Mural Attraction: Manila Street Art Tour

Although Manila is famous for its vibrant culture, colorful jeepneys and twisting traffic jams, there’s more to Manila than meets the eye. Besides being home to attractions that are either old and crumbling or modern and urban, the city is also a haven for some of the country’s most creative and ingenious minds. Proof of that are the numerous street arts and graffiti that surprise you at every corner—and allude to the country’s evolving street art scene.

From lamp posts to dingy walls, it doesn’t feel like Manila if you don’t see an art or two during your regular walks. In this article, I’ll round up some of the most visually astounding and tantalizing arts I’ve been lucky to see… so far! Keep reading and prepare for one artsy adventure!

Makati CBD


I can’t talk about street art without starting with Makati. A city flocked by professionals, you might be surprised by just how energetic the street art scene here. One of the most common places to experience local art is to simple take the ever-reliable walkway along Dela Rosa Street or the many tunnels that connect Makati streets.

The medley of styles and strokes are a sight to behold. Plus, with such creative diversity on parade, it’s hard not to find a piece to fall in love with! Oh, check out the hallways of Glorietta, too. There are also lots of inspiring art to give your eyes some inspiration while your feet wanders. What’s nice about the arts that are scattered around the CBD is that they’re not as intimidating. It makes you think that you can do it, too. So, if you like street art and would like to try you can find a lot graffiti supplies here at Bombing Science!

The Collective



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Since I’ve mentioned Makati, why not throw in the ever-so-popular The Collective? Home to lovers of art, food, music and, well, basically good times, The Collective is more a community than a destination. Check out the imposing and striking walls that ooze with flair and personality. I haven’t been here in a while but I did catch a live painting session one time, so watch out for that (or an art exhibit!) when you swing by.

Bonifacio High Street



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Depending on how you look at it, Bonifacio Global City is the unspoken rival of Makati City. They boast of equally alluring nightlife scenes, bustling businesses, pulsating retail malls left and right, and of course—awe-inspiring street art everywhere!

Walking around BGC, you’ll find tons of murals that lets you see the city in a whole new light. Amidst the dullness of BGC’s towering skyscrapers lie art that almost give life to the city. While the street art in Makati are often reserved to the tunnels and walkways, BGC goes all out with bigger, better canvasses. Huge murals decorate dreary firewalls while other murals perk up outdoor parking lots. Awesome, right?

When it comes to Manila’s street art scene, I’ve barely scratched the surface with these three! From Eastwood City to Nagtahan Bridge, Katipunan to Pasay, there are more to discover if only you have the patience to explore Manila’s nooks and crannies with no judgments! Tell me, what’s your favorite street art in Manila.

Photo credits go to the awesome people who shared these on Instagram!

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