙂

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    What venue did you chose for your reception in Tagaytay?

    • The Veranda at Bella Rosa Farm. 🙂