Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina: A New Favorite?

Full house at Silantro

When I brought my best friend to my taco heaven that is Drive-By Taco Shop, she mentioned Silantro to me.

Back then, the only branch they had was the one in UP Town Center–way up north.

But since they recently opened a branch here in the South, I yanked the fiance to take me to Silantro.

They were still on their soft opening when we dropped by (waaaay back in November ’16) so it was a wee bit crazy.






I was surprised by how humongous their servings were. I mean, it could easily feed me twice. If I’m not mistaken, I ordered Medio soft tacos. While the large serving is bound to whet your appetite, I myself was overwhelmed by how loaded my plate was.  In terms of flavor, it was okay. It was so-so.

Then I had the quesadillas, which was equally huge. I’m a HUGE cheese fan so I loved this. Then again, you might find yourself quickly getting tired of this because of how, again, loaded this is. It was quick to get soggy. Nevertheless, it still tasted good when I ate it at home. Yup, I had to bring it home because I couldn’t finish it. :p

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed. It’s not something I would seek out when I’m craving tacos. Then again, my best friend told me that the reason my experience wasn’t that good is that they were a new branch at the time. She may be right but it still doesn’t come close to Drive-By Taco Shop, which is THE best taco shop I’ve tried so far. <3

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