It's me, Curious Corrine!Friends call me Hann, Han, Corrine or Haku. But online, I (used to) go by the moniker “Girl On Caffeine,” a name conceived when I thought my caffeine addiction was worth something. At 28, caffeine addiction is the norm. :p

I’ve been blogging since I was 12. That, however, consisted mostly of super personal, often pointless jumble of words made to look like passable narratives.

With Curious Corrine, I hope to do away with my narcissistic tendencies and instead write about how I satisfy my curiosities. So yeah, watch out for posts about the economy and pieces about the global marketplace here and there. HAHA. Who am I kidding?

This time around, expect a hodgepodge of posts covering book reviews, restaurant adventures, local and international travels and shopping finds.

Obviously, this blog’s the absolute mess of things. But then again, to do otherwise is boring. I like chaos.

Need me to do something for you? Shoot me an e-mail at curiouscorrine(@)gmail.com.

In the meantime, leave me some love? ‚ô•


Curious Corrine is the personal blog of Hanna Corrine Salta. Represented by no one, the contents posted here are unabashed opinions stemming from firsthand experiences, neurotic daydreams and impulsive tendencies. Also, plagiarism is a crime. 


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  • Here’s some love. <3

  • Tita Neng

    …keep it up, I think you have a flair for good writing